"Nothing Gold Dare Stays"

"Nothing Gold Dare Stays"

A Poem by Perdition

She stares out past the windows

Her bed all a mind in tears

The sky fierce in stormy blue 

Kneels down to hold her

Kneeling to her nest of skin

And I know that love is a fool

And that rain-

That rain is her morning

Lightning crying at her feet-

When dreams come

They come to wake her

And a life she weeps to comfort life 

I dare to feel the edges

I feel where death soon comes to bloom

Too soon to speak our words

Too many stories we have survived

But she rises where I wonder

Pushing back the screens

She stares out made of mystery

My world, a glass of clouds

My thoughts,

A rose wilting on the screaming field

My touch is nothing

Nothing…..and as

She stares past the windows

The skies cry down in lullaby

Dying on a cold forgotten field

Her tears still warm against my hand


© 2017 Perdition

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i have missed reading your writing, and i'm glad i could read this. there is some daydream-like quality about this poem that reminds me heavily of that Dostoevsky quote "I used to imagine adventures for myself, I invented a life, so that I could at least exist somehow." / the end of something that is very profound. because the end is painful, and horrible, but in many ways the best, because it means you can begin again and begin better. if that makes any sense at all. loved it.

Posted 12 Months Ago


12 Months Ago

Like rain to the parched soul..Notes From the Underground? Perhaps I should re-read Mr. Dostoevsky.... read more
My world, a glass of clouds
My thoughts,
A rose wilting on the screaming field

I loved this part, quite imagery here,
very well written

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

It does so seem to be filled to the teeth
in that exact juxtaposition at times..Thanks!
Sending holiday greetings across the miles between us...

Sometimes love can't be explained in our present world, one filled with all types of distractions, contradictions, illusions... and each one lugs with him or her all sorts of emotional baggage collected throughout the years.

At least, that's my new conclusion to the matter.

Loved this one. Your writing is superb as always... me, not so much these days... far too many emotional cannons coming at me and around me from every angle... it's all I can do to breathe....


And that's the rest of the news...

Wishing you well.

Alisa ;-)

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

thanks H. Hope to catch up sooner than we are doing but all things for a reason so I do wish you wel.. read more

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Sometimes, VA

Writing is a way for me to transcend the edges around the edges of transcendence; if you catch my drift. Thank you for your wonderful reviews and please forgive me if I sometimes fail to do the same... more..

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