Dream Girl

Dream Girl

A Poem by Aethereal

A Gothic dream




Nothing's ever as it seems

in the visions of my dreams

for they captivate my night

when my mind sleeps out of sight.

It was just the other day

a dream vision came my way,

one my mind would never dare

if it was awake to care.

In my dream I saw a girl

dressed in diamonds, dressed in pearl

in a gown as blue as sky.

When I think of her I cry.

Then she took my hand. We strolled

down a Gothic hall of gold

to a table all aglow

where a vase of wine was stow.

With a smile so sweet, so kind

she poured out strawberry wine

in two crystals, ruby red,

resting on a flower bed.

We drank her wine, so mild, so sweet

with ambrosia there to eat.

In her eyes I saw the stars,

amber moons, the sands of Mars.

Soon we feasted to our ease,

then she, touched my hand, Said: "Please!",

led me to her bedroom throne

through great arches made of stone,

a room lit in candle light

chasing shadows from the night.

Vaulted windows were above

passing moonbeams bringing love.

Then she brought me to her bed

with soft pillows for her head

shielded by soft velvet drapes,

near a bowl of flaming grapes

where I sat with great surprise

spellbound by her loving eyes,

her strong scent of musky rose,

and that freckle on her nose.

Her black hair was flowing free

like dark rivers to the sea

past her lips, a sunset pink.

She enticed me with her wink,

and a soft erotic glance

followed by a Gypsy dance.

She then whispered in my ear:

"You're my lover. You're my dear.

Long ago in time and space

in a long forgotten place,

when there was no Earth, no Sun,

you and I were joined as one."

Her blue gown then fell away

all her charms in full display.

Memories began to rhyme

first in space and then in time.

Then I nibbled on her ear,

kissing , hugging without fear.

Then with much erotic urge

once again in time we merged.

In my sleep within a sleep

other dreams begin to leap.

Distant memories then fade

as distractions are obeyed

from another juggernaut

riding on a quantum dot.

Morning beckons as I'm knurled

Into my parallel world.

© 2014 Aethereal

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Aethereal, this is magnificently penned. Great rhyme scheme without any evidence of force...absolutely a lovely story. A new favorite. Thank you, dear friend.

Posted 3 Years Ago

A spellbinding romantic tale, Aethereal. I loved it.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Love to dream, too, Ae. It is only there where impossibles become possible,isn't it? But sometimes miracles happen. Sometimes dreams come true.
Love this especially the theme and your rhyme scheme. Bravo!

Posted 3 Years Ago

waking to the parallel world...that which happens in dreams only dreamt of in broad daylight...the reality just out of touch. and i too like the word "knurled"
there is a certain feeling that is exposed by it.

Posted 3 Years Ago

A well developed concept of the erotic lesbian dream told in a cascading verse with grest description. felt some of the lines were forced to fit a rhyming pattern though and the word Knurled seemed out of place, Maybe hurled?

Posted 3 Years Ago

Aww.. such a lovely dream. I always like you rhyme scheme it flows very smoothly..like you have an inborn quality to rhyme the verses. The charming way in which you told the story made me go deep in to it. I was so engrossed in it that i was surprised when it ended. Very few poets have the ability to tell stories in poem. You are blessed with that trait. I loved the line which referred to quantum. I surely brought me back to reality. :) nicely written


Posted 3 Years Ago

What a vision. I am always please to read your writing because it is so inviting. For me is not just the rhyming as that is subject to requirement but the way you weave the story. It is friendly and it seems permeated by kindness, by the desire of unity, the magical reality and finnaly that even when most of them shining moments might be only fragments of a dream they remain as shining lights for us to use when we are not feeling our best.

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Posted 3 Years Ago

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