The Exquisite And Talented Work of Producer Kaitlyn Mahoney

The Exquisite And Talented Work of Producer Kaitlyn Mahoney

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The Amazing Work of Aussie Producer Kaitlyn Mahoney


A lot of people don’t realize that the producer on a film is the person who receives the Oscar if the movie wins ‘Best Picture.’ Most people take it for granted that the director would be the one to accept the award, but best direction already has its own category. When you think about it, the concept of the producer receiving the Oscar seems to fit perfectly. Who else has seen through the entire lifespan of the production from initial discovery, packaging, greenlight, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing and distribution in order to create the best possible picture for you to see? There’s (usually) only one person.


Kaitlyn Mahoney, the Australian producer who lives and works in Los Angeles, has produced countless projects including shorts, music videos, design-driven 2D and 3D animation and much more. She has produced content, commercials and promos for giant companies such as Google, Facebook, Cliff Bar and MasterCard, among others.


She sees her job as living in the world of communication, organization and budgets and schedules. When she acts as the producer she participates in every aspect of an entire production, from beginning to end, and that is something she simply fell in love with. Her role enables her to collaborate with other creative minds and to push the envelope of what’s possible on every production. When asked about how she meets the needs of both clients and creative directors simultaneously Kaitlyn says “this is a collaborative industry and everyone’s voice is valid - you may have to answer directly to a client but it doesn’t need to be at the expensive of supporting your creatives/director’s vision. Your job is to ease the two together and produce the best product you can… on budget and on time, of course!”


A producer’s resume is often made up of various productions, and the portfolio of the projects Kaitlyn Mahoney has produced is lengthy and very satisfying to look at. She currently is a producer at the prestigious Buck Design, the international design-driven animation studio. Her most recent project was a trilogy of :15 commercial spots for Orbit White gum. The “Soft Chew Stories” were made up of quick and charming scenarios featuring adorable stylized ‘Soft Chew’ gum characters. The commercial was so effective in marrying Computer Graphics animation, music and punchy-storytelling that it actually evoked happy emotions from the audience, which most likely increased sales of the product. The award-winning “Seed Matters” that Kaitlyn worked on is also considered an animated masterpiece - and its anti-GMO message delivered by a cute but foul-mouthed 3D character was very well received. Kaitlyn also coordinated production for many other of Buck’s renowned work including campaigns for McDonald’s “Fresh Ingredients”, Facebook’s yearly “Friend’s Day” and Hulu’s “Seinfeld” promos, among numerous others.


After seeing these wonderfully made pieces, and knowing what goes in to making productions of this scale, we certainly understand why the Oscar is awarded to the producer for ‘Best Picture.’ They certainly do a pretty outstanding job!

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Added on November 13, 2017
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