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Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Young Again song by UDD

Walls of stripes, a nursery
Slept my way to reality
All I had was a love that was bad
And survived, call it strategy
Broke and loose by night time
And a place at heaven's gate
Holding on to me and my weak sanity
Still I wonder what I did right
Can't wait to be young again
For a life lived with no regrets
No heart isn't willing to start all over
And play the part, of a lover who lives for the pain
To be young again
She taught me how to read
He snuck me out to keep me from crying
Didn't know what I was looking for then
Now all I want is to be home with them
Can't wait to be young again
And be more than just a friend or a lover
Why can't we play pretend
That our love will never end and survive us
Can't wait to be young again
Can't wait to be young again
Can't wait to be young again
And learn about pain
What I'm feeling
Maybe then I'll never have to want to be young again

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Armi Millare / Carlos Tanada / Leandro Mayor

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Posted 1 Month Ago

A comment from willowsoul.com 5 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 11:11 -- The Meaning of 1111

Doctor Linda S Cole on July 04, 2020 | Columbus, Ohio, United States

I have been considering repeat numbers as a sort of Divine Wink. I do tend to stop, and thanks to Google, check what's up at this particular moment. Today, I found Willow Soul and was stunned at the depth of information related to 11:11. Whoever you are, I got a feeling you are ordained to help our Collective and offer you my deep gratitude.

I wanted to leave a comment to that effect; but then "felt led' to share a bit of my story, and tell you that I think this pandemic is an invitation to humanity to accelerate our evolution Undoubtedly, we all will have our own individual experiences, which may be incredibly challenging as our individual consciousness is expanded by our budding sense of the collective.

I have been a seeker of Truth my entire life. There are lots I could say about the journey and the miraculous way my life has unfolded I have over-valued my intellect; there was always a background worry that it would dissolve as my medical science background predicted that would succumb to dementia as did both parents. Looking over my shoulder, I could see the memory malfunction has been progressive for the past 15 years. At the same time; began a shift from traditional to holistic practice, which became more difficult to integrate as I could not hold the new details in memory, so retired, with my secret anxiety/fear creating further erosion.

The pandemic has created a perfect storm. I am in the midst of a spiritual awakening. The 'dark night of the soul' has been so powerful I came to the end of my rope and felt the only way to escape the psychic pain was suicide.

I have always had a channel open to the Creator, but much cluttered by beliefs twisted by fundamentalist upbringing (rejected years ago as reason alone reveals ego has corrupted the story of Jesus to hide the inconvenient truth that we are to follow, not worship the human who became fully realized as our divine potential).

During this pandemic, I seemed to have lost the coating of consciousness that keeps the sense of self as separate. Not only did I have my own worries; but felt I was swimming in a sea of human suffering. I could feel all the harm we do to one another. I felt it in my heart area: a crushing; suffocating sensation felt as though my life force was draining out of me. I thought was dying, which would be welcome; except I couldn't stand the suffering. I even imagined that this might be an echo of what Jesus felt on the cross. (Speaking truth to power could be considered a form of suicide?)

Anyway came to a point where I told God I can't bear this anymore, and made a request either you heal whatever is wrong with me, or you bring me home (l have periodically entertained suicide as an option during bouts of clinical depression, but knowing there is a purpose to my life that only my Creator/Source knows, have managed to hold that as a last resort.)

Listening, immediately felt a subtle but noticeable shift in my energy towards feeling lighter, the suffering less. It was enough that I knew indeed that I was heard. That heaviness dissipated. I can still be aware of the suffering of the world without feeling it crush/drain.

In the days since, I am noticing a deep sense of connection with all life. When I focus on a bird, I feel like it becomes aware of my noticing it. There are other things as well. The brain fog seems to be lifting am not worried about my memory any longer. In retrospect, over-valued it (Relatively prodigious and useful; was over-reliant on it, even perhaps weaponized it. Intellectuals can be such a PIA Just remember, we are only compensating for a deep-seated sense of inferiority Just shake your head compassionately and walk away)

The challenge is always an invitation to trust and grow. So, if anyone is having a powerful shift in consciousness and feels disoriented, do not feel alone Keep the channel open to our Maker, who is just "us" having a human experience. Let our Spirit guide our path rather than our ego, which is housed in the gearbox of the brain, thinks it’s separate and alone, and fightflight is its prime directive.

We are so much more powerful when we surrender to our divinity and identity as that True Self. And we are connected to one another through Source. It's time to come into resonance with our Love and Imagination and reclaim our birthright as divine humans.

Peace and love to all.

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Posted 2 Years Ago

Ame ni mo makezu (Be not Defeated by the Rain)
by Kenji Miyazawa

not losing to the rain
not losing to the wind
not losing to the snow nor to summer's heat
with a strong body
not fettered by desire
by no means offending anyone
always quietly smiling
every day four bowls of brown rice
miso and some vegetables to eat
in everything
count yourself last and put others before you
watching and listening, and understanding
and never forgetting
in the shade of the woods of the pines of the fields
being in a little thatched hut
if there is a sick child to the east
going and nursing over them
if there is a tired mother to the west
going and shouldering her sheaf of rice
if there is someone near death to the south
going and saying there's no need to be afraid
if there is a quarrel or a lawsuit to the north
telling them to leave off with such waste
when there's drought, shedding tears of sympathy
when the summer's cold, wandering upset
called a nobody by everyone
without being praised
without being blamed
such a person
I want to become