Undying hope

Undying hope

A Poem by Najam Us Saher

A hundred praises aren't enough for a thousand rebukes



Today, I write this poem,

That unveils all my pain.

I can tell you how

The world will crumple you,

And how it’s insane.

It deeply hurts down deep,

When you sow something sweet,

And something bitter comes indeed.

It really makes you feel hopeless,

When the shining sun, couldn’t bring a shine in your dreams.

So, you be there all alone,

In a world full of people,

But traveling alone.

So, then you feel the loneliness,

So, then you know what it feels like to be alone.

With all my strength, all my courage,

Picked the broken pieces of my heart,

Somehow, I managed.

So this is me today,

However I am, I feel proud to be.

But this couldn’t be seen by the people,

Everyday trying something new to degrade me,

And they pretend to be so humble.

It hurts me,

It pricks me like spears,

To have everyone all around,

But not anyone to be with me.

I cannot describe that feeling,

When I hear cheers and joy,

And when I go,

The dead silence I hear.

What should I think about it?

Were you laughing at me? I wonder.

And then, I criticise myself

Saying that I am no good.

I tend to easily believe,

What everyone tell about me

I have just dissembled my feelings and

Closed my eyes and believed whatever everyone have said me.

I have reached that point in my life,

Where if I had been praised by someone

I feel that’s untrue,

This world has made me like that,

A hundred praises aren’t enough

For a thousand rebukes.

I am a fragile glass,

I just can’t bear any pressure.

I do not pray for my happiness

Instead I pray for a happy you.

I want no perfections in my life,

I want no involvement for me,

All I want is a happy, peaceful we.

Every little pain I feel,

Every little taunt I hear,

Every ignorance I face,

Every day I suffer,

Hoping that my life will be most happiest,

Contrary to the days now,

I want no troubles tomorrow.

I have complete faith and trust in my prayers,

It will be all like we have imagined,

So, just sit back and smile,

These complications are now just for a while.

As I know, you will come one day,

Take me far along with you,

Leaving behind all the pain and sorrow,

I am waiting for a wonderful tomorrow.


© 2018 Najam Us Saher

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I really like your last line, Najam. Try it without using "THAT"
The center justification works on this poem.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Najam Us Saher

10 Months Ago

Thank you very much for such kind words. I am really happy to know that you liked this.

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Added on January 7, 2017
Last Updated on January 28, 2018
Tags: hope, pain, loneliness


Najam Us Saher
Najam Us Saher

Hyderabad, India

Some people want to live long so that they are remembered for a long time, I want to live a little and want to be remembered forever. All the noises in my head, all the words unsaid, all the emotio.. more..