Adam's Journey through my eyes...

Adam's Journey through my eyes...

A Poem by ShadowWhysper

I have written many poems inspired by Adam Lambert since his time on American Idol. Below you will find many of these with short snippets explaining the inspiration behind the work. I will do my best to go in the order in which they were written as I journey down memory lane...



 'A Modest Man' ©RSG ’09

(acrylic on canvas)

(Image painted for me by a good friend and fellow Adam fan)

(He’s a) Modest Man


This God-given gift

He uses it to lift

The hearts of all those who hear


He stands tall and proud

His head shall never be bowed

He sings to the heavens, loud and clear


He’s a modest man

He does what he can

To amaze and inspire

But he’s a modest man


He puts on a show

He lets himself go

And all of his fears disappear


At home on the stage

He emotes to engage

All of his fans he holds dear


He’s a modest man

He does what he can

To amaze and inspire

But he’s a modest man


His soul is on fire

He can’t help but inspire

Yet, he is a modest man


The flames are getting higher

Yet, he’s a modest man

Burning with this fire

Yes, he’s a modest man


(The flames are getting higher…)



©2009 Shadow Whysper

This was my first Adam inspired poem, written just after the American Idol finale.

Rise Above It


There will always be those who are jealous of what they don’t possess

Yet, this is a feeling they can never honestly express

Instead they choose to mock, shame and ridicule those they envy most

Putting down their character while of their own beliefs they boast


It takes a stronger person to look beyond their lies

To see the negativity is only a disguise

What it all comes down to is truly only this �"

Self esteem and worth is what they really miss


So rise above it all, don’t let them get you down

Think of something good and turn around that frown

Don’t give them the power to make you feel sad

Focus on the positive and forget about the bad


Don’t let them make you angry or give them what they seek

Be the stronger man and make them feel weak

Stand firm in your beliefs and be proud of who you are

Let your power shine like a brightly burning star


Leave them in the darkness, behind their self-built wall

Turn your back, walk away, and rise above it all…


©2009 Shadow Whysper



This poem was written when fans were upset with how they believed Danny was treating Adam at the dinner when his sister asked Adam for an autograph.



Remember Why We’re Here…


All this negativity, it’s getting on my nerves

I just don’t understand the purpose that it serves

Yes, I see the problems that Adam now is facing

What with all the companies doing profit-chasing


But really, is it necessary to focus on it so?

Where did all the joy and anticipation go?

Adam’s working on an album of his very own

As an artist, and a man, he has surely grown


Why settle for the old with only vocals that are true

When soon we will have the best that he can do?

He wants to share his music, body, mind and soul

This has always been his most fundamental goal


Please try to be more positive and brighten up this forum

It just doesn’t seem to have the proper level of decorum

Remember why we’re here, that Adam touched us all

Let’s wipe away the negative and lighten up this wall


©2009 Shadow Whysper



I wrote this poem when all the controversy was going on about the "Take One" album.



What’s Not Being Said


Please read between the lines

Use your head

Understand what it is

That’s not being said


Emotions are strong

They get in the way

Please realize what it is

That Adam just can’t say


He’s focused on the new

And done with the old

All we know is not

Just what we’re told


Bring it all together

Words and actions too

See the clear picture

And you’ll know what to do


Much of the story is told

Without being spoken

Please let this spell

Of confusion be broken


Read between the lines

Use your head

Know what it is

That’s not being said


©2009 Shadow Whysper



Once again, this poem was written in response to issues concerning “Hi Fi”.



Glamtastic Fans


It’s utterly insane

They want to pick my brain

Know every little thing there is to know


They watch my every move

Every step, every groove

And will follow me wherever I go


They all scream my name

It will never be the same

I do my best to travel with the flow


I give them all that I can

Loving each and every fan

I put on a wild and crazy show


I still need time for me

If I ever have it free

Just to relax and replenish my glow


It will never be the same

Insanity will reign

All around me positivity will grow


The fans will always be

So important to me

Without them my music has nowhere to go


So thanks to all my fans

Even with all their demands

They are the reason my life is aglow


©2009 Shadow Whysper



When I wrote this, I was thinking what it must be like for Adam, having so many crazy, enthusiastic fans. I was trying to see things from Adam's perspective and so I wrote this in first person.



Homophobic Hypocrites


God hates gays, or so they say…

Where do they get off, speaking this way?

God could never hate any of his creations

For we are all, in a way, one of his relations

If we all came from Adam and we all came from Eve

Is being all related so hard to believe?

We are not the same, he made us all unique

Those differences make us special, not one of us a “freak”


I don’t care what the Bible has to say

As far as people being gay

The Bible was written by Man, not by God

Who’s to say it isn’t a fraud?

How do we know each and every word is true?

I know of no one alive back then, do you?

I take what is written with a grain of salt

I don’t believe being gay is anyone’s ‘fault’


We are all born as we are meant to be

The only choice is to live free

So for all those hypocrites who think it’s wrong

We won’t back down, we’re standing strong

We are all made in God’s image, or so they say…

What if maybe… God was gay?


©2009 Shadow Whysper



This was my response to the Westboro Baptist Church issues that arose during the Idol Tour.



Common Thread


We are all very different, each and every one

Yet, we all live on this planet and share the same sun

Our lives are very different, our thoughts not quite the same

But each and every one of us can feel heat from a flame


We keep ourselves apart, yet we crave to be close

Always happy to have friends and saddened to have foes

We dislike feeling different, seeming isolated

If only all could see that we really are related


We are all here for a reason, that is for us to learn

Inside each and every one, a flame does burn

It is there to guide us, to be truly who we are

Only we have the power to make that flame a star


We must embrace our differences, yet know that we’re the same

We should be proud of who we are and not feel any shame

We are all on a journey, each and every one

Lift your faces high and smile at the sun…


©2009 Shadow Whysper



Adam has become part of our common thread. He is bringing people together all over the world and is now part of the journey we all travel in life. It is my hope that he is able to truly accomplish great things and make the world a better place to live. To be honest, I’m sure that he already has. It only takes one person that is touched by Adam to ‘pay it forward’ and make life better for someone else. I think we would all be amazed by the changes already taking place in the world around us. I hope Adam’s star burns brightly for many, many years to come.



Magnetic Appeal


He is a sexual being, orientation aside

For within this man a power does abide

His appeal is strong for man, woman and child

An attraction almost primitive and somehow wild

People are drawn to him like a moth to a flame

Touched by this power they can’t seem to name

He is a force, with magnetic appeal

His rise to fame seems almost surreal

How could he stay hidden for so long

With this force of attraction within him so strong?

This power is amplified when he sings

Touching all who hear the emotions it brings

Transcending all boundaries, crumbling walls

As irresistible as when a Siren calls

It seems almost mythical in its appeal

This magnetic attraction I can’t help but feel


©2009 Shadow Whysper



Inspired by Adam, of course  :-)


Mystic Being…


Neither man nor woman but something in between

Possessing qualities of both in a mix rarely seen

Most would choose to hide being one or the other

Half of their being, they would rather smother

It takes a lot of courage to let your whole self through

To forego what others think and to your self be true

People may not like what they don’t understand

But I, for one, would love to shake your hand

You are an inspiration and give this world hope

It is no secret, you help many people cope

They look up to your bravery, confidence and poise

And find you and your talent a source of many joys

Some may not understand just what they are seeing

But I, for one, see a truly mystic being…


©2009 Shadow Whysper



This poem was inspired by Adam’s album cover of “For Your Entertainment”.



Shock Wave


Shock the nation, put on a show

See how many minds you can blow

Push the boundaries, frolic and play

It’s your chance to do what you may


Bring the lyrics to life on stage

Create a stir, cause outrage

Entertain millions, offend a few

Do what it is you wish to do


Be unique, be daring and brave

Rock the boat, create a wave

Stun the audience, cause surprise

Give them a jolt and open their eyes


Be who you are, don’t ever change

Thoughts and opinions may rearrange

But those who ‘get’ you are here to stay

And take this ride with you all the way


Shock the nation, put on a show

See how many minds you can blow

Push the boundaries, frolic and play

It’s your chance to do what you may


Shock the nation, take it away…

It’s your show, do what you may


Shock the nation…


©2009 Shadow Whysper



This was my response to Adam’s performance on the American Music Awards.



Do You Know Your ABCs?


Adam Lambert on the AMAs

Brought the ‘shock’ and created waves

Caught the network right off guard

Danced his way right off their ‘card’

Even though they have him banned

Fans around the world stand

Gay or straight it’s all the same

His support puts theirs to shame

It’s a fact they did not know

Just how far his fans would go

Keep it up, ABC

Lose it all, just wait and see

May your loss be another’s gain

NBC snap up the reign…

On the Early Show and Ellen too

Performances from Adam flew

Quite a sight it was to see…

Respect, warmth and honesty

Singing with passion, as he always will

Trusted to give his fans a thrill

United we stand to support this man

Vexed by ABC and their chosen ban

We will not stand by for hypocrisy

‘X’ marks the spot we put on thee

You’re a target by your own choices

Zip it up and hear our voices…


©2009 Shadow Whysper



My response to ABC’s reaction to Adam’s performance on the AMAs and the subsequent ban they wanted to impose on him.





A Fly on the Wall


What is it you’re thinking? What is it you see?

I wish that fly on the wall could be me…

It must have been something that caught your eye

Made your lips turn down slightly as you gaze up high


Is it something you wish for? Your name up in lights?

Or a simple list of the evening’s possible delights?

So many things it could possibly be…

I wish that fly on the wall could be me…


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish to spy

I’m just curious to know what caught your eye

What is it that caused that look on your face?

What is it that made you pause in your place?


If only I could have been there, a fly on the wall

Then I would know the answers to it all…


©2010 Shadow Whysper



As you can see, this poem was written for the picture chosen above. I used to be part of a poetry group that would write to pictures (usually fantasy) on a regular basis. The Circle is no longer, however, I thought it might be fun to get Adam’s fans involved in some creativity. It didn’t last for very long, but it’s difficult to write unique poems when most of the pictures available showed Adam in concert. 



Brother’s Burden


Life changed in an instant of brotherly fame

Now it is anything but ordinary and tame

Fans flock to you, wanting to be closer to him

Though chances of that happening are slim

Of course there are some who see you for you

Who really enjoy reading the blogs that you do

But how do you know they aren’t playing games?

Concealing ulterior motives and aims…

It is a burden, this pseudo fame that you bear

Having to judge if people really do care

Or if they’re just looking for another way in

A connection to your brother, your famous kin

Of course you face it and do the best that you can

For you are his brother and his most loyal fan

It may be a burden but you bear it with pride

Taking all of these new challenges in stride

You know he would do the same for you

For that is just what brothers do…


©2010 Shadow Whysper



One for Neil, based on one of his blogs where he talks about how people have been treating him since Adam’s success on Idol.



A Steady Flow


Once again I shake my head

At overzealous fans…

I wish it need not be said

But attention it demands


I realize the pull is strong

And some just can’t resist

It’s not to say you’re in the wrong

But boundaries must exist


Please think twice before you call

And request his songs be played

I’d hate to see us hit a wall

And have his spotlight fade…


Once a day should really do

What, with the number of his fans

Perhaps you could get away with two

If the day so demands…


There must be a balance, a steady flow

To keep him in the light

If we can find it, this I know…

His star will always be bright


©2010 Shadow Whysper



The inspiration for this poem came from the fans overzealous behaviour when calling radio stations to request Adam’s songs (to the point where I believe he was banned from Open House Party…)




Portrait of Pleasure


Beautiful blue sky above the sea

Friends to share a day carefree

Catching some rays and lovely fresh air

Savouring a moment that may soon be rare

The making of memories to have and to hold

With many adventures yet to unfold

An instant of pleasure caught in time

And now depicted in this rhyme :-)


©2010 Shadow Whysper



This is my second of three poems written to pictures of Adam.



The Living Machine


Surroundings fade

Sightless eyes open wide

All thought and senses turned inside

Tangled, confused

Jumbled in the mind

Searching for understanding to find

Going over it all

Replaying scenes, events rewind

Struggling to leave confusion behind

Looking for the answer

In the living machine that is my mind


©2010 Shadow Whysper



The last of my poetry challenge pictures posted in the Fan Creative Corner on Adam Official.



Runaway Horses


“Hold your horses” he advises

As the general anxiety rises

I don’t know about you, but I for one

Am quite ready to jump the gun

A false start, I guess they would say

But I just can’t help feeling this way

It’s been far too long since I’ve seen this man

Rule the stage as only he can

Being my first concert in many a year

My excitement rises as the time draws near

Where am I going? What time is the show?

All these things I want to know…

But the dates aren’t set yet, not for me

So I’m stuck doing the ‘wait and see’

These “horses” of mine are hard to hold

They’re pulling at the bit and being bold

I don’t know how much longer it will be

Before these horses run away with me…


© 2010 Shadow Whysper



My response to Adam’s tweet as quoted above when fans were getting very anxious about concert dates for his upcoming tour. At this point the concert date for Canada had yet to be announced and I had my own ‘horses’ to deal with.  :-)



What I’d Like to Know


What I’d like to know is…

Where did all the respect go?

It use to be, in times gone by

You’d never spit in someone’s eye


Don’t we all know the saying

“If you have nothing nice to say…”?

Somehow we have lost this along the way


You have your likes and I have mine

But when did hating become just fine?

What happened to tolerance and all due respect?

When did our manners choose to defect?


Why must we battle and create all these foes?

When did it become “anything goes”?

Why must we hurt others who aren’t the same?

And why is there never a feeling of shame?


Don’t we all know the saying

“You get what you give”?

Is this no longer how we live?


I just want to know, if you can say

How is it that we became this way?

Is there no hope to get these back?

All these good qualities we seem to lack?


I still know these sayings, they hold true for me

I guess, for the rest, I’ll just wait and see…


©2010 Shadow Whysper



This poem was in response to some fans apparently disrespecting other artists.



Comfort Zone


I understand what you’re saying, I can see your view

I mean no disrespect to any of you

But homophobia, by my definition

Is not showing dislike for exhibition


If you dislike extreme public displays of affection

Does that make you philophobic* by reflection?

If you find overly boisterous people annoying

Does that mean your cherophobia** is showing?


There are certain boundaries everyone has

Certain levels of comfort they don’t like to surpass

But not all expressions of discomfort or disfavour

Mean there is a phobia, a reason to be braver


Please don’t use homophobia as an excuse

For acts of disrespect or any abuse

But also don’t judge those who dislike certain things

Too much of anything can cause one to cringe


To each their own, we all have a life to live

Lessons to learn and understanding to give

I hope one day we can all expand our comfort zone

And show the world just how much we have grown


©2010 Shadow Whysper


*Philophobia is the fear of falling in love

**Cherophobia is the fear of gaiety



I wrote this poem in response to Brad’s tweet about “too gay” being homophobic. Yes, it created some controversy. I myself would not say something is “too gay” and I understand where Brad is coming from. I just wanted to show a different perspective.



In His Shoes


Hours and hours spent day in and day out

Trying to put together the best performance about

Not only with dancers and band members too

But all the costumes, lighting and effects to view

Involved in everything, having input wherever he can

While great fun and exciting, must be wearing on the man

He spent all this time and effort before the tour even began

How can we demand even more from this amazing man?


Night after night he puts on a show for us

And again and again he spends hours on the bus

Travel in itself is a wearing ordeal, from place to place

Still he greets every venue with a smile on his face

He puts all he has into his performance on stage

Emoting with the audience, trying to engage

Though his presence on stage is very commanding

The life he has chosen is also very demanding


He does all of this, not just for himself but for his fans too

Showing us, as best he can, that he appreciates all that we do

I know we’d all love to meet him, but where does he draw the line?

Is ten minutes enough? Twenty? Or maybe an hour to sign?

How could he ever reach all the fans waiting there for him?

Even if he greeted fans, the chance of meeting would be slim

Trying to be fair to all his fans, he chooses to perform for all as best he can

Rather than meet a few and disappoint all the other just as deserving fans


Can we really hold that against him, after all he has done for us?

Please try to be understanding and don’t kick up such a fuss

He is a person who is sharing his wonderful gift with the world at large

He needs to do what he can when he can to relax and recharge

Just think, how disappointed would you be if he had to cancel a show

After all the anticipation, all the prep and planning you put in to go?

His voice is nothing if his body and mind are not able to support it

Please keep that in mind before you let anger and disappointment hit


Try to put yourself into his shoes, if you can

And perhaps then you will appreciate the man

He hates to disappoint but he knows what he must do

In order to keep himself fit and healthy for me and you

Not to mention all his friends and family and himself too…

Just thought I would share my perspective with you…


©2010 Shadow Whysper



My response to fans who were upset that Adam was not doing meet and greets before and after all his performances (before the VIP packages were available)



Purely Platonic?


We’ve all seen it, the passion of Adam’s kiss

The AMAs is not something we could miss

Tommy felt the flame of Adam’s fire

Passionate and music driven desire

Now on tour and wanting to play

Adam kisses Tommy almost every day

One way or another they connect on stage

Stirring the fans’ passion is all the rage

Is it all a game, a show to entertain?

Or is there something more to gain?

Tommy is straight, or so they say

Does it really matter, either way?

Perhaps he likes it, a change from the norm

Being caught up in the ‘Adam storm’…

Experimentation, or something more

What is really at its core?

It certainly sparks the interest of the fans

Wanting to know just where Tommy stands

Is he winning the heart of our music man

Or is this all part of the master plan?

Is it attraction or purely platonic?

Whatever it is, it’s surely harmonic…


©2010 Shadow Whysper



Just a little fun, with regards to Adam and Tommy’s play on stage :-)


Missing Piece of Me…


I never knew I was incomplete until I found you

Now I am drawn to every little thing that you do

Happy to see you smile, glad to see you free

Proud to witness the man you have grown to be


I know this is just the beginning, you have far to go

I will be with you for every step, every high, every low

You have filled a part of me I never knew was bare

Now the warmth of your light will always shine there


So glad to see you smile, so happy you are free

So proud to know the special man you turned out to be

So looking forward to a future I can’t wait to see…

So glad to have found you, the missing piece of me…


©2010 Shadow Whysper



Another poem inspired by Adam.



Two Passes…


I have not yet met this ‘Adam Lambert’ fellow

I would love to have the chance just to say ‘hello’

But would one greeting be enough to really satisfy me?

Or would I want as many as money now can by me?

I mean, who would ever tire of meeting with this man?

Why shouldn’t I do so every chance that I can?

What of all the others that feel the way I do?

Shouldn’t they have the chance to also meet him too?

There are twenty five places for each and every show

I could take a couple for every concert to which I go

What difference does it make if I go to more than one?

So what if someone else would like in on the fun…

They would have the chance to buy a package too

Minus the two passes I would have taken as my due…


I have not yet met this ‘Adam Lambert’ fellow

I would love to have the chance just to say ‘hello’

I’ve finally got the money I need to buy some passes

At last, I feel like a part of the general masses…

So many people have met this amazing man

And now I’m just a step away before I myself can

Please don’t tell me all the packages are sold…

I don’t want to be left out standing in the cold…

I know there are people who go to more than one

But I just want a chance to also have some fun

I hope they’ve left some passes to share with fellow fans

I just won’t feel ‘safe’ until I have them in my hands…

It’s going to be amazing to do a meet and greet…

A couple of those passes would make my dreams complete…


©2010 Shadow Whysper



My take on the issues that came up when people realized there are some fans who buy numerous meet and greet passes and have met Adam several times during the Glam Nation tour.



The Power of Words


There are people in this world who see things differently

People who just love to argue and always disagree

They push people’s buttons and soak in the reaction

Getting people riled gives them a sense of satisfaction

It is like a power they wield by what they choose to say

Playing on emotions and then laughing at the fray

They don’t care what you think, you can never change their mind

It’s like trying to give sight to someone who chooses to be blind

So please don’t waste your breath and all that precious energy

Trying to force those with self-inflicted blindness to see

Instead, take away their power and ignore the words they say

And use all your righteous energy in a more positive, healthy way


©2010 Shadow Whysper



This was my response to the whole “Houston Press” mess.



The Paps


They’re like a dog with a bone

When all you want is to be left alone

They keep gnawing away and won’t let go

They say too much and stoop so low

They egg you on and push their luck

They’ll do anything for a buck


I wish they’d learn to show respect

To get the images they collect

But that would spoil the sport it seems

And lessen the fun of their schemes

They think they’re clever and cunning too

But pestering people is all they do


I wish we could take their power away

But the almighty dollar holds great sway

Fame and fortune has a price

It comes with these annoying lice

You do your best to pass them by

Wanting to swat them like a fly


Don’t give in, hold your head high

Make their stories a big fat lie…


©2010 Shadow Whysper



And this is my response to the paparazzi.



A Mother’s Pride


Such a joy it must be to see

A son grow to a man such as he

All the support and love you gave

Allowed him to grow up free and brave

Now he takes the lessons you have taught

And shares them with the world without thought

His voice gives power to his soul-driven force

Affecting all those he meets along his course

Without your influence it is plain to see

He would not be the man he grew up to be

You took his spark and nurtured it into a star

That now shines its brilliant light near and far

Such a beautiful soul that can no longer hide

The greatest source of a mother’s pride…


©2010 Shadow Whysper



A poem I wrote for Adam’s Mom.



A Little Patience…


I know many are frustrated and tired of the wait

The customer service here isn’t that great…

At least not when it comes to Glam package delivery

Everything was a bit delayed you see…

It’s a shame it didn’t go off without a hitch

But we all know even the best plan has a glitch

We rely on them but they rely on someone too

Sometimes there’s just nothing they can do

It’s unfortunate they didn’t make the problems more clear

And give a better idea on when to expect all the gear

But to be honest, I think they were overwhelmed by it

The sheer number of requests Adam’s fans did submit

I know it seems odd, you would think all would know

Just how far and wide Adam’s fan base does go

I suppose some are still learning and can make mistakes

Give them a chance to get it together and show what it takes

To make this the best fan site for all of Adam’s fans

And have the strength and ability to meet all our demands

It’s a work in progress but it will improve…

Please have a little patience while they find their groove


©2010 Shadow Whysper



My poem written in response to the impatience of some fans with regards to the delivery of the glam packages from Adam’s Official Fan Club site.



These last two poems were written in response to the suicides among gay youth and also the hate crimes that occurred in Sept/Oct of 2010.


Victim’s Voice


Terrorized each and every day

By the terrible things that people say

Taunted, tormented and abused

As if of some terrible crime accused


Where is the right to live one’s life

Without feeling the edge of another’s knife?

What right have they to treat people so?

Where did the rights of the victims go?


Pushed beyond limits of the mind

Seeking only of peace to find

Unable to bear the constant pain

Silent tears fall like rain


Hidden behind an invisible wall

No one can hear their pleading call

Asking for a way to be set free

Of this torment that should not be


So they take matters into their own hands

Each making their final stands

Seeing this as their only choice

Silently speaking with a victim’s voice


©2010 Shadow Whysper




The Criminal


Alone, attack them you would not dare

Enter the mob mentality and you just don’t care

Do you feel any guilt over what you have done?

Or do you see it only as reckless fun?


Perhaps you think it is justice that you serve

Trying to ‘straighten out’ those who ‘curve’

From what you feel is the rightful way

Even though these people have no say


You rape and punish and beat them bad

It is sickening, repulsive and makes me sad

But mostly it kindles a burning rage within

And I pray you are punished for your sin


The victims are innocent, each and every time

You are the criminal, and hate, the source of your crime


©2010 Shadow Whysper


© 2015 ShadowWhysper

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A person might get the idea that your a little nuts when it comes to Mr. Lambert Ha! Ha! It is a good thing I know you so I know that there is a connection between the two of you and thanks for introducing me to his music. I like all the poems but that one and I am not going to tell you which one, now you can go nuts trying to figure out which one and why :~)

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Ha! Ha! back at you :-p~ I'm not going to go nuts... You probably don't like the one I wrote in fi.. read more

3 Years Ago

You know me to well, that was way to easy.

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