Stars That Light the Darkness

Stars That Light the Darkness

A Poem by Li Li

Just a test. Trying to see how this format is taken by the readers.


The sound of speech,
no longer the resolution of comprehension.
The apparition of foretold prophesies,
now the reality of the common.
Under the perception of evolving universes,
the parrallel unification mobilizes.
Faintly, from what solely seemed a particle of dust,
the formation of brethren begins.

"The creation of heaven and earth,
will give birth to the breath of man.
United the devoted will stand,
as justification serves its course

through the sands of time and tides.
The tribes of different faces
will build walls from the stones of thy own flesh.

Do not fret!
For thee of little belief may be blind to see.

If darkness is taken in thine one eye conferred for light,
to the night of few or deficient stars, thou shalt be cast.
Without celestial luminance, there is no spiritual illumination.
Without perceptual experience, there is only thyself."

© 2009 Li Li

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Format is fine but wow your words are masterful... such stunning inspiration, the spiritual connection between mad and earth is what brings us closer to God... I am completely in awe of this poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is stunning. Prophetic. Like something an oracle might say. I like that it celebrates creation itself without the predictable nod toward a god or maker. It acknowledges birth for it's own sake. Good job :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very spiritual. And deep. I think your poem is discussing Chirst and his formation at the beginning of time.

this part:

Without celestial luminance, there is no spiritual illumination.
Without perceptual experience, there is only thyself."

is my favorite part, because it makes me think. i feel we have to live spirituality inside of us, not just preach it or say it. because when we do it "illuminates" or glows from the inside out. we are not alone, God is with us juast as the beginning of time. i hope i got it, and the idea you are trying to convey. otherwise, great poem with a specail Li Li touch.


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Li Li

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