Writer's Block

Writer's Block

A Poem by Emo_Cat

My bum warms the couch I sit on,

I try to think deep, "Work brain, work! Oh, come on."

I see chaps around me, younger than I am,

Writing stories of fairies, vampires, goblins..."Damn!"

Poems that they compose are adequately horrid,

I reaffirm from google, "They must've copied".

My heart gets broken,

And my emotions shattered;

A little later I realize it had been my own skills that I should've watered.

I sit down now, determined as never before,

With a pen and a paper, my brain today I shall explore.

The fire's in my eyes, and passion wells up inside my gut,

All the jaundiced thoughts I close shut.

Today is the day, I will refashion history,

My writings will discard other works as paltry.

With one swift lift, my pen is up,

The nib touches the crisp page, and ink spreads like a syrup.

"I'm working on a masterpiece", I remind myself,

Once it gets out, there'll be no deficit of pelf.

Proud of my genius, I bring myself to write,

Like a intellect on work, my nails I bite.

The ballpen, true to it's name, starts to roll;

One word follows the other, as if they were out on a stroll.

Soon, I learn it was just my name I wrote,

"Catrina Philips: a legend", so to quote.

I'd pictured the accompanied glory,

But only God can tell what is the f*****g story.

"If not now, never it is"

I press on my mind in hope it lits.

I think hard, as hard as I can,

But possible it was not, away my imagination had ran.

"I have to think of something... Something...landscapes?"

I push it hard into my brain, so hard, it just goes blank.

Back to square one,

this is insane.

I am insane, repeating the same thing,

expecting something else to happen.

Why can't I write!

Whatever, I'll just quit this act,

and discontinue my dream of being a poet.

© 2017 Emo_Cat

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I didn't see where you fell too short of a masterpiece here. The problem with assuming others are writing so much better than you are is that you don't see your own writing through other eyes...I am of the opinion that writer's block is a myth and it enables us to stop thinking with our souls and try too hard to think with our heads....just write, and sort it all later, once you have relaxed that impulse to write it all becomes clearer. This is lovely work.

Posted 6 Days Ago

The part where you said '... my own skills that i should've watered'... very good. I love seeing writers express imagery like that. Makes the readers feel like they can really see it happening. Again, lovely job!

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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Added on November 8, 2017
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Reedley, CA

I'm 17, emo, shy, loves music. I typically keep to myself, and am not very expressive. But when I write, it's like I'm some place else. more..

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