Chapter 20

Chapter 20

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 20



Rosalina sat motionlessly next to Damion looking into her hands; the shock of their situation had seemed just to dawn on her. She stirred for a second to look down at him; a smile creased at the corner of her mouth. She began to stroke his forehead and let go of a tear.

“I finally was able to see you after all these years, and now”, she stood and sighed gently. “I'm going to lose you yet again". The room seemed cold to her, she shuddered and a chill ran down her spine. She looked down to the floor to examine the stash she had collected; it consisted of weapons for their self-defence escaping the fortresses solitude. “Gurtin told me not to be late, so I better get a move on” she muttered calmly to herself. She places her hand upon Damion’s head. His eyes opened, his vision blurred at first but with time began to regain. He sat up and scratched his head.

“I can’t remember the last time I woke and my vision didn’t seem lacking” he smiled and chuckled feebly. He looked up to Rosalina; her face was riddled with emotions. “Why have you woken me again? I thought that was it last time, Zealos had no need of me so that was it for me”. Rosalina leaned down and handed him a sword.

“I’m getting you and your friends out of here”, Damion stood quickly.

“Wait wait, but what about you, Zealos will hunt you down, us down even. I mean what is even the point of trying this” he questioned.

“Because I love you!” She spoke sternly, “I am not going to sit here and watch you suffer in this hell hole”, she hands him a sword, “Especially if I have an eternity to do it” Damion smiled at her and nodded.

“Thank you, I love you Mother” his voice cracked, she smiled at him and began to rush over to Rose, and began to wake her. Damion meanwhile slung the leather strap of the sheath over his shoulder and tightened it there.

“Wha-what’s going on?” Rose slurred.

“Quickly sweetheart we don’t have much time” Rosalina urged. Damion ran over to Rose and took her hand in his.

“We’re getting out of here, all of us, together” he spoke enthusiastically. Rose beamed a smile and hugged Damion tight.

“See, I told you hadn’t failed me” Damion took her in his embrace. Rosalina placed her hand upon Idril’s forehead and woke her.

“You’ll have enough time for that later you love birds, but for now we need to get moving” Damion took her hand and rushed her over to the pile.

“Here” he leant down and handed her a sword, “From what I remember, you were pretty handy with one of these” he smirked at her, she raised an eyebrow to him.

“You have remembered correctly” she took the sword from him and slung it over her shoulder. Idril sat up and began rubbing her head.

“What in the devil is going on?” she spoke shocked. She looked down to her hands, “I…I thought I was dead”.

“You were” Rosalina replied, “Lucky for you Zealos seemed to believe you would have been some use to him” Idril smirked and stood up quickly.

“Zealos would have been wrong” Rosalina smiled at her.

“Hey! Idril!” Damion shouted out, she turned to face him. Damion threw a sword over to her, she proceeded to catch it in one hand and threw it over her shoulder.

“So what’s actually going on?” Idril spoke out. Rosalina rushed over to Damion and Rose.

“You lot are breaking out of here, whilst I distract Zealos” Damion grabbed hold of her hand.

“Wait you’re not coming with us?” he looked into her eyes. She placed her hand on his,

“Chances are I won’t be able to hold him off for long. But hopefully it will be long enough at least for you all to escape, that is the plan and the plan we are sticking to” she spoke sternly at him. Damion did not reply but within his face she could see his understood. “Now come on, we have to move”


Zealos sat intently within his chair, a glass wine flute was present in his hand. He spun the red liquid around the edge of the glass and studied it.

“A fascinating thing addiction is” Gurtin standing next to Zealos looked down to the glass.

“Fascinating you say?” he questioned.

“Yes, the way addiction is not so far from lust and desire as you would first think” He drunk from his glass and breathed out with satisfaction. “Tell me Gurtin?” he began.

“Yes…sir?” he spoke puzzled.

“You would…tell me wouldn’t you if I certain someone amongst us was planning to over throw me wouldn’t you?” he smirked at Gurtin. Gurtin began to sweat nervously.

“Umm…well yes sir of course!” he spoke quickly. Zealos sat back in his throne.

“Hmmm interesting” he pondered. Suddenly a body fell before Gurtin and Zealos, blood splattered across their faces. Soon Rosalina, Damion, Rose and Idril followed, all landing heavily upon the cracked stone floor.

“My my my, Rosalina” Zealos began, “What an interesting turn of events” Rosalina gathered them all behind her back.

“These children are leaving this place Zealos, and there is not a thing you can do to stop this!” she yelled at him. Guards around the castle stood readied, Damion and the others looked around to each of them. Zealos gestured for them all to stand down by a wave of his hand. He stood and looked down to them.

“You really think…you’re going to escape here do you?” he chuckled and clenched his fist. Suddenly he became a blur and disappeared before their eyes, they began to look around fearfully. “No victim escapes from my grasp!” he shrieked. Suddenly Rosalina launched across the hall pummelling into a pillar. Zealos stood above her and looked down to her.

“Such a pity” he unsheathed his sword, “You were such a faithful one as well” He thrusts his sword down, suddenly Rosalina kicks sweeps his legs taking him down to the ground. She stands quickly and grasps hold of her whip.

“Run!” she yells over to the group, Idril nods and leads them out of the hall. Zealos stands quickly and swings his sword at her yet ducks and grasps hold of his arm launching him over her shoulder, he lands against a pillar and thrust back at her. He slashed his sword and lands perfectly. Rosalina touches her face a find blood upon her hands, she turns to Zealos a reveals a small scratch upon her face.

“Gurtin help me!” she shouts, yet when she turns he is not to be seen.

“Seems like you’re on your own” he chortles evilly. She scowls and grasps hold of her whip and slashes it towards him, yet he is too quick and grabs hold of it and pulls her towards him. He kicks her in the stomach launching her up and heavily hits the floor. She groans and sits up stiffly.

“What’s the matter?” he asks sarcastically, “Feeling stiff” he kicks her in the face, she flies across the room hitting a pillar, the force causes it to crack and shatter into debris. Dust fills the air and Rosalina becomes motionless.


The streets are dark and the sounds of footsteps echo in the night. Damion and the others rush down through the streets desperately trying to reach the outside. Idril leads the charge whilst Damion clasps Rose’s hand dragging her behind him. Torches gently light the houses before them yet the air is thick with dust. A strong gust is present with them and the air seemed thick and dank.

“It isn’t too much further” Damion said speaking to Rose, she gulped trying to get her breath back which was seeming to be impossible. Idril stopped suddenly sending Damion and Rose crashing into the back of her. They stood to see Idril scowling and clenching her sword.

“Hello my pretty girl” Gurtin spoke, “It’s nice to see you again”.

“How dare you address me!?” she yelled out at him. Gurtin laughed and unsheathed his sword.

“It seems you want to experience the sweet release of death once more” Gurtin unsheathed her sword also.

“No…this time it is your turn” she launched at Gurtin clashing her sword with his. Sparks launched from the swords. Gurtin kicks her back and swings his sword barely missing her.

“Guys run, I’ll hold him off!” she shouted at Damion and Rose. They took the message and darted off down the streets.

Idril swung her sword clashing against Gurtins once more, yet this time knocked his grip loose. He stumbled backwards and Idril launched her sword into his leg knocking him to the ground and pinning his leg to the dirtied floor. Gurtin groaned out clasping his hands around the sword.

“As I told you, it’s your turn this time” she smirked and ripped the sword from his leg and thrust it down, suddenly he rolled away and swept her legs out from under her knocking her down. She stands quickly to feel a cold blade against her neck.

“This is not how it is going to end, my pretty fighter” Guritn leans down and runs his tongue up her cheek. Suddenly she slams her head backwards against his face, a loud crack sounded and he began to scream out in pain. She turned to see him holding his face and writhing in pain. She presses her sword against his neck.

“So, this time is time for your last words” she spoke looking down to him angrily.


Footsteps sound heavily in the streets as Damion and Rose rush through. The exit begins to come into sight.

“Look Rose, it’s just there! We can make it!” Damion cries out to her. A smile spreads across her face; suddenly Damion falls to the floor and pulling Rose down with him. He begins to groan and his breath becomes shallow.

“Damion!” she cried out. She leaned over Damion and took his face in her hands; sweat began to surface on him. Suddenly the street began to light and the horror dawned upon Rose. She looked up to the sky, the clouds there were beginning to desist, and the moon began to reveal.

“Oh no, Damion. Quickly let me lay the seal on you!” she panicked. Damion grabbed hold of her hand.

“No, Rose look at me, this is my chance to set things right”

“No, please Damion we need to get out of her, we need to escape together, and be free….together” Damion smiled and placed his hand upon her face.

“We will, I promise” his muscles began to cramp and he groaned in pain. “But first, I must do what is right, not what is expected of me” a tear rolled from her eye and kissed him quickly then proceeded to back away from him. Suddenly the moon came into full view and the transformation began.


The cold steel of the blade lay pressed against Gurtin’s neck, Idril stared down to him, his nose bloodied and his breathing heavy.

“Any last words Gurtin?” he looked up to her and gulped. He remained silent and hung his head as if he felt shamed.

Suddenly a howl echoed in the night sky and they both looked down into the street.

“You better pick your last words now Gurtin, it seems death is coming for you” she smirked and sheathed her sword and moved away from him. In the distance heavy impacts could be heard, the impacts frequent and louder the also became. Gurtin shuddered and whimpered. All of a sudden the sound ceased, and Damion launched from the darkness, landing his claws into Gurtin’s neck tearing it open. Blood spurted from him and soaked the dirt floor crimson. Damion looked over to Idril and panted, she smiled at him.  

“Go get him Damion, this battle is down to you” she stabbed her sword into the ground and Damion vanished into the darkness.  Led by moonlight he approached the fortress.


Zealos retrieved his sword and eyed the blood upon the blade; he ran his tongue against it, lapping the blood like a cat would to milk. He shuddered yet seemed to be almost pleasurable.

“You always had such magnificent blood Rosalina” he spoke calmly. “It’s almost a shame that you must be disposed of”. He walked over to the rubble and rested his sword tip upon the debris. Rosalina groaned and sat up, yet pain was apparent in her face.

“That does not matter, at least my son could escape your tyrannical grasp” she said spluttering. Zealos leant down to her.

“You really think after I kill you, I won’t capture them again?” Rosalina remained silent. “Maybe, you weren’t as much value to me as I thought you were. After all you seemed to be, quite intelligent to say the least” He placed his blade against her chest above her heart. “No matter, I’ll make this quick and painless for you”.

Suddenly the door burst open and the splintered wood spread across the hall. Zealos turned to see Damion dashing towards him, he sheathed his sword. Damion pounced at Zealos, yet he returned a right hook to Damion’s face launching him across the hall.

“Well well, how nice to see you Damion” he spoke. Damion pounced at him once again, yet was knocked down with a jab to face once again. “Oh not one for talk, that’s fine by me” Rosalina stared into the battle fearful for Damion’s life. Damion dashed at Zealos, Zealos swung his fist at him, yet Damion dodged and slashed his claws across his arm knocking him back. Blood splattered across the stone floor. Zealos snarled at Damion and rushed towards him landing his foot against his chest and forced him to the ground. Yet Damion bite into his legs and threw him aside knocking into his throne. Zealos stood uneasy to see Damion pouncing at him; he ducked narrowly missing getting struck by Damion. Meanwhile Damion proceeded to crash into the throne knocking his head heavily against it. Zealos backed away from Damion.

“Come on beast, your weak!” Zealos yelled. “Fight me!” Damion shook off the impact and dashed towards Zealos and launched. Suddenly Zealos ducked and grasped Damion’s neck and thrust him into the ground. He forced his foot against his neck pinning him.

“I gave you the choice to join me, but now…now it’s time for you to die!” he thrust his sword down at him. Yet suddenly he is knocked down. Rosalina lands a right hook in his face and falls to her knees. Zealos stands and looks over to her.

“You will not, harm my child!” Zealos snarls at he and thrusts his sword into her chest. A breath of air escapes her lungs and then, silence. He places his foot against her chest and forces her off his blade.

Damion looks to his mother and a tear falls from his eyes, he suddenly looks to Zealos and roars ear piercingly loud. Zealos holds his hands to his ears and groans out. Suddenly Damion thrusts his claws into his chest, Zealos chokes and blood pours from his mouth.

“No…” he splutters, “It…it cannot be” he coughs, Damion roars at him and tears his chest open revealing his innards and throws him to the floor. His blood soaks the floor and stains it.

Damion looks down to his mother and tears leave his eyes, he drops to all fours and presses his nose against her cheek, like a lion to its dead cub. He licks and in the hope of response, yet there is none. He stands on his two hind legs, and howls loudly and continues to do so for a few minutes. Rose peers though the door with Idril, she attempts to approach, yet Idril places her hand upon her shoulder and shakes her head.

“Let us leave him be for tonight, let him mourn” Rose looks to Idril, tears begin to wet her face. Idril takes her into her embrace and leads her away. 

© 2012 Forgotten

Author's Note

Finally one more chapter, and this book will come to an end.

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This was an intense chapter, with lots of action. I enjoyed it. I was super bleak that his mum died in the end but it made for an interesting read. I pointed out some stuff I noticed below…hope it’s helpful :)

“situation had seemed just to dawn on her.” – situation had seemed to just dawn on her.

“She stirred for a second to look down at him” – stirred seems out of place, it’s not incorrect it just doesn’t feel natural in the sentence.

““I finally as able to see you after all these years, and now”” –“ I finally am able to see you after…”

““I’m going to lose you yet again.” – you need to close the quote.

“for their self-defence escaping the fortresses solitude.” - for their self-defence while/when escaping the fortresses solitude.

“She places her hand upon Damion’s head.” You’ve been writing from a retrospective point, so wouldn’t it better to say ‘she placed’ instead of ‘she places’?

“what is even the point of trying” – what even is the point of trying

“this hell hole”, she hands him a sword,” she already handed him a sword, is this another one?

““See, I told you hadn’t failed me”” – “See, I told you ‘person’ hadn’t failed me.”

“she could see his understood.” – she could see he understood/ she could see his understanding.

“the red liquid around the edge of the glass and studied it.” – this makes it seem like the wine is on the outside of the glass.

“tell me wouldn’t you if I certain” – tell me wouldn’t you if a certain…

“swings his sword at her yet ducks and grasps hold of his arm launching” – swing his sword at her. She ducks and grasps his arm launching/grabs hold of his arm launching…

“her face a find blood upon her hands,” - her face to find blood upon her hands.

“she turns to Zealos a reveals a small scratch upon her face.” – she turns to Zealos and reveals a small…

“grasps hold of her whip” – grasps her whip/grabs hold of her whip.

“Gurtin unsheathed her sword also.” - Gurtin unsheathed his sword also.

““So, this time is time for your last words”” – So, this time it’s time for your last words

“a tear rolled from her eye and kissed him quickly” – a tear rolled from her eye and she kissed him quickly

“the impacts frequent and louder the also became.” – huh?! LOL

“and sat up, yet pain was apparent in her face.” –and sat up, the pain was apparent on her face.

““Maybe, you weren’t as much value to me as I thought you were. After all you seemed to be, quite intelligent to say the least”” –“Maybe you weren’t as valuable to me as I initially though. You had seemed to be quite intelligent to say the least.

“Yet Damion bite into his legs and threw him aside” – have you replace your ‘however’ habit with a ‘yet’ one? LOL...Damion bit into his legs and threw him aside

““Come on beast, your weak!”” – “Come on beast, you’re weak!”

“Yet suddenly he is knocked down.” – Suddenly he was knocked down.

“Zealos snarls at he and thrusts his sword into her chest.” - Zealos snarls at her and thrusts his sword into her chest.

“He licks and in the hope of response, yet there is none.” – He licks in the hopes of a response. There is none.

“she attempts to approach, yet Idril places her hand upon her shoulder and shakes her head.” – she attempts to approach but Idril places her hand …

Posted 5 Years Ago

A very sad chapter. Death of mother open the door to great pain. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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