The Tiger and Raven have Gone their Seperate Ways

The Tiger and Raven have Gone their Seperate Ways

A Poem by Mip/John K. Brierley

A conclusion to a poem from the past


The tiger and raven have gone their separate ways

It appears this is permanently

They sent their love to each other for five years

And when the raven had hurt itself to the point where it desperately needed the tiger

The tiger had wandered away and even though the raven could still hear

It was painfully obvious the tiger was leaving in spirit

And the raven tried to bring the tiger back but

The raven’s pain turned it into a mess and it failed

The tiger left to spare the raven’s feelings

It’s saving grace had been erased

There was no net to save it

It would hit the ground next time and no one would fix it’s wing

The sound of silence around the raven is brutal and unforgiving

Everything reminds it of the tiger

Humming, singing, other tigers, liars, the sky, the ground

The raven is sick of it’s own tricks

It doesn’t want to fly anymore

It wants to die

But instead it cries and lives

Cause it would be an insult to what they were if it took it’s own life

© 2017 Mip/John K. Brierley

Author's Note

Mip/John K. Brierley
Criticism is welcome.

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Added on July 24, 2017
Last Updated on July 24, 2017
Tags: Friendship


Mip/John K. Brierley
Mip/John K. Brierley

Deadville, IL

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