In Love

In Love

A Story by Abby:)

Love struck.

Being in love is so beautiful. Though when your a teen how do you know? When you can't stop thinking about that person, or when every love song comes on you think of the special person; that makes you smile when you think about them, or you blush when  you think about them or hear their name. You can't tell anyone because they will think your crazy. Your so young; you don't even know what REAL love is. Like really come on!?? What do you call my feelings?? Just pretend? I think I love him. Should you take the risk of embarrassing your-self? WHAT DO YOU DO!?? Please tell. Am I in love or am I just a emotional 13 old girl?

© 2012 Abby:)

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I like that you have portrayed your emotions so well through your use of questions. I am assuming this is actually happening to you, is it? I hate that people think that teenagers cannot be in love, that they are too young and that they don't know what love is. In some ways I think that we know what love is more than anyone else, for we have not had the time to form an opinion or definition. And there is no definition of love.
As to answer your questions (just in case you wanted answers):
A crush lasts four months. This is one way to tell whether you are in love or just momentarily infatuated. Personally, I think honesty is key but it depends on the person. I wish you look if this is a real life situation and if not, I wish this imaginary person luck. I would make sure you are really in love before you tell the person, or else you might both end up being hurt badly.

On a grammatical note, I think that one question mark at the end of a question is enough.

Well written!

Posted 4 Years Ago

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