Living Somewhere Between Confusion and Chaos

Living Somewhere Between Confusion and Chaos

A Poem by Paza


A friend asks “how are things?”

Innocent query, born of mild curiosity.

How do you answer the question?

Do you put on your happy face and simply say “fine?”

Just what does “fine” mean?

The kids are fine, but busy with their own lives now and you're alone most of the time.

The husband is fine, but hates his job and has a female friend he won’t discuss with you.

The parents are fine, but Dad’s business is failing and they are too old to start over.

The job is fine, but you have way too much work on your desk that you just don’t feel like doing.

The health is fine, as long as you take the meds, but those extra pounds just won’t go away.


A sense of boredom and unease has settled over your soul

A sense that there should be “something more”

A sense of guilt that you’re not content with what is

A sense of longing for something that you cannot have

A sense of regret for things you know you should have done differently


So, how do you answer the friend who quite innocently asks “how are things?”

You put on your happy face and simply say “fine.”

© 2012 Paza

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*cough* menopause *cough*. I'm sorry the word just kept being yelled into my head; it does make sense though, women tend to look at their indifferent kids when going through that and wishing they weren't grown up, there's no more idea that another child can arrive and give meaning to things anymore, it could be viewed as a recurring theme if you look at things with that idea in mind...Hope I'm not saying things that should be kept to myself here...ah well, there's probably an edit review button somewhere if things go wrong.

Anyways good work, I was rather touched by some points I tend to take at heart.

Posted 8 Years Ago

i love this poem. so very true, i can relate. "fine" is an automatic answer, no matter what is happening deep inside us. it is something everyone can relate to at some point in their lives, when life has become mundane & seems to only be spiraling down hill. beautiful deep write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is touching and well written, what strikes me the most is the sincerity
and word choice, as well as the form and imagery, a true telling of life and
living, and wanting, the depth is really nicely expressed, beautiful job.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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