The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within

A Story by Joey Nizz

Knows you more than anyone, gives you the decisions and actions you need and wanna take, makes you understand and have all sorts of feelings from happiness to sorrow to fury. Again, the one that knows you best and better than anyone, I'm talking about your mind.

Our minds are one of the closest and greatest of friends in our lives, but truth to be told, our minds can also be one of the greatest and worst enemies.

You think that just because it's a part of you, you think that you are safe with your own thoughts but I beg the differ, our minds can become our own enemy and also can change us into something we are not.
It just keeps making us remember of things in the past that we rather keep buried, about how it could have been in better ways that you have done it in the first place and makes you feel regret and annoyed, bitter and concerned, disappointed and worried. Giving us fears of our future making us too afraid to take the next step because of what happened to us in the past, the mind will just start mixing your past with your future and stops you from living now and makes you idle in the present with nothing to do, just lost and confused.
Fills us up with nothing but negative thoughts that'll either make us jealous, selfish or just heated up with anger and fury. Giving our ego enough satisfaction that'll make you think that the real you is what and how people would wanna see you, just as shallow and not your consciousness and how you really are from within.
Making us the opposite of what we are and how we wanna be, making us nothing but too lazy and too ignorant and start discarding our responsibilities in our lives and giving us decisions that'll give us nothing but suffering, pain, and regret in the long run.

But hey,
Did you ever think to yourself how and why do you have these thoughts and feelings? why did your own mind turn into your own worst enemy?

It happens to a lot of us, it happens once we let our minds do whatever it wants, making it have a mind of its own and we lose control of it, not making us tell the difference between what is right or wrong.
It happens once your mind starts taking significant decisions on its own without consulting or taking any precautions from your consciousness.
This also happens when your own very mind is filled with nothing but wrong thoughts and not being able to anyhow to think whats right for it and whats not.

Some people are prisoners of their own mind, of their own thoughts but that doesn't mean that this is the end, no.
There are many ways to overcome and defeat your inner demons that are dwelling and manifesting your mind.
The way I see it personally, to overcome all of that to make our minds our own best friend that will guide us towards acquiring the right acumen and the right wisdom in life, I mean come on some people might think that it's crazy to have your own mind as a best friend but without making at as your friend, how can you use it to learn what life has to offer or to gain the right and correct knowledge to walk the right paths in life.

One day, one day if you are fortunate enough to become enlightened, then yeah you might not really need to rely on your mind as often as now. But till that time comes, you really need to take care of your mind, and make sure you make it as an ally that'll remain by your side and not your enemy, the time will come to put your care,  contemplation, and meditation into practice for the times where you have to face difficult situations in life.
One of the best ways to turn your mind from your own enemy to your greatest chum is to fill it with positive thinking, always try to have a positive mind to have a better understanding in life. Try to do these things for now just to please your mind and make it as your friend.

If you keep working on making your mind as your friend from the ways mentioned above or any way you see fit, the closer you will become to an understanding of the nature of the mind itself and how you can use this knowledge to make your own decisions for whatever you want.

True awareness will naturally make you cognizant of your mind at a deeper level.
You start to see on your own how you've been nothing but a slave to your very mind for some part of your life, and what can you do now to make sure that this isn't the case for whatever is left of your life.

Your mind will not be angry when things don't go as it planned, your mind will watch it self, and understand whats going on, and will acknowledge that it is angry. With rooted observation, your mind will instantly become aware of the anger the moment it gets on the verge of anger, and then it can let it go, lets go of the anger knowing that it is only for a brief moment and will remain calm and at peace with it self.

In the same way, your mind will have awareness of your jealousy, your ego, your selfishness and your every thought and feeling that makes you do the incorrect thing. But once you overcome all these negative vibes and forget all these negative thoughts in your life, that's when you will know that your mind is nothing but a friend who is going to support you and help you make the right decisions every day in life as you go on to become more and more conscious of yourself.

When it becomes your friend, you'll start to make great progress with each day that passes. You can only start walking on the right path in life, you can only start doing things that are significantly right.

How could you ever lose sight of your path then? How can you ever make mistakes and wrong actions in life? How can you ever cause pain and suffering to yourself or anyone else?

You can't.

You can only stay peaceful, and be kind and benevolent to every living soul on this planet. You will only walk the right course and do the right thing no matter what the result is or effect.

You will start to live your life the way you were meant to live it, before all of the conditions of the mind that happened. To make your mind as a close friend is nothing but to cut out every wrong conditioning of your mind, and then make your mind as pure as it can be so that the thoughts that come into your mind are also pure, so does the action you will take, they will be pure, the path your mind will tell you to talk will also be pure.

Isn't that what you and I and everybody want in our lives?

You will live with your mind your whole life when you know you can't live the right life without making your mind right at first when understanding your mind is the very basic step that you will need to take to live with care and compassion, then why not start becoming friends with it today? right now, right in this moment.

Once you become friends with your mind, why don't you start guiding it in the right course, the course that you're gonna take also? And once it takes a part of your guidance in every situation, then why don't you just try to master it at once and for all? Once you master it, it will only do what YOU want it to do and will not act on its own and give you ideas to do anything your not meant to do, once you're in control of your mind you will only have positive thoughts, taking the right decisions and the right actions, and live with full care and compassion in every waking moment of your life.

 Wouldn't that be great? Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it's all up to you, in the end, It's your choice.

© 2017 Joey Nizz

Author's Note

Joey Nizz
Inspired by Rahul Singh, thank you.

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Interesting vision...I can say.

Posted 6 Days Ago

Joey Nizz

5 Days Ago

Thank you for thoughts regarding this piece!
I don't know what to say. I'm speechless.
I feel like you read my mind and told me exactly what I have needed to hear for so long.
I guess the only thing I can think of saying is thank you.
Thank you so much for writing this.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Joey Nizz

1 Week Ago

You are most welcome, I am really glad that my words have helped you in the time of need :)
<.. read more
This is so inspiring and so true - the mind is so much more powerful than anyone could imagine and can be the ruin of a person, if as you say you let it take over and do not take steps to fuel it with positivity and release the negative, destructive thought patterns - excellent work ;)

Posted 3 Months Ago

Joey Nizz

3 Months Ago

Thank you very much for your review and im glad to know that you also agree ^^
You never fail to impart positivity and inspiration to me. I liked this a lot, deep and philosophical thoughts added a great effect.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Joey Nizz

4 Months Ago

Thank you for reading and im really glad that I did :)
Najam Us Saher

4 Months Ago

You're most welcome. ☺
Very nice clarity and understanding of our mind, really I have gone through same type of analysis of thoughts in mind, but now I got clear and right way was to overcome or stop thinking negatively, by making friendship with our own self, never degrading it but encouraging in the righteous path.
Very inspirational and knowledgeable, thank you Joey for sharing this chapter.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Joey Nizz

4 Months Ago

Your welcome, sometimes we have to fight the negativity in our minds with the positive thoughts.
read more
This is an interesting way of looking at the relationship we have with our own minds. I know for some people it can be extremely difficult to reverse the downward spiral once you slip inside, but I also know it can be done.
Always enjoy reading your work Joey, thanks for sharing.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Joey Nizz

4 Months Ago

Your welcome and I agree with you, some people do find it difficult once their locked in, nut that d.. read more
This is incredibly powerful and relatable ,Joey :). True! In days like these we are more a slave our mind than its friend, and that's what lets it master us..And turn most of ours life into a living disaster.

I could completely relate, with all that you've written...Indeed, oymur mind is better a good friend or slave and never a bad enemy or vagabond master.

.Thankyou for sharing this write, there are many who seriously need to know and change he wY they have been dealing with their mind :)


Posted 4 Months Ago

Joey Nizz

4 Months Ago

Im glad to know that you found it relatable, we need to make a sort of friendship with our minds to .. read more

4 Months Ago

You're welcome :)
Joey: it's been my experience that your mind "turns on you" when you lie to it (yourself). I've been self aware for many years now, and while I may not admit to you (or whoever) my motives, I always understand myself and why I respond or act.

Thinking of your mind as a "friend" is a good way to describe the relationship: your heart is as much your body's friend as your bladder or your ears! All parts must be cared for in order for the whole to work properly - or be the best person possible.

You have really written a lot of motivational pieces lately, are you discovering things about yourself right now or just wanting to share what you know?

Either way - keep it up.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Joey Nizz

4 Months Ago

Thank you Carol, thank you for your review and agree with you, but I tried to give a piece about th.. read more

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