That Darkness

That Darkness

A Poem by Leindor

This poem has multiple parts to it, and is an ongoing work. The concept is "The Voice" Coming closer and closer to the surface, my consciousness, which is a sharp, strong rap, while I am a soft song.


Part 1 - The Voice


Come into my cell

Make yourself at home

It may seem awfully dark and cold

But it’s the warmth I’ve known

Come into my prison

Sit in my favorite chair

Revert far deep into mind,

Where only I am there

Come into my holding

Embrace this shadow world

From where I once was cherished

To flame I have been hurled

Come into my confinement

Feel my forgotten ache

Your freedoms shall rain upon you

Come the time that you wake

Part 2 - The Dance


Shadows dance all across my blue walls

A jerky ballet as the sun slowly falls

They leap and they sway

In the corners of shade

In time with the chords of last light

They beckon and reach, pulling forward and back

The beautiful spirals of navy and black

They twist in sharp style

Unwinding for miles

Pulling me straight and upright

The shadows began to take dangerous form

My gentle ballet becoming deformed

Some raked at the floor

As all the rest soared

I awoke and screamed into night

Part 3 - The Song


There's nothing like the rhythm

there's nothing like rhyme

It's music when I get you

Release to me sublime

Let me annihilate you

Then trust me to rebuild you

You knew it when I made you

And asked it when I saved you

Now you're a different person

A night with me, reflection

You're takin' up the action

In time with myt percussion

And now you've found 

that I'm the one with all the bass

Look 'round, look 'round

Look in the mirror, see our face and

Go, go, go


go, go, go

Gotta let it-

go, go, go


Go, go, go

(1, 2, 3, 4)

You see you tried to hide me

Got scared and tried to guide

And wasn't 'til you saw me

That you would stand beside me

At times I'd climb

And jerk across your blue walls

Never mind, in your mind

It's time to make these walls fall

Ain't nothin'

When I got the track runnin'

And the words are loomin'

And your thoughts are schoolin'

And you thinkin' that you're foolin'

But it's me you're persuin'

In the end we begin

Voice, Dance and the rhythm just

Go, go, go


go, go, go

You let it-

go, go, go


Go, go, go

We got it-


All these broken bars

All these torn up chairs
Nothin' but shadows and cinders
Left me in disrepair
All this darkness loomed
When beauty could have bloomed
Inside this shell that I'd mistaken,
Mistaken for my Hell

Go, go, go
(and go)
Go, go, go
(and go)
Go, go, go
(and go)


© 2017 Leindor

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these two pieces seem like they could be an awesome basis for an actual fiction work - if you ever become interested in that kind of writing, I would suggest this as a place to start. Nicely done!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on May 5, 2015
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