My Grandfather's Pants - fight scene

My Grandfather's Pants - fight scene

A Chapter by Tegon Maus

I saw nothing, heard nothing, felt no pain, only one burning thought filled me, only one desire ate at the depth of me... kill Eddie.




"Okay, okay," he stammered, stepping back a couple of feet before giving a loud whistle. 

Only silence followed the signal's echo.

Then, the squeaking of a car door swinging open filled the air.  Slowly, the driver, as well as the rest of Eddie's friends, slipped from the shadows to stand in a reluctant, loose, circle about us.

"That's better," Sorand replied, lowering the gun. 

I couldn't help but notice he didn't put the weapon back into hiding.  Instead, his fingers slipped over its surface as if the metal offered some level of comfort, as if it soothed some unbearable itch.

"Now, a few ground rules... first, anyone interferers and they do so with a bullet from Baby Jane here," he said flashing the gun, holding it so everyone could see.  "Second..."

     "Good for me," Eddie shouted before sucker punching me, knocking me to the floor.

Instantly, my head throbbed, blood oozed from my mouth and my ears rang with angry voices.  Eddie's friends tightened the circle about us, shouting, cursing, mimicking our fight, throwing punches in the air.

"Kick his a*s, Henry," Connie shouted through clenched teeth as she helped me get to my feet.

I clung to her as I struggled to regain my balance, finally making it to my feet.  I was dazed as I looked into the faces about me, trying to make sense of each.

"Yes, Henry.  By all means, kick his a*s," Sorand chided.

Before I could get my head straight, Eddie was there with another crushing blow, driving me to the floor again.

This time, both Gabby and Connie hooked an arm under mine to lift me up and practically threw me back into the melee.

The shouting from the men crashed in my head like waves on the beach, drowning me in confusion.  My heart pounded wildly as panic began to consume me.

"Stop this, William, before someone gets hurt," Gabby demanded, shouting loudly.

It had no effect on Sorand or on Eddie.

I defended myself as best I could, getting one, perhaps two good punches to Eddie's face, drawing blood for the first time.  He staggered back, swaying slightly, fingering the blood that oozed from his face. 

"You f**k.  You'll pay for that," he shouted angrily, peering at the blood dabbed from his mouth.

He swung with savage intent, kicking, scratching, spitting.  He had become a wild animal, sending waves of terror racing through my body.  He pummeled my face and chest, knocking me repeatedly to the floor.

A thousand hands grabbed at me, pulled at me, forcing me to stay in the circle and fight.

 I grew weaker with each new blow, taking longer and longer to get up until I laid there certain I had nothing left.

Eddie's friends kicked at me over and over, blood flowing from me at a frightening rate.  Then, to my shock Connie screamed.

"William," Gabby shrieked, grabbing at the front of him.

"Not yet, my dear, not just yet," he shouted in return, pushing her away.

I rolled over on the pavement as Eddie grabbed Connie by the back of her head, twisting his fist in her hair, dragging her to him.  He ripped at her blouse with his free hand, tearing the material, sending her buttons flying through the air.  Without regard of any kind, he thrust his hand to her chest, forcing her bra out of the way to expose her breast, his hand roaming freely over her body before kissing her hard.

"Not bad, boys.  Give her a try," Eddie shouted gleefully, shoving Connie into the hands of the other men.

I have no memory of standing, of reaching my feet, only that all the pain that burned within me, all the fear that filled my heart, became galvanized into one emotion... rage.

At that moment, Connie screamed again as she was passed on to the ruthless hands of the other men and that became the spark that ignited my rage, shifting it, changing it, shaping it to become something more...


I saw nothing, heard nothing, felt no pain, only the one burning passion that filled every fiber of me.  Only one thought, only one desire burned within the depth of me... kill Eddie.

I grabbed Connie, pulling her free before punching the man in front of me in the throat.  His flesh was firm but yielding, making an odd sound, like celery snapping at my punch.  He gasped, gurgled, spitting blood as he clutched his neck, slumping to the floor.  As I turned, looking for Eddie, I pushed Connie into Gabby's protective arm’s.

Time seemed to slow... all the faces present became undistinguishable blurs until I found Eddie.

He swung, punching me hard in the face.

It was a bone rattling punch, shaking my teeth at their roots, rocking me backward.

We traded blow for blow but now I stood my ground, refusing to allow him to send me to the floor. 

  I had to fight for all I was worth... for Connie's sake.  I couldn't let her down, not here, not now.  

At last, I returned his punch with two of my own, knocking him to the floor.  As he scrambled to get up,

I kicked him in the ribs, forcing him to roll away.  He pushed hard at the ground trying to get up and I kicked him again, forcing him onto his back.  This time, before he had time to react, I jumped on his chest with my knee, pushing the air out of him.

As he gasped, struggling to breathe, I straddled him, sitting on his chest and began to beat him.  Only now did I begin to feel a change in the burning hate that pulsed through me.  It felt good... satisfying... like revenge.

"I give up," Eddie moaned, holding up his hands to protect his face.

The feeble gesture meant nothing.

"Henry, please.  You're going to kill him," Gabby cried as she and Sorand pulled firmly at me, forcing me to stand.

 I struggled to catch my breath as Connie ran to me, slipping her arms around my waist, placing her head on my heaving chest.

As I turned, the look on Sorand's face stabbed at me. 

"You did this," I accused and swung with all the power I had left, punching him in the face. 

Instantly, he slipped his hand into his jacket, extending it its full length, his silver revolver bristling at its end, looking every inch like the killer I had suspected him to be.  

Gabby rushed to him, running her hand up the length of his arm, speaking French at a frantic pace.

Slowly, his finger pulled at the trigger, its hammer sliding back with a loud click as Gabby's voice raced madly, eventually becoming little more than a whisper and the gun slipped away, finding its hiding spot under his coat once more.

His eyes burned, his lips moved without sound and we all just stood there.



© 2014 Tegon Maus

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wonderfully descriptive chapter of what i would say a very interesting book. the description was intensely real and i felt every punch, thanks so much for entering this into my best piece of work, competition. good luck.

Posted 3 Months Ago

I enjoyed reading this fast paced fight scene. You hold the reader well. Great work.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Wow This Is Great, I Like This

Posted 2 Years Ago

Good pacing in the story and especially in the fight /action part in your story.
Best Wishes,
Ian Chris

Posted 2 Years Ago

Tegon Maus

2 Years Ago

Thanks for the read Ian... not to mention the note !!
Was this fight scene suppose to be a few chapters back? No wonder I didn't remember the fight - thought I was getting senile. So was the last chapter the end of the book? Did he keep the pants? Tegon how could you leave me wondering?

Posted 6 Years Ago

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