Artificual insimanation

Artificual insimanation

A Lesson by Shantel Moore

As an atheist I heavily believe that all religions are in some ways alike, but most people, depending on their religion, take it a bit too far. They bring politics into it, which isn’t very wise. You can’t base facts off of the Bible, just like I can’t base facts off of my opinion. However, just because I am atheist doesn’t mean I don’t believe and disbelieve in certain things.
Artificial Insemination is something I do believe in. Why? If you can’t have kids and you really want them you shouldn’t just have to adopt. If there is any chance of you being able to have kids by actual birth, then why not go for it? It is also harmless. It doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, so why are people against this? I don’t think it’s right to be against something just because a book or a person told you to be.
I believe in happiness and this is something that makes hundreds of people happy everyday.
Another reason I believe in it is because no one picks his or her traits or heredity, but with this, no matter what, you are still birthing a child, even if your genes tried to stop you. All artificial insemination does is give whatever is needed; it doesn’t take the right to have kids away.
Why stop it? I’m not saying that you can’t adopt, but why not try artificial insemination first then go for adoption if it fails. Just give it a chance first.
Now you have heard my opinion and have seen the facts. Now you can decide for yourself. Don’t let a religion control your beliefs.

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Added on June 2, 2011
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Shantel Moore
Shantel Moore

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