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Unfold the mysteries?

Unfold the mysteries?

A Poem by Shwetz

With all of innocence and purity I was born
Opened my eyes to the love and care the world offered

Caressed the flowers and buds
Winked back at the twinkling stars
Drew lines on foggy planes
Wondered where the sun set and how the moon diminished its size

Wondered how creation looked so similar in parts yet looked astoundingly so different as a whole
How the creator can be such an exquisite artist...!!!

All common in their own way yet so unique, so strikingly different!!

Walking down the lane I wondered what made people so serious
murmuring their way through, too distressed to even enjoy the sunny day
Had this urge to peep through their eyes, the world they see..
What made their life so disturbing!!!

Invisible connectedness to strangers, and content in that state of unknowing well being
while friends and acquaintances pulling away with time

Don't unfold your mysteries
For you make me wonder
Keep me childlike under your wings of wisdom

Preserve my innocence and devotion for you
For you know it all
And I am awestruck at your divinity
I Trust You...

© 2017 Shwetz

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the peom you've written as a beautiful feeling to it....u twisted the words into a beautiful meaning that these sentences carry.

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

Thank u so much!
Well, I don't know what flaw you speak of. The tone is perfect, it has a child-like feel to it which carries the narrative along. And it's consistent throughout, I think it's flawless. Own it, this is a great write!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

Inda, you're being so generous!! I wanted to go on n on on this but i put an abrupt end to it, which.. read more
This was one of my very first write. It has its flaw. It is the result of my confusion related to this subject "Innocence". Do have patience while reading this and lemme me know what you think...Thank u

Posted 1 Year Ago

Mind blowing.... What a poem .
What an extraordinary concept....

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank u so much Paradox !

1 Year Ago

You may call me Aritra. That's my real name.

1 Year Ago

That makes things easier.

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4 Reviews
Added on April 1, 2017
Last Updated on April 1, 2017




I m not too social a person, so have no idea what it would be to write about myself. I like learning, improving, growing and unlearning things. It's something I enjoy. Even reading or writing a few li.. more..

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