A Poem by R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

A longer rewrite of "No Shame", and out of the two, the one I prefer


Blame me

Maim me

But never will you shame me

Slay me

Betray me

But never will you change me

Call me lazy

Slow as molasses, gravy, save me for your insults

Revolt, I'm sane enough to be humble when you call me crazy

A slave to life grazing on the grass

Chasing the sunset, nights creeping in fast

The future I’m making, f**k the past in the a*s

Faze me

Sway me

But never will you erase me

Use your words to phrase me

Your lies to debase me

But the truth says never will you face me

Chastise my ability to make a sound

Blaze my body and soul to the ground

But you'll have found I'm still sound of mind

So find my weakness, blind my behind

Speak these words

Shriek this but you'll never be heard

My ears hear the future

I may be hurting, pains a tutor

Someday you’ll learn, never will I be the loser

So be the amuser of haters

But I will be remembered later

Because you are a traitor to humanity

You ran at me

With all your anger, violence and profanity

But I will live on whether or not you are a fan of me

Blame me

Maim me

But never will you shame me

Slay me

Betray me

But never will you change me

Creation made me for a purpose

I don't fear death, I'm not worthless

God's the only one who'll take me not your curses

Your words will never shake me

Strong as a tree, you'll never break me

So for goodness sake please leave me be

Because I can see the eyes that look at me

The ones who despise me endlessly

Your opinion just doesn't matter to me

And it's sadder to see that you'll never get your way

No matter what you think you'll say

The angry spit your mouth will spray

You'll be sorry for it I know, someday

And if you leave me in the grey

At least I know for today

You can blame me

Maim me

But never will you shame me

Slay me

Betray me

But never will you change me

© 2018 R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Author's Note

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)
We live in a word where people are either right or they're wrong. The truth is often hidden under opinion, and crude facts. Does that make it real? Is someone to blame? Who is right and who is wrong? Or maybe that is different from person to person. Maybe if you know you're not wrong, you can be above the hate given to you, the shame.

I very seldom reply to reviews, but I promise I read EVERY single one. I look forward to my next review because it helps me learn. Even if it's just one word, I promise, I will be ecstatic to have the chance to hear what you have to say. Whenever you write something about my poems, or the themes of my poems, or criticize me it is not in vain. I will listen, learn and be thankful.

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i am who i am,i will not be changed

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R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)
R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Burlington, Halton, Canada

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