music week

music week

A Lesson by Shantel Moore

its just abt what our silly little school does


   Music Week isn’t just for one particular type of music. In fact Capital has Choir, Band, and Orchestra all participating. The choir director is Benjamin Simmonds. He directs A Cappella, Mixed Choir, Vocal Jazz, and Treble Choir. Marty Worthington is the band teacher. He directs the Instrumental Jazz, APP/Music Theory, and Marching Band. Then there is Sandra Shoen. She teaches Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra 3/4, and Guitar. 

   Shoen has taught her orchestra four songs. They are: Bachanale, Farndole, Tribute to the Military, and The National Anthem. There was a performance May 6th in the Capital Gymnasium. 

   “We participate every other year. It’s great for our students to perform for the Community,” Shoen said. “Orchestra’s from Boise, Borah, and Capital will combine into one united orchestra group.”

   Simmonds has taught his choirs one song. The song is called “Will you be There” by Michael Jackson. They had a performance May 6th in the Capital Gymnasium.

   "Choir is my favorite class, it's really awesome to get graded for singing. And the Micheal Jackson songs are ligit," sophmore Lauren Copper said.

   Worthington has been working with his band for a while. They also had a performance May 16th in the Capital Gymnasium. They preformed the song Mars. The jazz band preformed Pick up the Pieces and The Chicken.

   “I started band in the 6th grade. I thought it would be fun to play the drums,” said senior Austin Stuarts.

   Music week means a lot to both the music department and Boise. Its been around for years. It shows students and adults that music is more important then you think it is.

   The director of music week is Mr. Lingle. He has been apart of music week for a number of years. He also directs the music week at the Taco Bell Arena. Which choirs, orchestras, and bands all get the chance to prove what they can do.



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Shantel Moore
Shantel Moore

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