Technological advancement.

Technological advancement.

A Screenplay by Chuba kichu

I am finnaly sharing my thoughts on man's involvement in distructing life.I could write more but having posted this you'll see.

Okay. We all have heard the saying " Man' greed distroy man" I say human race will vanish. Boom!!!! It will. Sooner or later. Human wants has no limits nor will we stop finding ways for more satisfaction.The creation of fire till the invention of industrial, commercial and sub domestic machines leading to the industrial revolution was an early basic move that man habe accomplished. Okay thats greed but less than what is happening now. Im sharing some thoughts that i just had ,noting extraordinary nor worth listening.
Billions of dollars wasted on space and scientific projects which inturn could have been used to feed the poor and save milions from starvation and provisionffor the basic needs in life. Science have caught our eye ,infact all our attention to explore and excavate endless space. " Technological advancement" gives no point as we compare with the script of 'Humanism'but this is what man has fallen into.Men have lost the zeal to live, restless as Smart friendly gadgets and technology has made life easier and made our Health and mentalityofrom bad to worse . It even makes us look less human . There are toontones to talk about technology and its impact on humans etc..Ohh yeah. Robots thats what Tech has driven into .Thousands of brain sweats to invent the perfect 'Human Robot'. The physiological trill that we undergo to satisfy our urge for more is tremendous . Well do you think making a machine that will completly look like a human with emotions,thoughts, etc Robot weddings?? Jezz give it a break. Those future machines will dominate us . We are doomed!!!

The point is clear. Adding to it is War and natural calamities which are much worse and than follows the day of the great harvest.Scripture will prove it's words only when skulls and bones are left to burn.we will Wish that we could habe realised our mistakes when we rod in hell.

© 2016 Chuba kichu

Author's Note

Chuba kichu
Guys dont take it serious . Got lots of gramatical mistakes and stuffs. I just wanted to chalk out my points. Hope you guys wont mind. Do comment :-D .

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I know this is ancient by cafe standards - did you flesh it out?

Posted 2 Years Ago

It's so true. All of this is true. I like your point of view man, a perspective that everyone needs to have. If only people were aware...Nice write my friend!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Chuba kichu

3 Years Ago

Thank you my friend. Glad that you can relate with it.

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Added on November 19, 2014
Last Updated on December 30, 2016
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Chuba kichu
Chuba kichu

Mokokchung, Nagaland, Christain, India

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