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This is a group for book Writers or Book Reviewers. I notice a lot of WC Book writers that struggle to get reviews on the later chapters of their books. My hope is to help that with this group. In the forum topic "What to Review" leave the name of your book and the chapters you want reviews on
(E.G. 14-23 means any chapter between and including 14 to 23). If you are struggling to get reviews on early chapters they are accepted also but the main focus of this group is later chapters.

If you are part of this group when you leave a review, Please let the writer know in your review so they can check the forum and give you a review on one of the chapters you need read. I Don't want this Group to die like so many others. I think this could really help some of us. Please in all reviews be honest and helpful. Cheers
Matthew W

NOTE: I am having trouble with the forum not saving my post. Please be patent I have contacted WC Admin and hopefully this issue will be resolved soon. For now upload a SINGLE chapter you would like to get reviews for. Remove it when you upload another chapter.

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Emilia  Cole

Emilia Cole

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