The Dark World

The Dark World

A Poem by Farhan Shaikh

It's been a while
I haven't seen the dawn
I remember old myself
When the sunshine's gone.
I don't know what to do
I don't know where to go.
I'm stuck in this night
For a really long time
There's no one to see
There's no one to talk
Wondering when will I
Stop my lonely walk.
When the rays will
hit into my eyes.?
When will once again
I'll be in the light?
These streets still haunts me
These trees still flaunts me.
I tried to aid but 
I'm still bleeding
Closed my eyes but 
I'm not sleeping.
Tears streaming down from my face
Lost something that i can't replace.
I know I'm full of wounds
But still I stand
These scars on my body
Makes me cry in strand.
Yes i hit the bottom 
But it's not lasting.
Yes I'm knocked down
But I'm not yet pinned
I can see the sky
Without any stars
Only moon up there
With loads of scars.
Ocean here without any waves
Mountains here having no caves
A River taking me nowhere
Flivver I found everywhere.
Maybe I'm staying here 
Or maybe I'll get through
I rather use a comma
Than to use full stop.
Maybe this will hurt me 
But I'm always going 
to be me.

© 2017 Farhan Shaikh

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Mary Jo. Clare
My works are based off my real thoughts and experiences. Please allow yourself to truly experience and relate to them!

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your last five lines quite intriguing, I really enjoyed this write.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Amazing work as always. Amazing.Loved it.

Posted 10 Months Ago

I'd rather use a comma, than a full stop... That... Utter genius, friend... This was a roller coaster ride... Scars and loads of flaws between... ALWAYS keep being the only thing that works... Yourself...

Posted 11 Months Ago

This is a journey of pain... highlighted in so many ways that you find your own journey somewhere in there. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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I am not usually one for poems, but I found this one easy to read and effective in evoking powerful imagery

Posted 11 Months Ago

this is a very nicely written piece. Simply an admiration for the perfect flow and use of words. Keep writing.

Posted 11 Months Ago

I love the line,"I'd rather use a comma, than to use a full stop." I'm not sure what "Flivver" means. Nor, "make me cry strands." Your meaning to this poem is understood. Loneliness, hurt and loss and many people can identify with that!

Posted 11 Months Ago

sometimes in order to find ourself we have to get lost first....
I always lost in a beautiful while reading your work....
thank you for that.
this is what poetry should be about being able to touch the readers heart .

Posted 11 Months Ago

Very breathtaking and beautifully written.
Well done!

Posted 11 Months Ago

One always must brave the anguish to get to the core of being, well done, good read.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Farhan Shaikh
Farhan Shaikh

Mumbai, India

18, student. Slytherin. Earthling. In case you don't know, I'm a weirdo, I don't fit in, I don't wanna fit in... Follow me on Instagram @farhanshyk02 more..

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