Floating in the Wind

Floating in the Wind

A Story by SilverInk

The story of friends who reunite after the Holocaust.


Floating In The Wind


By SilverInk

Kirsti! What did you do with my chess board?” Annemarie Johansen called from the kitchen.

“I don’t have it! Did you even look for it?” 11 year old Kirsti yelled back.  “Just an idea.”

Annemarie cursed her pest of a sister in her head. She was so  intolerable.

“A letter came for you in the mail, by the way.” Kirsti said.

Annemarie was confused. She wasn’t expecting any mail. Or was she?

Dear Annemarie,

It’s been so long! How have you been?

I hope I got your address right.

I heard you are well. How’s Kirsti? Is she still a pest of a sister? Haha. Things haven’t been so great for me, though.

After my parents were killed by Nazis, I barely escaped the concentration camp. It was so terrible, Annemarie! There was barely any food or water. We never got to bathe, and we were all so very dirty. I wish I had a sister like you do. I’ve been alone for a very long time.

I’m considering coming to Denmark to visit you.



Ellen coming back to Denmark? Annemarie thought to herself. This truly was going to be a summer to remember.

Annemarie was ready. She was going to  Tivoli Gardens to meet Ellen,

since it had been their favorite place to go as children.

“Kirsti! Where did you put my paper dolls?” Annemarie asked her sister. She wanted to bring the dolls with her to remind Ellen of happier times.

“I put them on your bed, you disorganized potato.” Kirsti muttered.

Annemarie grabbed the dolls and rushed out the door.

Annemarie didn't recognize Ellen when she arrived at the garden. Her rosy cheeks were thin and straight. Her beautiful dark hair had lost its sheen and faded somewhat. No more was she slightly plump. She had lost a lot of weight,  probably because of starvation, Annemarie thought.

“Is that you, Ellen?”

“Well, who else could it be?” Ellen giggled.

She gave Annemarie a long hug. It had been so long. Annemarie had almost lost hope. “Isn’t it funny?” she said.

“What?” Ellen asked.

“How we had such huge dreams when we were small. You wanted to be an actress, and I wanted to be a runner.”

“Well, at least your dream came true.”

It was true. Annemarie had won all the footraces in elementary school, and middle school, and high school. She was going on to become a professional track star. Her dreams were coming true. If only she could say the same for Ellen.

Ellen looked deflated. “I’m happy for you, Annemarie.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I just… I just wish I could be on a stage right now, acting like I wanted to. You’re going to move on without me.” Ellen’s sadness now held a hint of jealousy.

“Why do you have to be like that?”

“Like what?”

“Don’t play dumb, Rosen. I know exactly how you felt about losing the school foot races every Friday.  It’s not my fault you’re… you’re… Jewish.” Annemarie regretted what she said as soon as she said it. “I’m sorry, Ellen. I’m sorry.”

Ellen stepped back. She looked like she was going to cry. Don’t cry Ellen. Be strong. But she couldn’t.

“How could you say that? After everything I’ve been through. I thought you were my friend, Annemarie.”

“I am. I’m sorry for snapping at you like that. I didn’t mean it.”

“Yes, you did, or else you wouldn’t have said it.”

“Ugh,  why do you have to be stubborn!”

“Why did I even bother coming here? Just to have my best friend treat me like a child. Goodbye, Annemarie.”

“Wait!” Annemarie called after Ellen. “I have something for you.”

Ellen turned around.

“Here.” Annemarie said, handing Ellen a paper doll. “It’s for you.”

“Thank you.” Ellen said. “But I think you should keep it.”

Then, she left the gardens. Leaving the doll. Leaving Annemarie. Leaving a precious childhood memory floating in the wind.

© 2017 SilverInk

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Wow, this story can hit your emotions hard. Its a chance reunion gone sour because of the wrong words spoken between each other. You do an excellent job of making this piece visually riveting for me. It reminds me of some friendships in my past that had ended because of a difference in minds. Keep writing and exploding. take care.

Posted 10 Months Ago


10 Months Ago

Thanks so much!!

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