Golden Beach

Golden Beach

A Poem by Keith

A true story.



We made Groote Eylandt our home,

In the Territory for a while.

Every weekend was an adventure

We enjoyed the best lifestyle.

Tales of Snapper caught on a reef,

Over lunch I got the tip.

A mud map drawn on a serviette

Held the plans for my fishing trip.


The directions were specific,

Go six miles north to an isle.

There you will find a golden beach,

Keep going just one mile.

Go round the point to the open sea

Sail on past the bluff.

There you might find a modest swell,

It can get a little rough.


When the sounder shows four fathoms,

A hundred yards from the shore.

Thats where you drop your anchor,

For a six pound fish, or more.

Get there before the rising tide

And stay for an hour or two.

This place is a red hot fishing spot

Known only to a chosen few.


We all set sail in my motor boat

Two sons a daughter and wife.

All were extremely excited

We shared an enchanted life.

We reached that isle in a little while,

But beyond the bluff a choppy sea.

The family promptly announced,

On that beach wed rather be.


Fishing today is not OK

In a boat that is being tossed.

We dont see any fun in that,

The pleasure would be lost.

On that golden beach wed like to play,

Relax and take our leisure".

Wed have that island to ourselves

To explore and hunt for treasure.


To navigate the shallows,

The main outboard was lifted.

We used the auxiliary motor

As near the beach we drifted.

All were keen to reach that beach

Off the bow my family leapt.

All splashing the last twenty yards

Towards that sand they stepped.


I saw happy smiles on every face,

When I left them all behind,

So excited about their adventure

And the treasures they would find.

I turned the boat away from the beach

And headed for the deep.

I had a date with destiny

That I intended to keep.


I stopped and lowered the main outboard,

One hundred yards from shore.

I caught a glimpse of my family,

All waving, Im blessed for sure.

How nice of them to wish me luck,

Waving back I resumed my trip.

I hoped this spot would be as good

As claimed by the man with the tip.


An hour of rolling in the swell

Left me feeling rather crook.

I did consider heading back,

But they all might think Im a sook.

They all would be having so much fun

I would hate to cut that short.

I decided to stay on longer,

And continue my fishing sport.


But the fish did not cooperate

The total count was zero.

Heading home that day no way

Id be a fishing hero.

The higher tide let me get close

To that beach, thirty yards I guess.

I called my wife on that golden sand

How about you swim the rest?


Her response was terse and to the point

With expletives she did screech.

Without a doubt her message was clear

Get that bloody boat on this beach!.

They very quickly scrambled aboard

All seeming rather stressed.

There were nasty jeers and signs of tears,

It hadnt gone well I guessed.


I had to wait until halfway home

When things were a little calmer.

Only then could they explain

The nature of their drama.

There had been a chilling silence

But then I copped a blast.

It seems the problem was all my fault!

I wanted to get home fast.


I had dropped them onto a sandbar

A meager twenty feet wide.

It further shrank to only ten

With the rising of the tide.

On the other side a creepy swamp,

Swirling with crocodiles.

With sandflies and mosquitos

It soon wiped off their smiles.


The entire beach was covered in tracks

Man eating crocs from the size.

They had spent two hours in terror

While I fished for my snapper prize.

They had waited for the imminent attack

From the swamp or from the sea.

With only five feet either way

There was not much room to flee.


Their situation did not improve
When a school of sharks moved in.
Patrolling up and down the shore
All showing plenty of fin.

I was told when they were waving

They were screaming for dear life.

They were calling me to rescue them

From all that peril and strife.


Id encountered a niggly family before

Occasionally in the poo.

But this was far more serious,

The intensity something new.

Theyd forgiven my previous mishaps

Like getting us lost or bogged.

How could they ever get over this

When they really wanted me flogged?


This nasty little incident

Never mentioned to this day.

To be sure Ill never raise it

Its pretty safe to say.

© 2013 Keith

Author's Note

A true story, some dads need forgiveness - LOTS.

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I learn from my father. You could survive almost anything. But never sharks and crocodiles. A wild story. I'm glad all survived. Thank you for sharing the outstanding story.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you Coyote, we also had many, many wonderful adventures.
Oh my goodness Keith! I have to admit that this gave me the giggles! I know, I should be very sorry for your family and you I suppose! I knew half way through that their waving wasn't going to be waving goodbye to you! You really need to learn the difference between happy waving and frantic(help us) waving. A wonderful tale told with great rhyme, interest and splendour. Love it!

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you again for reading WW, I read your wonderful review and remember poesting a reply saying th.. read more

4 Years Ago

It's all good Keith. Cyberspace has a mind of it's own!
Oh my, you must have been in the dog house for ages & ages for that little fishing caper...great story in your poem, I'm glad I didn't have to live it!

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you again Frieda, we did manage some wonderful adventures among the misadventures.
Frieda P

4 Years Ago

Sounds like you did, but crocs and sharks, oh my....a pleasure Keith.
OMG! I would have killed you! I can see that this will be a tale told over and over and over again. Very well done, Keith. I love story poems and you never disappoint! Angi~

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

It was a little chilly there in the tropics for a while. Thank you again for your support and anot.. read more
This was a long read with my sleepy eyes but worth it. When I was a little girl Grandpa use to take me fishing.. I would put the little minnows in my bucket and thought that was my catch of the day... lol
Oh I miss grandpa.. This story with all its mishaps still made very wonderful memories.. I can feel them..
Thank you for allowing us to share your adventures with you.. xo Rose

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you Rose, looks like you were up at About 5 am, hope you got to go back to bed. I wrote this.. read more

4 Years Ago

LOL... this should be in a frame somewhere in your house as a reminder.. xoxo

4 Years Ago

mmmm not ready for that yet! I don't want them reminded too often.
A masterpiece and a half here!
Really enjoyed it. It brings back pleasant childhood memories of my dad reading 'the ancient mariner' to me for some reason! Thanks :-)

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thanks again Amanda, I am flattered by your comment.
No wonder they were a bit off with you on the way home! Incredible story though especially for a person whose only worry from outdoor animal attack, is the odd angry wasp!

Well penned indeed Sir ! Great rhyme sequence too!

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thanks Tom, that was about 18 years ago and they laugh about it now.
Wonderful writing and I love how you used some humorous lines as well. Enjoyed! :) Julie

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you so much Julie, I do like to create a giggle where possible. Appreciate that you have take.. read more
I love how although it was a true story and people do need forgiving you added some humour;

" I’d encountered a niggly family before
Occasionally in the poo.
But this was far more serious,
The intensity something new.
They’d forgiven my previous mishaps
Like getting us lost or bogged.
How could they ever get over this
When they really wanted me flogged?"

Your word choice in this stanza really made me giggle. And then, boom, we had a twist and I was like 'whaaa??? O.O He just undid that.' Ahaha, sorry, anyway, awesome job, Keith!

~ Noodle.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

They do talk to me still. In fact we had some amazing adventures when we lived in that part of the .. read more
s y e

5 Years Ago

Wow, own hair salon, that's so cool! Haha. Congrats to her!

Always a pleasure, Keith.
Well, you just couldn't win could you? No fish, no fun--and it was all your fault.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

We made up for it other days with some wonderful adventures.

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