The Best Outcome of The World Cup is that each Team Plays Fairly and Gets Good Exercise

The Best Outcome of The World Cup is that each Team Plays Fairly and Gets Good Exercise

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an essay about the world cup


Every soccer tournament has its benefits for each team participates in. Nowadays, every team tries its best to play well and get good practice from every tournament. We all have seen many teams play well in different tournaments, but when we talk about world cup the most important part is to participate. In my opinion, each team in the world cup should play fairly, and get practice for two important reasons.

The first important reason is that every team gets benefits from the experience of world cup. Any team in the world cup can get good benefits from the way of playing and how to get better by not caring about the losing, but about the goal of world cup which is to let the world know about you and give them a lesson in fair games. Any team plays well and fairly can get a very good fame, and everyone in the world will try to watch the matches of that team.. In short, it is very important to play fairly not to care about the getting into the next levels in the world cup by cheating.

            The second important reason is that every team can learn from previous mistakes and try to focus on new ways of playing. The world cup is held now in South Africa, and it’s held every four years in different countries. So every team can learn from the mistakes that have been taking, and each team can change the mistakes to lessons in order to learn and presents better ways of playing. For example, now England is in a very bad situation, but in the next world cup England may fix the problems and may win the world cup.

            In conclusion, every teams playing fairly in the world cup, and practicing also is very important and necessary because It helps the team to become better and be one of the best teams ing the world. For example, in 1990 Brazil lost and kicked out of the world cup, but Brazil won the world cup in 1994 and that is because Brazil learned from its mistakes and fixed the problems in the team, and now Brazil is the best team in the world.



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