Ava's Ring

Ava's Ring

A Story by JLily98

A sad love story.


Surrounded by her family members she experienced one of the most memorable days of her life, just as they did. It all started on Tuesday, June 14, 2003 at 8:17 a.m. We went through our morning routine: waking up, making coffee, getting ready to go to work, but what Ava didn’t know was that I had called in sick. I drove her to the train as usual which was 15 minutes away from our house. We both started talking about how we were financially stable, her being an editor and I being a history teacher for high school students. We had everything we wanted: a house, a car, jobs we enjoy, but there was one thing missing. I knew what she wanted and I knew what I wanted and that’s why I called in sick today.

I’d been planning Ava’s surprise for a month now and our whole family knew about it and agreed to help me. When I came back home from dropping off Ava, that’s when the errands were being run, not just by me, but by my brother, Layne and his wife, Kyra. They agreed to bring the chairs and to get the soda. I had to pick up the food, pick up her parents and mine with Ava’s sister, Cara, before 7:00, leaving me a good amount of time for last minute to-do’s before Ava got home which was usually around 7:45.

It’s now 11:33 a.m. and I finally finished cleaning the house, leaving me to have 10 minutes to shower and 5 minutes to get ready. After my shower, I put on junky clothes and make my way to pick Cara up. At around 1:08 we picked up the food from Ava’s favorite place, Ovington Grill House. Once we got in the car, I got a call from my brother telling me that they’ll be there to drop everything off in ten minutes. I told them where the extra key was so they could let themselves in just in case I wasn’t home on time.

Blasting music in the car to keep my nerves down, Cara got a call from her brother, Carter, asking if he should bring anything. Putting Carter on speaker, I tell him “You know what, I forgot utensils. Would you mind picking those up for me, buddy?” “No problem, Sean.” Trying to get home as fast as possible, we stopped to get some ice on the corner. At around 1:56 I got home and Cara helped unload the car. My sister in law hearing the rattling of my keys entering the doorknob, she opened the door with wide arms and helped carry stuff inside as well.

After unloading the car and putting the food away, Layne helped me put my suit on and told me that our sister, Payton, was on her way with her girlfriend, Hailey. Double checking the time, 2:24, left me with more than enough time to get my parents and Ava’s. I decided to hang for a while and catch up with my brother and Kyra before leaving. They had been married for two years and started trying for kids about two weeks ago, but no luck yet. Cara joined the conversation and told us how she was ready to graduate from LIU Brooklyn and become an English teacher.

At 3:15, I decided to head out to go pick up my parents, but left my jacket on the dining room chair to put on later. I start the car as Layne comes to the window, “Let’s hope there isn’t any traffic.” He said with a slight chuckle. “That’s the last thing I need. Oh, make sure my speech and the box is in the left pocket of my jacket for me. I’ll see you guys in two hours.” “Will do.” He banged the car door as I was pulling out, showing his excitement for the hours yet to come.

Halfway there, on Delancey Street, I was driving through an intersection. I had the light. An oncoming car slammed into my side.  All I remember seeing is the white from the airbag hitting my face as the cars’ honks filled the sound of what my radio would have. The driver in the oncoming car was fine and got out of his car to check on me. I remember him asking if I was alright and all I could do was let out a weak moan. I watched as he called 911 and waited for the streets to fill up with empty cars that were full of  passengers that are now crowding the scene. I can’t tell you what I felt because it was like I was numb, but then as I laid in the stretcher on the ambulance, every ounce of pain filled my body. I started getting an excruciating headache that wouldn’t go away, even after being rushed to the ER.

The room was filled with blinding lights and medical tools until it all turned black. I woke up after time I couldn’t even keep track on, but I felt capable of going home. I checked myself out of the hospital and started walking towards the subway. I tried to make a call to my parents to let them know I couldn’t pick them up, but it wasn’t going through. I headed home anyway, hoping that Ava wasn’t there yet.

I fell asleep on the way, but ended up waking at the stop before mine. I got off the subway and walked towards my house, seeing everyone’s car as I reached my block. I took the keys out of my pocket in order to open the door. I opened the door to see everyone there, except Ava. None of them acknowledged me walking in or came up to me to wish me luck. No one looked excited, not until they heard the doorknob turn from Ava’s entrance. She opened the door to a huge surprise and immediately asked “Hey guys, what is all this?” with that gorgeous smile of hers that was quickly wiped away as Cara and I went up to her and gave her the biggest hug imaginable. “You didn’t get a call did you?” she asked Ava. Standing in front of Cara, I looked at her confused. “What call?” Ava and I said simultaneously. “Where’s Sean?” Cara broke down crying before getting one word out of her mouth. Ava heard the sobs of someone in the kitchen as she walked through an aisle of falling tears from everyone’s cheeks.

Hunching over the sink, with burning eyes from all the tears he cried, Ava walked in and through her cracked voice and watering eyes, she asked “Where’s Sean?” He turned to her and said “I’m so sorry, Ava. But-” allowing a few tears to cut him off, he hugged Ava as tight as possible and continued, “Sean was in a car accident on his way to pick up your parents and his.” She quickly fell to her knees, letting everything come out, including her sharp cries of “No!” breaking through the tears in which she quickly started sinking in. Everyone rushed to the kitchen, trying to calm themselves down in order to calm her down, but no one was strong enough.

I sat there next to Ava, holding her in my arms, with the realization that she nor anyone else is able to know that I’m still here. Letting out streams of my own grief, I pulled myself up and walked towards the jacket, in hopes Layne would remember what this day was really meant for. Both Ava’s dad and mine, helped her up off the floor and Kyra shooed everyone inside to clean her up. Wiping her eyes from the mascara stained cheeks, she then lead Ava to Layne where he was standing over my jacket. Layne trying his best not to break down, he put my coat on Ava and told her “Check his left pocket.” She wiped the running tear that slipped away and pulled out a piece of paper and a box. Opening the piece of paper first, she read a letter saying:

“Dear Ava,

I know we’ve been together for three years now and you’ve been hinting the idea of marriage for the past two. I’m sure I’ve driven you crazy making you think I was so clueless, but in reality I knew we weren’t ready. I’ve been planning this day for a month now and can’t believe that month is finally up. I and your family have come to the agreement that we think you’ve been waiting long enough. In fact, we know you’ve been waiting long enough. I’ve known ever since the day I met you that I’d eventually ask this question, but I never thought it would take me this long. I’m sorry for keeping you waiting and hope you haven’t decided to change your mind. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?

I love you, Ava Marie Peters and I always will.

Love Sean”

Blinking from the cloudiness of tears building up after every line she read, she opened the box and gasped, covering her mouth from the sight. No words spoken in that moment, she put it on and traced her finger over the cushion cut, diamond ring that sat perfectly on her finger, forever remembering this day as the day the love of her life, Sean Michael Harrison became only a memory.

© 2017 JLily98

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Added on January 12, 2017
Last Updated on January 12, 2017
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