The Christmas Bonus

The Christmas Bonus

A Poem by D Connolly

Keeping my perspective this holiday season


It's that time of year when everyone smiles

Under our trees there's piles and piles

Of gifts with ribbons, bows and ties

And our kitchens are filled with cookies and pies

At work, we get a bonus check

And everyone brags about what they get

They talk about what they're going to buy

Trying to out-do the other guy

There's a pang of jealous rivalry

When I learn someone's gotten more than me

But then I remember what Christmas MEANS

Its not about money, or cookies, or "things"

Its the time for us to spread good cheer

To be with family, far and near

To GIVE more than we did yesterday

And to honor a Christian King on his birthday

I MUST recall eating shelter fare

In dirty clothes and underwear

Just happy for a tepid plate

And THEN think of others who share this fate

There are people with no food to eat

They wear worn out shoes on blistered feet

Some people have no families to hold

Every day they're hungry and at night they're cold

There are so many things to be grateful for

Instead of always wanting MORE

So I will focus on the important reasons

That make Christmas the most wonderful season

© 2016 D Connolly

Author's Note

D Connolly
This was inspired this morning by someone complaining about the amount of their bonus check. Not everyone is so lucky!! Merry Christmas to everyone, and Happy Holidays!!

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Dani, Simply superb....humanity, is all this writing is filled with. I have always seen "faith" as a support system to build and inculcate humanity. And this writing has taken the intent home. This is my most favorite poem of yours. Thank you for sharing it.

Posted 1 Year Ago

D Connolly

1 Year Ago

Wow, thank-you for the compliment :)
Nice to see the true spirit of Christmas in action Dani. There are not only the lost souls without shelter, but a myriad of people who will be alone this Christmas, through loneliness or old age and being forgotten. Surely this is the time we can all make someone's year and let them know they are not forgotten, but sharing the best gift they could hope for, time in the company of others.
And spare a thought for those poor souls who are technically not employed by a company, yet work for them, who go without their bonus every year, because they are agency staff etc.....Not that I'm complaining. Well, not much :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

D Connolly

1 Year Ago

Thank-you Nemo

1 Year Ago

Welcome :)
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I had that happen to me just last week, I work a couple jobs last week at my office job they were given Christmas bonus' I only work there three days so I don't qualify...while I know this and have known this for the last 3 years I still hate being in the office when this happens, and then to hear the week long discussion afterwards just makes me cringe. Sorry I'm rambling....totally relatable D, brilliant poem! Starz x

Posted 1 Year Ago

D Connolly

1 Year Ago

thank-you Starzy! Of course no one should talk about it, but our HR department is non existant (the.. read more
Rock on!!!! Cheers to a well penned poem. I was thinking of Chevy Chase as well, but you nailed it here!

Posted 1 Year Ago

D Connolly

1 Year Ago

thank-you Sarah :)
Hey I'm sorry that you had to experience that Dani. It certainly hasn't jaded you!
I wondered at the beginning if this was going to Chevy Chase at the end - instead it made me think of the less fortunate with a compassion and sympathy that exposure to local 'organised fake beggar rings' had all but extinguished.
Humbled by this one.

May all your Christmas bonuses be enough.
Happy Christmas Dani bear.

Posted 1 Year Ago

D Connolly

1 Year Ago

I welcome pain as a teacher (although I avoid it when I can). I always try to remember that a gift i.. read more
Fantastic poem! This is true and happening everywhere in the world even if its not Christmas this is so relatable. Thank you for sharing this poetry. A week before the holidays so Happy Christmas D. Connolly. :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

D Connolly

1 Year Ago

Aw, thank-you so much for the read and special words

1 Year Ago

you're welcome! I enjoyed reading it :)

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