The Dark Night

The Dark Night

A Chapter by Gul

Let's see how a mother finds her daughter.

The wind was flowing and rushing the curtain of opened window as it would tear it in stripes. Leaves of trees in the garden were rustling. The door was creaking up noisily. One more sound tick.. tick.. tick... struck 12 0' clock which made me more scare, even more than my bad dream, from which I just got up. There was a dry choke in my throat and got up for water. I found myself drenched with sweat, and the sweat was swirling like a snake in my back which made my white shirt darker, even darkest in the dark night. I found my loose night trousers were up to the knees. I leaped from my bed to turn on the light.

I turned on the light. It was a relief in pain. I put my fingers into my hair from forehead and pulled my head up to get air and made my sweat dry. Then, I moved to my side table to get water. As I held the water jug, I turned my head to see my daughter who used to sleep next to me. I got shocked, found nothing on her place. I left my jug and ran towards her place. Water fell on the floor and the glass jug shattered into pieces.The bed sheet was wrinkled and unshaped as she held it tightly. I sat to investigate it.

"What is happened?" asked myself. While checking the directions of pulled bed sheet, I found some blood stains on the floor. I got up and started to follow unusual half footprints, painted with red. Those led me out of the room then vanished. I came into the room, stood near the bed.

I left my whole body loose, sat down on my bed from standing position. I was thinking about her where she has gone. May be somebody kidnapped her. If she is kidnapped, then what would be happening with Shobi? But who kidnapped her? Is there my any enemy? No, no.. no, I don't have any enemy? Then who kidnapped her?- all those questions were making me mad. Those were revolving in my head.

I put my fingers into my hair above my ears and pulled my head up. "Shobi.... Shobi....Shobi.....where are you?" I shouted.

I cried in pain. The absence of my daughter was piercing into my heart. The feeling of loser, who lost everything and nothing left behind. My tears were rolling down on my cheeks and falling on my shirt, which didn't get dry from sweat but getting wet once again.

Where is my Shobi ? This question made my head in pain.

Shobi, where are you?

© 2017 Gul

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Author's Note

This is only chapter.The next will be published soon.

Please give me feedback on my writing.

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So well- written and suspenseful. Realistic detail and character development. Very honest and emotional. You make us feel the ultimate fear of losing a child. Mesmerizing. Brava Gul!

Posted 11 Months Ago

A parent's ultimate nigtmare! You have successfully created a gripping situation and left the reader tensed about the situation. I am looking forward to the next Chapter. Great work Gul!

Posted 12 Months Ago

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12 Months Ago

Thank you so much for reading Divya.

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2 Reviews
Added on September 22, 2017
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