Love is my Religion

Richmond, VA
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About Me

The name: I would normally put my name instead, but I chose this to honor my previous community, Original Poetry. This was my account name and I was called "super." ~ "Good luck, old chum, good health, goodbye"

You know that moment when you're going to sleep, when you're completely alone. Even if you're with somebody, you're alone with yourself and you don't have to pretend one way or the other (we all wear masks). When you're completely honest with yourself? Kind of like on your deathbed. My goal in life is to be happy in the moment. Happy with who I am. ~ "Home is where the heart is, and my heart is at home."

So, I try to be happy all the time. And to make other people happy. Now since I can't tell a joke to save my life, I usually make myself the butt of other people's jokes. And I give them PLENTY of material. I try to make life a Bag of Giggles (that phrase is going to be a thing.) ~ "Make 'em laugh."

I believe in world peace, world happiness, and true and complete and utter love. Love is the most important emotion of them all. Love for your One, love for your family, love for yourself, love for everyone. If we all loved openly and completely, why would there be war? Why would there be hate? ~ "War is over, if you want it."

Religious views? I don't believe in organized religion. This whole idea that one type of person is better than the rest is bullshit. One God vs. multiple? Who cares. What does all that nonsense amount to in the end anyways? Eternal life? I'll go to heaven if I believe in this? What if you're wrong? And is that a reason to believe? ~ "Imagine there's no countries. Nothing to kill or die for and no religion too."

I am an artist in my way of thinking and who I am. I believe in creating. You'll find my scientific views aren't very scientific and I do not follow the scientific method. My mind doesn't work that way. I'm a poet, a writer, a painter (not very good yet), an arts-and-crafts-er, an artist. ~ "you may call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

"Legalize it, don't criticize it. Legalize it, and I'll advertise it."

For more of my poetry go to the profile below. Other profiles of mine are superchick76 and superman76...I'll slowly bring my poetry over. Sift through them and get the ones I want.