A Poem by YanZeros

Alive 3/5

How did I end up here, 
Talking to you about me?
For sure you´re weirded out
Who is this guy?
Who suddenly entered my space
Singing sad songs of his story
Oh well, I just let him be. 
While I´m in my shell doing my thing. 

Are you alright in there are you listening?
Trying to find a sense with my feelings and thoughts.
A bit of light strumming my guitar. 
Starts to sing another song that is out of tune, 
Ruining a peaceful night of the lone Crab. 
She might think I´m just one of those passers-by
That just leaves her and forgets her. 
In this place where lots of messages in the bottles can be found. 
Some of them are her writes signed by her name. 
Some are from people who had been here before. 
And I'm hoping some would be mine. 
I asked her if I can read her letter. 
She gave me one and then she hurried back writing again.

I was blown by what I just read
"This is a masterpiece a fine work of art! I say!"
Is she planning to write a book? 
I hope so that I can read her story someday.

Before the morning twilight... 
My message came, 
Has put me in tears, 
I felt happy that it didn't go in vain.
Now my mind went clear and changed into an awkward feeling. 
After all the foolish things that I shared!
I looked at her undisturbed,
I sat next to her. 
While she's rummaging through 
Collecting her thoughts. 
She´s hurt too. She's been overloading with reflections. 
The more she writes the more she becomes noticeable. 
It intrigued me to see it happening,  transforming before my very eyes! 
She´s not a crab, she´s a Siren! Like the two sides of a coin, she can be dangerous. 

Does she know the little home she´s hiding
Doesn't fit her anymore?
Maybe I could do something for her. 
Then I said in a dreamy voice. 
While looking at the horizon 
With a small gleamed light
And little warmth carried by the breeze. 

"Hey my friend, I wanted to share with you 
That the world is never perfect on its Axis, 
The same reason why it never stops turning. 
Even if we fail it can never be that scary.
Don´t be too hard on yourself okay?" 
"It´s okay to blame, it´s okay to retreat for once in awhile. 
Don´t put too much strain on yourself." 
"No matter how well made your plans for tomorrow. 
Apart from it is how we can be flexible in handling the situation."
"I'll leave half of my heart to you, 
To remind you even how broken this heart is. 
I'm still the old me who listens. 
Though you may not need one." 😂

© 2021 YanZeros

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Added on April 16, 2021
Last Updated on July 6, 2021



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