A Poem by E.H. Monroe

hum drum trickery from your favorite perverted fucktwit


Mixed missives mistake me for mephistophilis.

But please, he don’t deserve the breeze from my convoluted dreams, greased with crude oil and a semen sneeze

We used to play chess upon the chests of Chernobyl  children, duck, duck, f**k em

More radioactivity then a radio actively tuning into stations of a demonic Dwight Yokem,

poke em’ with a pitchfork, I bring forth a north by north beast

Ceased to feast upon the souls of the weak,

leak from teeth like lies incomplete


All aboard!

The horde envelops eternity, eternally expressing exposure to infectious calamity

But we still continue to wake up to any day that isn’t Saturday

And as time passes us by we age in phases of faces

And faze through phrases and aphoristic lameness

In the end?

We all remain nameless, a blip from a slip up from a flawless fornicating father

Our souls ride trains to destinations undetermined,

And provided to our passengers are prescriptions for precognition

Eventually, we’re going to need to see


We strive to balance life and s**t evenly

Even we caress the end of times peacefully

And a piece of me wants the end of crimes against humanity

Until I realize I’m full of fucked up trickery

So the trick from me is a vernacular of hypocrisy    

So I say knock, knock

Who’s present?

My presentation of perplexing pleasantries is effervescent

It bubbles in venom not seen by the masses

All bear witness as the super nova flashes


© 2014 E.H. Monroe

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Ahh the end of days Revelations and we are the destruction of ourselves. There are some great lines in this piece that wake up the sense and make you want to pull your eyes from their sockets. Sorry I missed reading this piece. It has been ages since I have been on this site. It has been equally as long since I wrote anything at all. Kinda gave it up for a bit.

Posted 3 Years Ago

keep workin' that flash cube E.H. one of the exposures is sure to develop. It's in there, it's ALL in there.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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E.H. Monroe
E.H. Monroe

hate your f*****g guts, NJ

S**t eating fuckbag of the crapocalypse. Dystopian Bard and general word rapist. like me here, and i'll kiss you on the face.. http://www.facebook.com/pages/EH-Monroe/226600554032025 Its here .. more..