Swallowed up

Swallowed up

A Story by Jake Dyson

Have you ever let your pride or your ego keep you from letting go but found out it was too late?

Swallowed up 

Joseph was always content with his housing, he admired how he had built his own home with the natural resources around him. He loved its sturdiness, sometimes he had the urge to every now and then to throw stones at his house to test its structure. The kids from over the road used to shout abuse and he would hide and worry that they would feel over curious, find it and then destroy it. It wasn't a house to be exact, more of a shack but to Joseph it was his baby.

Joseph was a determined man, you have to be in this world specially when you live in the middle of a ring road and have only a few tree’s to shelter your home. He built his home with the stuff he could find out of tips or slats left in allyways, to the naked eye you wouldn’t think out of it looking at the mound of grass and trees that anyone would actually live there. But Joseph did and live there he had, he’d lived their almost thirty years the surrounding area hadn't changed much in the time he’d spent there.
 Joseph wasn’t stupid he knew how to make himself invisible he’d been doing it most of his life, now was the time he would have to scream to the world that he needed help, he had given it a lot of thought but now he knew he had to ask them, the ones that he despised the most-The state.

He hated the way they had taken his farm away for a pittence and how he had to sell his life-stock, he had named them all and had seen them grow up they were like the family he had never had. The reason he lived there wasn't because he couldn't let go or out of envy it was out of personal pride, he had lost the battle but not the war. He slept exactly where his previous bed had been, sleeping in that spot for most of his life, he had tried to build his accomodation close to the old foundations that were there before they had smashed it down and built a motorway over his farm over his land.

Now was the time he had to go to them now he needed them more than ever, it had gotten him and spread fast he had known for quite a while. But now he was scared to die, now he had to go. He had decided he could either stay and die and would be victorious in a way the way it was meant to be, or he could go to them and live, living in shame for the rest of his short life, he wasn’t up to living as a loser he’d been a winner all his life in his head, he had raised a farm and they’d taken it and he got them back by going back to it in secret.

As he thought about it he got into bed, Ok I'll go tomorrow, why not they owe it me �" he coughed to clear the niggling in his throat but it ended up into a fit from which he had to spit into his tissue, it was black and bloody. I need help and they should offer it! it’s the least they could do he thought. So as Joseph Redmond went to bed that night, pleased with himself that he had made a truce inside his own head, he closed his eyes for the final time, dying peacefully in his bed.

© 2013 Jake Dyson

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Jake Dyson
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Ok that was odd way to end it i thought, i guy needing to ask for help, argues with himself then decides to do it, but before he does it's too late and he dies. Still a good story just wishing there was more.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Jake Dyson

5 Years Ago

Thank you for your review, it was much appreciated. Yeah the story is strange but it was my first st.. read more

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Added on September 8, 2013
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Jake Dyson
Jake Dyson

London, Fulham/Hammersmith, United Kingdom

Hello, My name is Jake. I made this account 2 years ago but have neglected it for a while, as i had started up my business now i have some free time i thought id try my hand at writing again. .. more..

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