A beautiful Dream

A beautiful Dream

A Story by Airafh

People nowadays are so occupied with their work life that they forget to live, they stop seeing the beauty around them, they pass by it every single day yet not realise and live it.


He wakes up to the alarm early morning with a frown, gets ready quickly for work, has breakfast and dashes out to catch the train to office.  Spends a hectic day at office he leaves for home gets into the crowded train and finally reaches home just like every other day. His life is mechanical. At night all tired he lays on his bed closes his eyes and sees something strange.  

He is walking barefoot on the moist grass. The sky filled with clouds, the land full of different trees and plants with flowers and fragrances; a cool gentle breeze blowing on his face carrying the wet earthly smell, the raintrees far away swaying with the wind as if dancing with them and on them the squirrels playing tirelessly and the birds singing to outdo each other. His pockets are empty there is no phone and no wallet; his mind is free there are no deadlines and no meeting agendas. He sits under the shade of a tree picks up a twig and doodles in the mud he then walks further and notices a flock of sparrows feeding on sunflower seeds and they all quickly fly away as he walks closer to them  he smiles and walks further towards a hill and notices that the sun is soon about to set and is slowly losing its shine and warmth, the sky turning orange slowly unfolding into different shades of colour, the far away mountains and trees turning into a silhoutte, he sits there to watch the sun go down and darkness takeover. The night too is mesmerising with the sky filled with thousand stars and the air filling with the scent of the night blooming jasmine and fireflies. A bright moon above his head and the distant noise of night crickets, he lays there on the grass looking at the stars in the sky; he closes his eyes and soon falls asleep and he wakes up to the alarm early morning with a smile, gets ready quickly for work and suddenly stops by his window to notice the squirrels playing on the tree outside his window, he waits at his window for a moment longer looks at all the trees around feels the morning breeze on his face, the smell of the flowers, the sun shining on his face he smiles takes a deep breath of that fresh morning air and gets back to his usual business still smiling and happy.

© 2017 Airafh

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Added on September 19, 2017
Last Updated on September 19, 2017



Mumbai, Borivali, India


A Poem by Airafh