The Shadow

The Shadow

A Story by LovelyMidnight

An immortal being contemplates his somber existence.


I stared through the mist all knowingly, as I slunk through the somber streets. The entire city under a deep slumber that I yearned to join. I was bound to the chains of a restless eternity. Every step I took made no noise in the damp air, every passing human walking right by me without acknowledgment. I sighed, as once again, one of the mortals passed right through my translucent body. They only shivered as they continued on, unaware of my existence.


They used to be able to see me. Hundreds of years ago when they still clung onto their silly believes. They saw me as a deity to be worshipped. When in reality I am simply a shadow that can only bring bad. The others said I was lucky, that the mortals looked at me and saw golden rays. I guess they were right, for I am the only one left now, but I never saw the light. I am only a being of somber darkness, wandering this rock in search of purpose.


I tore myself from my deep thoughts, and began to look for a place to rest. Contemplating all of the realities of this world made my body ache. My wandering eyes finally laid rest on a lone park bench, illuminated by a single street light. I sauntered over to the bench and sunk into its wooden grasp. Staring straight ahead with unclosing eyes, I watched the humans one by one as they passed by. Each one had their own story. A series of events that lead them to this spot and a path that lead them onto their future and closer to me. I could easily see into their souls, and reveal what their story is, but I liked the idea of mystery better than answers. With each passerby I would make up a tale about who they were. This pastime was the only real entertainment I had any more.


I used to get such joy out of weaving others fates. I could make deep passionate romances form and watch their lives together blossom. Or, I could easily reap one of them and watch the one left alone crumple. I have made empires crumple and societies rise, but it was getting old. Without my hand, the world has continued on just fine. What purpose am I to have if reality can shape itself. I desperately wanted to fade into nothing, join the likes of Zeus, and Oden in the void. It was hard to be the only of my kind left. No one really believed in me anymore, not the real me. Yet I still continued to exist.


My stewing thoughts of existence were interrupted when a bright blue glow flashed by my eyes. I refocused my attention and saw a young man had sat beside me. The artificial light of the lamp post washed over his pale skin, intertwining with his bright blue aura. He had on a raven black suit and scarlet red tie that were worn out. His feathery brown hair played over his muddy eyes and round nose. His shaky hands held a golden necklace with a rusted cross. His hands wrapped protectively around the familiar symbol, holding onto it as if his life depended on it. His bark coloured eyes were fixed on the building across the street. I followed his line of sight and saw a large stone church was looming over us. Most feel warmth from holy grounds like this, but the both of us could only feel a forbidding cold.


A single tear escaped from the man’s eyes as he began to utter what could be only be a prayer. “I love him….” The man muttered in a desperate plea “even though my love is true, they all see me as impure…. As a monster.” He paused for a brief moment and continued. “Just please help them see through their hate, aren’t you supposed to be about love?”

His words stung, hitting me at my core. It had been years since a mortal had touched me like this, especially in such few words. I wanted to help him with all of my being, but his perception about his fate was simply false. All of the stories about my love and mercy were simply fake. Weaved together by some fool that thought they saw the light shining off me. I was no saviour, I was death. I did not give life, I took it. Over countless years, the truth has been out in the open, but they continue to be blind. I had proved my cruelty over and over again, yet this man was sitting outside the church, thinking I could somehow fix what had always been broken.


I reached out a faded hand and placed it on his shoulder. The man shuttered as if a cold wind had just passed through him and his eyes searched the area wildly. His icy aura flared intensely, making me have to cover my eyes. As soon as it had begun, the spirit energy of this mortal quickly returned to normal. When I could finally uncover my eyes, I came face to face with the boy. His face stiff with shock. Any words that I tried to conjure became stuck in my throat. I stared upon the pale face of the man that was gazing into my darkness. For the first time in centuries, I was being seen.


I had no way to comfort this troubled soul. My existence was on the fringe. I was present in this reality, but I was fading into the next.  I could feel his utter despair. He was in need of help, but if was something I could not give him. The longer we continued our stare off, the more the man’s soul began to fade. From an impossible ocean blue, to simply a haze, his fire began to burn out. I ran my damp hands through his fluffy hair. Each contact made, further pulling his soul from its shell. I absorbed his pain, trying my best to help. Yet, his face still worse a mask of sorrows. His hurt, reached deeper than his emotions. There was only one thing I could do. One more act of kindness that I could carry out.


I reached out and embraced the man in a hug, he quickly returned the favour. The last thing I remember was us, a tangle of human and shadow, breathing fleeting breaths. As I felt the warmth leave his body, I finally felt at peace. We collapsed into each other. As his heart beat slowed, I began to fade into nothing. The cold hand of death finally stepped in and grabbed the soul the colour of water and dragged it away. All that was left was the lifeless corpse of that man. His troubled mouth, for once, was woven into a smile. Neither soul nor shadow remained. The world now void of any needless wanderers.


© 2017 LovelyMidnight

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Added on October 30, 2017
Last Updated on October 30, 2017
Tags: Short, short story, shadow, deity, god, teen, supernatural




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