Chapter 11

Chapter 11

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 11


Morning had come to the village. The sun did not shine and a deep fog engulfed the village. The air was still and thick and dew was sprinkled amongst the flowers. Damion awoke to the sound of clunking downstairs.

“Ah, my head” Damion groaned, “Rose you awake?” silence lay still in the bed beside him. He turned over to see it empty and already neatly made; he could tell she made it as she always seemed to leave the neat little fold at the tip of the duvet.  Damion smiled gently envisioning her trying to make it to perfection. “Well, I guess I better get up” he said to himself sluggishly. Damion dressed himself slowly, his slow hand eye co-ordination getting the better off him as he put his shirt on backwards once before finally correcting it. Damion stretched and groaned while doing so and made his way downstairs to which he was met by Rose gathering fishing equipment. Rose looked up hearing the stairs creak beneath Damion’s feet.

“Well, good morning” she said still gathering equipment.

“Good morning” he replied still sounding tired.

“You sound rather drained, did you sleep well last night?” she said only sounding slightly concerned,

“Not really, was off and on all night” he said creasing up the corner of his mouth slightly and finally finishing with a yawn.
“Yeah I was off and on too”

“Anything the matter?” Damion asked worriedly,

“Um, no just restless” she said unconvincingly to Damion.

“Hmm I don’t believe you, but I won’t pry”

“Thank you” she carried on preparing the fishing apparel as Damion helped out preparing the bait. The bait consisted of small worms that had been freshly dug up the day before by Alastair.

“Hey Rose” Damion called out to Rose over the bar, she took a second to reply,

“Yes?” she replied finally.

“Where is your father? Doesn’t the Inn open… well now?” he said confused,

“Yeah I thought that too, I thought not to worry however, my father does disappear often”

“So it really never bothers you where he goes?”

“Well, maybe but I try not to, you know what happens if my emotions come through”

“Yeah I do” he replied sympathetic, he stopped for a second and pondered, “Hey Rose I didn’t ask before in the fear of offending your or touching a raw nerve but what did happen to your soul?” Damion heard something drop to the floor abruptly. He turned quickly to see her stood completely motionless. “Oh I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to upset you”

“No, you just surprised me, well I..” she sighed and walked closer to him. She took his hand and led him upstairs to their room. She shut the door quietly not before checking the hallway however.

“I don’t know whether to tell you this because if I do they’ll find out and you’ll get hurt”

“What is it?” he asked intently waiting for an answer. She sighed and continued.

“There is a vampire in the forest by the name of Firus. When I was young my father gave away my soul in return for family immortality and protection of the village. My father explained that Mother had died earlier and didn’t want the same to happen to me. Firus saw it as such an admiral reason and also promised that he would offer his services if he ever needed it” she looked down to the floor and breathed in deeply “You know the man you saw last night?”

“Y-yes?” he replied sounding scared,

“Well I’m afraid that he may have been an assassin that father may have hired to kill you” Damion gasped and stood up quickly leaving him light headed. “He doesn’t know that I’m aware that the other boys that got here we’re killed by the assassins he hired” 

“So I’m next, will he ever stop?”

“I doubt it” she replied getting breathless,

“Wait, don’t stress yourself out” he said putting his hands on her shoulders gently. “But I must ask, if you’re immortal how do you age?” he asked,

“Well the thing is I will still age and die at a naturally but I cannot die by injury”

“So this Firus guy, he is a vampire, and he owns your soul..” he stopped and disappeared into deep thought,

“Damion no, I know what you’re thinking, you cannot kill him. He is much too strong for you”

“Oh I guess you’re right, I can’t even control it anyway” he sat down heavily, “So what do I do, keep letting them come and kill people like Sherman?”

“I don’t know, but you can’t just go in and ask him to stop”

“Wait? If your father did why can’t I? What’s to stop me from going in and making an offer?” Damion stood feeling a glimmer of hope, “Where is this place? We need to pay Firus a visit” Rose stood almost in the intention to stop him but thought for a second,

“You know your right, if father can go down why can’t we? But what do we have to offer?” Damion placed his hand to his chin showing his deep train of thought.

“Hmm that is a good question?” Damion paced back and forth across the small bedroom,

“The question is what can we offer, I was too young to understand, maybe we could just go and…ask?” she offered the idea to Damion,

“Well going without an idea might be a bit delicate but I think your right, without anyone to give us knowledge it’s up to us to figure it out” Damion smiled excitedly “So, when do we leave?”

“Tonight?” We just need to watch out for the Raptos, they come out at night and hunt”

“We’ll go armed, you know the way right?” he asked hoping for the right answer,

“Yes of course I do” Damion smiled,

“Great, let’s just hope we can offer something” Damion carried on smiling enjoying this small glimmer of hope for survival and even more so maybe he could be with a fully emotional Rose.


The sounds of the waves were soothing to Damion today. Water lapped the sides of the boat, gently rocking the boat side to side in a continuous motion. Rose sat patiently clasping the rod gently in her hands, whilst Damion sat contently on the other side also patiently waiting for a bite. The warm air blew through their hair almost mimicking the waves below.

“So Rose, what is the name of the fish we’re looking for?” he asked without taking his eyes off the float.

“It’s called a Rummer fish, you’ll be able to tell it apart from the other from the markings on its side”

“But I don’t even know what the other fish look like?”

“Don’t worry you’ll be able to tell, trust me” Full concentration returned to the boat and both sat in silence.

An hour passed and neither had even caught a single fish yet, Damion’s concentration began to waver, however Rose still sat with concentration firing in her eyes. Damion groaned quietly so Rose couldn’t hear; she had but thought it be polite not to question it. Damion sat shifting his weight back and forth trying to entertain himself in the silence until his float began to bob. Damion froze watching the float and poised himself ready to snatch back getting the fish on the hook. The float bobbed up and down continuously but suddenly stopped. Damion blustered and sat disappointed. It bobbed again and this time began to rush downwards, Damion harnessed the rod quickly and snatched it back trapping the hook in the fish.

“Umm Rose get the net please”

“Already have” Rose had been watching him and was waiting for him to catch hold of the fish. The line tensed as the reel clicked for each turn it made. The rod began to bend further and further the more he reeled in. “Whoa Damion” she exclaimed “You have to give it some slack or it’ll just snap” Damion listened well and let the line reel out as the fish pulled back on it. Finally Damion began to reel and the fish had given up on the fight letting him bring him in with ease. Rose leant over the boat grasping onto the side so not to fall in and caught the fish pulling back onto the boat. She carefully examined it as Damion sat beside her lacking breath. “Uh, Damion?” he caught his breath first before replying.


“Well I hate to disappoint you but this isn’t a Rummer”

“Wait what?” Damion replied sounded fatigued and annoyed.

“No, it’s a Furtas, still taste pretty good though, we’ll keep it for lunch”

“Argh” Damion flopped down suddenly rocking the boat and groaning loudly.

“Don’t worry hopefully it’ll be the next one” she said almost lifelessly, Damion did not sound convinced however.

“Sure if you say so Rose” he said scrunching up his face.


The sun began to fall and the fog around the town had begun to get thicker. The air was thickening and making it difficult to breathe amongst it. Rose and Damion returned to the Inn with a successful catch of 3 Furters all caught by Damion and 2 Rummer fish caught by Rose. As they reached the door Rose stopped and paused for a second.

“What’s wrong Rose?” she didn’t reply and just stood looking at the door. “Rose what’s wrong?” he asked really concerned.

“Something isn’t right, I noticed form the lake, we haven’t been open all day, and I haven’t seen father return home”

“Oh? Wait hang on I think I know where he’ll be then but doesn’t that give us a chance to get out of here quickly?”

“Wait, Yes! Yes it does Damion, Oh how clever you are, and also I do know where he is, we’ll have to avoid him”

Rose opened the door quickly and dropped the fish in the sink and ran upstairs.  Damion carried on putting the fishing equipment back where it was taken from whilst he heard Rose running around almost searching for something. He stopped once he heard a heavy dragging sound almost hoping he wasn’t carrying whatever he was hearing. The fishing apparel had been placed back, Rose began to emerge from upstairs with a large cotton bag.

“What’s in the bag Rose?” She stopped at the bottom and dropped it to the floor.

“Everything we’ll need” she stopped and carried on with her business.

“Ok I feel like I need to ask, what is it that we need?”

“Well, we have a tent, because we will need to rest tonight, Food, water. That’s it but we’ll need more”

“More?!” he shouted shocked,

“Yes, more” Rose ran upstairs; Damion could hear her rummaging through something. “Damion, come hither” she shouted. He did as told and made his way upstairs.

He laid his eyes upon Rose searching through a closet which appeared to be of only clothes.

“What are we after Rose?” As he spoke Rose threw a leather belt and sheath at him hitting him in the face. Damion laughed loudly,

“Thank you Rose” he beamed a smile,

“You are very welcome” she replied giggling but soon had to stop. She finally stopped rummaging and pulled out a steel long sword and two small steel daggers. “Here” she passed him the long sword, “Do you know how to use it?” she raised an eyebrow at him and looked him in the eyes,

“Well not really, I’ve never held a weapon before” Damion frown and gestured to give it back to her.

“No, it’s yours. You’ll need it and you’ll learn soon enough” she was fastening two small leather sheaths to her waist.

“Oh? Ok” Damion too fastening the leather sheath to himself and inserted the sword after.

“Now Damion before we leave I must tell you again, when we leave into the forest it’s going to be dark. Raptos come out at night so we will need to defend ourselves, ok?”

“Ok!” Damion replied confidently.

“Good, let’s go” Rose walked past him and went down stairs, each board creaking as she stood on it. As Damion caught up she passed him the bag, he placed it onto his bag. She nodded at him and both began to leave the Inn.


The key clicked in the lock, the idea had become a reality now as the forest was quickly approaching them. Rose was fixated on an invisible path and trudged through the shrubbery. Damion thought she was like a bird, she seemed to have an in built navigation system telling her where to go. He chuckled at the thought.

“Hmm, something funny Damion?” Damion looked up almost shocked and waved his hands.

“No no, nothing funny Rose” he stuck his tongue out at her, she responded back with the same gesture. The forest at night was scary to Damion, the wind whistled through the trees, each time Damion jumping believing it to be the sound of raptos. The twosome finally reached something which would really shock Damion.

“Ok Damion look over here” Damion ran to catch up and stopped suddenly,

“Whoa!” Damion looked out across the forest. They had reached the peak of the forest which looked over all the rest.

“Ok, You see that large wall on the horizon?” she pointed at a wall that stretch right across the horizon. It didn’t seem to end at either side.      


“Well that is the Wall of Ralis, it’s kinda where I dream to move. They have loads of small towns over there and a large Fort protecting them, it seems perfect”  she gently smiled even though she was beginning to lose her breath.

“Well maybe Rose…” Damion began to blush, “Maybe we could live in this perfect town together sometime” he didn’t look at her feeling embarrassed and suddenly more nervous.

“Sounds good to me” she giggled but stopped as she began to cough. “Oh! That reminds me, look over there” she pointed south at what seemed to be a large tower on an island.

“Oh wow, that tower is huge!” Damion said having to step back in awe.

“It’ a ruin and our lands protector”

“Protector?” he asked puzzled,

“Yes as legend would tell us a large dragon sleeps upon the tower and will only awaken when our land is under threat. Not every land has one, but some of us do” Damion looked in awe imagining the vast size of a dragon protector.

“Anyway, come we must carry on” Damion’s face became serious and nodded at her.  


It had gotten pitch black now, Rose held up a torch leading the way with Damion just behind her. The air was chilly now and the wind brought with it a freezing cold chill now. The trees rocked back and forth and the odd occasion setting both Rose and Damion on momentary high alert. Rose and Damion were beginning to tore and on many times discussed about setting up camp, however each time decided they should travel as far as they could tonight.

“So Rose, how far are we from, wherever we’re going”  Rose thought about it for a second,

“To be honest Damion not that far, if we keep going at this pace we could probably get there in the next 45mins”

“Oh? Well let’s not dilly dally, let’s get there tonight”

“That’s the spirit” Rose replied unemotionally trying to conserver her energy.

“So where does he live? The guy we’re going to see”

“He lives with a small group in an elven ruin, the chapel there is completely intact and now harbours the guy we’re going to see”

“What’s his name? If you remember that is” he questioned.

“It’s Firus, that’s all I know”

“Hmm” Damion placed is finger on his chin, “What an interesting name” Rose did not reply but Damion did not expect her to; he knew it was a dangerous subject for her.     

The forest began to take a steep decline into what seemed to be a pit in the forest, Damion had a sneaking suspicion that they were getting close.

Suddenly after 10 minutes of going down he noticed something odd.



“Is that a cave I’m looking at?”

“Yes, the elves were the first civilisation to make mining tool, the town was built inside here” They approached the cave but stopped, a soft tapping sound came from inside the cave and was approaching them.  It echoed of the hard wall inside and was beginning to get louder. Rose looked into the cave and spotted what seemed to be a light gaining them quickly.

“Who is that!?” a voice boomed from the cave, the tapping sound became quicker. A figure emerged from behind the light.

“Wait, Damion I recognise that voice?!” Damion panicked,

“Ah! Me too?!” the figure suddenly emerged from the cave. 

“Rose what the hell do you think you are doing here?!”

“I’m sorry father I have come to see Firus” Alastair looked to Damion and snarled,

“I don’t think so! I am taking you home right now!” he shouted pointing at her, “And you?! You are not coming back with us!” Damion’s face scrunched and his hands became fists.

“That is not your right Alastair!”

“Not my right? Not my right!” Alastair punch Damion in the face knocking him down to the floor, “How dare you tell me what’s my right you disgusting half breed!” Alastair kicked Damion in the stomach winding him.

“Father stop! Please!” Rose grabbed onto his arm trying to stop him.

”Rose release me now”

“No father!” She gripped tighter to him.

“I said now!” Alastair threw her to the ground grazing her elbow. Alastair stepped up to Damion and pulled him to his feet, “Now you listen to me, you will not return with us and you will never return to Hydros have I made myself clear!” Damion chuckled and began to boom out laughing, “What in God’s name are you laughing at boy!”

“You have forgotten one thing Alastair” Damion pushed him away and smiled, “You may be immortal, but the moon is out tonight. A full moon” he l=walked to Rose and helped her up.

“What has that got to do with anything?” Alastair said puzzled.

“I wondered why I hadn’t become a werewolf tonight but I think I worked it out” he looked into Rose’s eyes. “Rose did you do something when you entered my mind?” she looked and nodded at him,

“Yes I did Damion. I was scared if it happened and father noticed he would try harder to kill you”

“What do you do to him Rose?!” Rose looked sharply at Alastair,

“Well Alastair I placed a temporary cleansing seal in him. I made sure that he wouldn’t change in front of you!” Alastair growled and slapped her around the face,

“You never call me by my name you ignorant child! I am your father and you will show respect”

“No, I won’t!” Rose pushed him over and shouted at him “The word father is reserved for my father, and you are not him, I have no family anymore” she walked over to Damion and placed her hand on his heart, she lifted up her head and moved her mouth closer to his ear. “Remember he is immortal you cannot kill him, but if we make a run for it when I release the seal we may be able to make it to the chapel” she whispered,

“But I’ll kill everyone there”

“Trust me, I can control this in you, just trust me”


“I’ll remove the bad side of your werewolf for a small amount of time so you can control this”

“Ok do it and climb on quick” Alastair looked at the two and clenched his fists.

“Rose what are you doing!?”

“I’m defying you Alastair!” Rose entered Damion’s mind and a sharp flash suddenly came from Damion as the seal was released.

Damion screamed in pain and fell to the floor breathless and in pain. He was beginning to change.  Alastair laughed at him and began to approach him.

“Look at you, you’re pathetic. You can’t even handle the pain of the transformation” He laughed louder and kicked him in the chest knocking him down.

“No!” Rose shouted and threw a dagger landing it in Alastair’s chest knocking him backwards. He groaned and pulled it out, the wound bled but healed up within a second.

“Rose what did you d-” before he could finish his sentence another dagger pierced his chest again. He again pulled it out and snarled at her. He threw the two daggers leaving them in the earth and angrily and began to advance to Rose. However he had forgot about Damion.  Damion stood quickly and pummelled Alastair’s chest launching him backwards at a tree but travelled through it sounded a loud crack from his back.

“Quick Damion let’s go!” Rose jumped onto the back of Damion. He seemed to understand and bolted off into the cave at extreme speed. A light from within the cave began to appear quickly as Damion approached the ruins.

“Damion quick! Into the chapel” Rose raised her voice letting it echo in the cave. He nodded at her an actually increased the speed, however his left leg cramped and sent him crashing into the ground but slid far enough that he reached the chapel. Rose quickly got off and placed her hand on his chest and quickly Damion began to change from a werewolf again. His clothes were wrecked and fell from his body. He was naked and began to shiver. She helped him up and tried to avoid looking at awkward areas.

“Come on quickly inside” They pulled on the door and closed it loudly as the entered. The chapel was magnificent inside. Eleven scriptures covered the walls and vines were climbing up the columns. The stone was pure white and chiselled perfectly. Flowing patterns covered the floor all except a large gold circle in front of a font. Wooden benches were still set up and a large wooden throne looking chair sat at the end of the chapel. The windows were painted beautifully and showed some of the history of the elven tribes.


Rose and Damion approached up the middle between the benches, the place seemed deserted and devoid of any life.

“Hello Firus? It’s Rose I’ve come to talk to you” No response came back to her.       

“Maybe there’s no one here?”

“No one here?” a voice come from above, Damion looked behind him to see a figure dropped down. The man looked middle aged and had well comb silver hair. He worse a long black coat and wore an old necklace holding a purple gem. His eyes were a neon green and his skin was pale.

“Hello Firus” Rose said to him,

“Ahhh, Rose it’s been so long, how has life been without a soul”

“Pretty depressing I must say” she said melancholy,

“Ah but is it worth it for immortality?” he said gesturing them to follow. They both followed and continued to talk.

“No, I cannot let people see my emotion and I’ve had enough”

“Ah so that is why you’re here, you want your soul back correct?” Firus turned quickly, his coat whipped up and finally he sat down in the large chair.

“Yes Sir”

“And you Naked Boy, what is your involvement in this?”  Damion fumbled and nervous answered,

“I have strong feelings for her sir and want nothing more for her to be happy” Damion looked down to the floor and played with his hands nervously. Firus studied Damion carefully and eyed him up.

“So, you’re a werewolf correct?”

“Wha?! How did you know?” Firus chuckled deeply,

“My dear boy I am a vampire, I can sense it, I can smell it”

“Oh?” Firus studied him more closely,

“You’re from Domine aren’t you boy?” Damion looked into his eyes,

“Yes how did you know?” Firus chuckled and placed his hand on Damion’s left cheek.

“You look just like your mother, you have her chin” Damion stepped back from him and looked at him in fear. Firus chuckled once more, “And her nose”

“How do you know my mother Firus?”

“She used to live here, she brought your brother here when he was injured and we looked after him for a few years” Damions head began to hurt,

“I keep hearing of my brother Firus, do you know where he is?”

“Well..” Firus pondered and rubbed his chin with his hand, “Last I heard he is in Mura, about four countries away from here”

“Oh?” Damion sat down and a tear welled up in his right eye. “I’ll never find him the way this is going” Firus sat down next to him and patted his head,

“Your mother was here about three days ago Damion, she told me if you came here that I must look after you, but we face complications”

“What complications?” Damion asked nearly in tears.

“As you probably have guessed by now, Alastair has placed a bounty upon your head and I have to run by these rules”

“So basically I’m dead” Damion began to feel like he was losing hope,

“No, listen Damion I can’t help you physically but I can give you advice”

“But why would you do that Firus?” Damion asked hopefully,

“Because your mother saved me from a vampire hunter, I owe her my life, now listen carefully, Alastair requested for a vampire called Tyran, only he is allowed to kill you so..”

“So if I kill him I’m free?”

“Yes you’ll be free” Firus stood and sat upon his chair again.

“But Firus?” Rose finally spoke up, Firus turned to her and prepared to listen. “What about my soul?” Firus sighed  and and grasped the bridge of his nose.

“I’m sorry Rose, since it was your father that sold it to me I can’t just give it back, but If you can offer me something then maybe we can work something out”

“But I don’t really have anything to offer you” Firus shrug and shook his head,

“Then I’m sorry, but I cannot return it to you” he replied sounding upset, “You’re a nice girl and I’d love to but I need something in return”

“So all hope is lost, I’ll never be allowed to love anyone, I’ll never be allowed to be with someone” Rose looked to Damion “I’m sorry but I can’t put you through this pain Damion” Damion stood and placed his hand on Rose’s shoulder.

“Wait Rose!” he turned to Firus who had been watch intently, I think I have something I can offer you” Firus raised an eyebrow.

“Go on?” he said sounded interested.

“I’m a werewolf, and it’s my gift, I’m proud of it and it’s going to be a part of my life now”

“Yes?” Firus curled up one side of his mouth to a smirk, “Where is this heading?”

“I want to challenge you to a duel” he said confidently,

“Ah, now that is something I can do” Firus stood and applauded Damion for his bravery, “So what’s the rules and who gets what if they win”

“If I win you return Rose’s soul, and if you win, you can have my power” Firus pondered it,

“You have yourself a duel, but what of the rules?”

“No-one may help once the duel has started”

“Ok, you have yourself a deal young sir, do you need to prepare yourself?”

“Only one thing, Rose release the seal once more” Rose nodded but looked at him with nerves getting to her.

“Damion, I believe you have become a werewolf more than twice now haven’t you?”

“Yes that’s right, why” Firus slooked at him and smiled,

“You should always have fullcontrol now, the first two times you’re a werewolf you have no control, after that… its yours to control, you cannot control when you d=change, but it’s still you controlling the wolf” Damion smiled and hugged Firus quickly, “Hmm hug from a naked boy, that’s a new one” Damion laughed at Firus,

“Thanks for all this help, but please don’t ho easy on me, I want you to show me your full strength”

“Now that I can do” Firus smiled at him,

“Rose please remove the seal now” Rose looked into his eyes and kissed him passionately, she pulled away after three second breathless but smiling,

“Good luck”

© 2011 Forgotten

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I like where this is headed. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. You tell more than you show, and it moves quite fast.

Posted 4 Years Ago

I like the storyline and all the characters in the story. A very strong chapter. To learn more of your family and history is necessary to survive. No weakness in this chapter. I look forward to see where you are taking the story.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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