Monster Prince

Monster Prince

A Poem by Cori Sanchez

I was molested as a couple years ago and had no way to take about it, so yeah here it is

This is my rape poem
With another victim, another boy,
another story.

Reminded that men are not princes
Who ride on horses from miles away to save me from the monster... who is the monster.

Reminded that romance novels are works of fiction. the fault in our stars, the notebook, me before you, the longest ride, tangled .
Stories to feed the chasm of love in the little girl I once was

The little girl I once was didn't know that men, that boys weren't all princes. The little girl in me didn't want princes to hurt me like that, to touch me like that.

The little girl in me saw a romantic walk under the moonlit sky. Something out of a Disney movie, where the prince kissed the princess lightly at her door before leaving.

It was not the fairytale that I believed in. It was not the touch I want. I was not just asking for it.
As you walked me home, as you walked me to my door. When I didn't let you in.

Just do it, just touch it, just kiss it.

I will not just do anything you ask.
But I'll regrettable do something I don't like.
I am 16,5'6, 140 pounds.I am a little girl whose mind was placed in an older more "desirable" body

I can scream No in more octaves than thought possible but you still won't hear me. I'll fight this battle but I won't win the war. This I know.

Nothing can take this moment away from me. No one can erase or soothes the scars that have been branded into my mind. No one can make this be forgotten.

I still believe in the false truths Disney movies and romance novels feed this little girl's heart. To maybe save what had been broken.
But this little girl will not fall prey to fairytales anymore.

© 2017 Cori Sanchez

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Not all is false, but sadly you havent been shown what a real man is like, men who actually care for a woman, who give all of their strength for the beauty they posses. Then monsters troll around masking themselves as prince charming injecting fear and terror to precious girls like you, sadly, but those who still believe in righteousness still walk among the darkened souls of modern men. Im glad you were able to find a release for this. Me? Just a friend

Posted 1 Year Ago

Cori Sanchez

1 Year Ago

Cool thank you for the words

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Added on January 4, 2017
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Cori Sanchez
Cori Sanchez

Katy , TX

I am young and well I always seem to be on the verge of great, or so I'm told. I just want some place to vent any and all my emotions. I am an actual very social person but no one really know how I tr.. more..