Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Matt G

The next couple of days pass by with no real significance. Such routine and monotony is truly dreary. To tell the truth I spent most of my time in my head, thinking about the possibility that the Matriarch may not be lying about my father. What does he really do? Honestly I had never been with him to his factories and warehouses, he would just ask me to go down and "watch the workers and observe how to work machinery." This was something very important to him. The Matriarch herself often crossed my mind as well. Such beauty and yet so cold. She is a mystery to me.

    "Dick, have you seen the Matriarch anywhere around?"

    "Sorry Franky, not a sign of her. I got a letter from my mom at your estate. She said that 'It is quiet and lonely without you here to clean up after... the place will be just how you left it for when you return.'"

    "Well, that is good. You think the Matriarch will be at the assembly today?"

    "That the only thing you can talk about? Well you’re in luck; I heard that she is the one who organized it. Something about results?"

    "Just as I thought." It seems that it is time for me to leave, "Let's get this over with. In the usual building, right?"

    "Yeah, Lets head out."

    When we arrived at the building it was almost empty, save about thirty or so. Dick and I sat with Abigail Tuthreau. She is one of the female recruits. She is also a mouse which is the odd part. You see, we rats are the larger ones so we usually take care of the war.

    "Hi Richard. Hi Franklin."

    "Hello Abby! Gee, there aren't many here!"

    "Well Richard, I wondered about that myself. I "asked" a few of the guards and it turned out that only the lot in here now were even told about it! Suspicious, huh?!"

    When Abigail says "asked" it is safe to assume that someone is tied to a chair somewhere. Mice are generally faster and more agile than rats and have quite the aptitude for learning. Abigail is the perfect example of this. Abigail isn't widely known in camp, but in her home town she is quite an accomplished gymnast and on top of that she studies judo, jujitsu, and Chinese kenpo. Or at least that is what she told us after a tussle with a couple of drunk recruits that are still in the infirmary. How she can attack anyone looking through glasses of hers I will never know; they must be at least trifocles. We'll, it's easy to imagine how she got her information from the guard. Most likely she walked up to one of the stationed guards pretending to be lost. Upon receiving the directions from the guard she probably managed to place the poor bloke in a position feeling as if one of his limbs where to be yanked off. Where upon Miss Tuthreau gathered her information. This news of select candidates is good. That means that this must be the group they will be taking with them. These must be, the Matriarchal Candidates.

    Out of the thirty here I can identify a few I had gone through basic with. Among them were James "Sykes" Schyz. I don't believe he is mentally stable, not to mention his size. Let's just say that he isn't mistaken for a raccoon because he's a rex masked. Not too far from him is William Reeding. He's a mix. A double rex and a russian blue. He's seen a lot in his young life. As a result he doesn't speak more than he needs to. Up in the front is Larino, he's a pure double rex. He loves opera and doesn't hesitate to make it known. We generally stay away from him at night because we enjoy sleeping and he is quite loud. Next we have Charles    "Charmer" Jones. He's a gray rat like me. But apparently much more handsome. I don't see it. He is supposed to be very popular with the females and is always trying to "hook someone up" or giving tips.    Currently receiving his so called guru "help" against their will is Juliet Dawn. She is really, ah how to put this nicely, "experienced". She is a mouse like Abby but not nearly as...reserved. One thing I like about her though is her ability to spot bullshit a mile away. There are a few others but not really worth mentioning.    What struck me as odd is that many of the candidates weren't particularly smart in general. At least they didn't score high on the intelligence exam. Despite this they seem to have been invited here. Looks like they are about to begin.

    A fat grey rat stood up in front of the mic,

    "Looks like you're all here. Let's begin, shall we? First off, as you can guess we have gathered you for your abilities being that they are above par when compared to your peers in the camp. Second, you should note that just because this is true it does not mean that we will be taking you with us. Third and finally, you will be observed and tested, you will not be doing anything unless you have been told to, and will not be going anywhere unless instructed to. I do not care if your mother is dying; you don't do anything unless it is authorized by me personally. Oh yes, before I let you leave, I am Gordon Chronister and I will be putting you through hell in the next couple of weeks. Dismissed."

    Gordon Chronister?! He is the head of the Elite Matriarch Platoon! I never in my life dreamed that I would ever meet him!  Although this is probably the greatest thing that could ever happen to me, meeting the great Gordon Chronister, he didn't quite live up to the glory of his legend.

    "Hey Franky! Can you believe it?! THE Gordon Chronister! In flesh and blood! I never thought that we would get to meet him!"

    "Dick don't get over excited. Remember what he said? 'Just because you are here doesn't mean that we will be taking you with us.' So we have to keep impressing them. Keep on your toes; we aren't out of the fire yet. Abigail? May I ask what you did to the poor guard you got your information from?"

    "Why Richard, all I did was ask for directions." With that she pushes her glasses further on top of her nose grinning devilishly.


    With that began our living nightmare that was the secret training camp of the Matriarchs. The wicked puppeteer Gordon Chronister is putting us through hell just like he promised; the only good thing is that it isn't every day. I thought that it would be a lot easier, that the Matriarchs just built stuff to fight with and threw a spell or two at their creations to make them indestructible or something, but I haven't even heard of any spells mentioned or seen a piece of machinery. All we do all day is move trees that have been chopped down. Back and forth, back and forth, tree after tree after tree. They try to tell me that this is for strength training and endurance but I fail to see the need if all I am going to do is sit in a hanger building things. The worst part is that I am starting to miss that fool servant Dick. I guess it gets kind of lonesome since we were given separate lodgings now that we are candidates. Well I guess it is good since a couple of the candidates have dropped out. No one important, but still, I thought this was going to be a lot easier. I was wrong.

    Well I have found something to pass the time with. They have allowed us to keep some simple toys and tools now to practice our mechanics with. I have been whittling the hours away by disassembling and reassembling a pocket watch that they gave me. For some reason it is kind of familiar...whatever, I have more important things to be worrying about. It seems that Dick is some kind of prodigy at the mechanics and they have allowed him to see and work on some of the larger things they brought. Most of his free time it spent in a hanger repairing something or learning how something works. I'll have to catch up to him soon, it can't look good to be losing to the help, even if he is, I dread to say it, my best...friend. I am having him help me with the reassembly of the light projector they are embarrassing me with this afternoon, maybe I can get his secret about getting so good, so quickly.

Knock, knock, knock!  That must be him now.

"Dick, it is about time you got here.  Now the reason that I called you over is- your not Dick."

"No mate, I'm not."  It was Sykes. His murderous eyes said that he wasn't visiting me to ask for a cup of sugar.
"Listen, I think that you need to knock off this whole Matriarch bit, you're starting to make me look bad.  Now, I'm not normally in the racket of muscling around to get my way, but for you I'll make an exception.  So, you got three days to drop the set or I will make sure you don't have a choice. Remember, three days."

    With that he left.


Now, shaken can't begin to describe the after effects of a meeting with Sykes. I guess one could use the words nervous, jumpy, paranoid or even petrified.  Paranoid would probably be the best considering my reaction to Dick's arrival.

"Hey Franky, I'm sorry I'm la-"

"Yahh!" I scream as I lunge for Dick's throat.
"Franky!  What the hell are you doing" Dick cries out, fighting me back for dear life.
"Huh?  What?  Dick? Dick what are you doing here?" I ask regaining myself from my temporary madness
"Franky, you asked me to drop by. Something about wanting my help with the projector.What the hell was that all about?  Was that Sykes that just left?"
"Ha, yeah, sorry about that.  Yeah, that was Sykes.  He was just giving me one of his legendary visits.  Listen, Dick, I'm really sorry about that. I-"
"Franky, don't worry about it.  If Sykes visted me like that, I would be   the same way.  Well maybe not like that, but still...are you ok?"
"Thank you Dick. I'm fine, shaken up, but fine. Well, since you're here still I guess we should get started.  The projector is over there,I've already disassembled it as you can see.  The only prblem I'm having is getting the light to come out at the right angle to match up with the screen."
"Ah I see your problem, they got me with this at first, too.  What you have to do is get another lens.  The one that's in it now isn't convex and won't reverse the image onto the mirror so when its displayed on a wall or whatever your background is, it shows upside-down.  You need to search around for one. Shouldn't be too hard since the med tent has all those magnifying glasses."
"So it was a trick then?  That seems a bit uncouth for such refined people..."  How did he know this?  Maybe he, too had some help?  Whatever it is I need to get that glass. "Thank you Dick, as always it was a pleasure talking with you.  If you'll excuse me I am in need of a small glass."
"No problem, Franky.  Hey could you come over?  I really needed some help with this thing I'm working on and well...I'm not sure if I can trust some of the others..."
"Sure, Dick." What could he be working on that he can't trust others?  I think I am beginning to despise this- no, no.  What am I thinking? Dick has been my dearest friend since childhood.
"Thanks! Seeya later Franky!" We parted ways as I lock my door on my way out.
I felt like some kind of filthy hooligan sneaking into the med tent so late at night, but I guess it was necessary to find that blasted lens. Only took a few minutes to find magnifiers, but it took about half an hour to find one of the correct size.  Of course, now it is time to see my handiwork in action since I have pieced it all together.

"Oh good show!" I allow myself to celebrate this small victory reading aloud the message I had written down just for this moment.
"'Good job Franklin!  Once again you have proven yourself of noble blood and should take much pride in the fact that you can preform such a difficult as if it were nothing! I believe you have earned yourself some reprieve from machinery practice tonight!' That I have, that I have."
With this I shut off the projector and take my self to my repose.

© 2010 Matt G

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This are such good chapters. Is a shame you are not active here anymore. I would love to read more from this.
Very good concept.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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