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Soo-young, Kyoung-wook, and Violet finish packing their bags. “Ok. Now what do need to do?” soo-young asked. “Have you guys heard of Kim Eunji?” Violet asked. Soo-young and Kyong-wook nodded.  “She’s my mom. Before I left, I did some research. The amethyst star was my mom’s power source. She touched it after her tattoo changed. It gave her powers.” Violet pulled a tiny red leather book. “This is her journal. She wrote that if she was ever in danger that she’d leave clue’s to find her.”

She opened the book to a page. “It’s says that the star is located in the far west. Near some place called the Golden palace.” Soo-young abruptly stood up. “The Golden Palace?” She asked. Violet nodded. “That place is the most dangerous place a moonlighter could possibly go.” She explained. “Yes, I know that, but you’re not a moonlighter.” Violet said. “Guys if we want to get a good start, I think we should leave now.” Kyong-wook said. “He’s right. The sun will rise any minute.” Violet said. Kyong-wook took soo-young’s hand and pulled her out the room, following Violet. “Even if we do find this star,how is that going to help us find your mother?” Kyong-wook asked. “My mother. Being as smart as she is. She knows what clues to leave and wat tail to follow. So do I.”

The trio left the moonlight kingdom started walking. “So do you like have a map?” Kyong-wook asked. “Of course I do.” Violet said. She pulled out the map to show Kyong-wook. “ I have a question.” Soo-young said. “You ssaid that you have powers. What kind of powers?” Violet stopped and sighed. “I can sense the power one has and I can see the truth in people. And I can remove people’s power and humility.”


“Can you sense power in me?” soo-young asked. Violet put her hand on soo-young’s shoulder. “Yes. Your very powerful. But I can’t tell you what that power is.” Violet said. “Why?”  Violet smiled. “Nature works in mysterious ways.” She said and continued walking. Soo-young and Kyong-wook walked side by side. “So about your tattoo.” He said. “Yeah, crazy right?” She said. “Yeah. But if you have a red crescent moon , doesn’t that mean you have sunlighter blood in you?”

She shrugged. “Maybe. I mean, before all of this our people were friends. Now it’s possible. Also how’s your transition going?” She asked. “Good I guess, my tattoo is showing signs of a moon. And the color is fading.” Kyong-wook said. “Fading? What do you mean fading?” Soo-young asked. “It’s losing its red color. See.” Kyong-wook showed soo-young his wrist. “Kyong-wook. I don’t think that’s a moon. It looks more like an arrow.” “What?” Kyong-wook asked. He looked at his wrist. “You’re right. What does this mean?” He asked. “I don’t know.” The pairs eye’s met for a second before they heard violet’s scream.

They looked over and saw violet in the hands of a giant man. “Let her go.” Kyong-wook screamed. The man just laughed. “I said put her down!” He lunged at the giant man. A blast of green goo, came erupting out of the mans hand. Kyong-wook went falling to the ground. “I’m stuck!” He yelled. “Soo-young!” Violet yelled. “Blast him!” The man shot his goo in soo-young’s direction. She dodged the shot and ducked behind a log. “How?!” She screamed back? Violet kicked the man in his stomach and ran. “Think! You have to think about fire.” Violet dogged one of the man’s attacks. “Concentrate on the flames! Let the flames become you!”  Soo-young closed her eyes and thought about fire. The heat went to her hands, flames engulfed her finger tips. She breathed in and opened her eyes. She looked down at her hands, flames came from her hands. She let out a yell as she threw the flames towards the giant man.

The flames hit him and he turned to ash. Violet slowly got up from behind the tree she was hiding behind. “You did it!” she exclaimed. Violet ran over to soo-young and hugged her. “Hello? I’m still stuck here!” Kyong-wook yelled. The girls ran over to Kyong-wook. “What is he covered in?” Soo-young asked. Violet sniffed the green goo and frowned. “Cytoplasm.” She said.  “Hey soo-young touch it.” Violet said. “Why?” She asked. “Just do it.” Soo-young rolled up her sleeve and touched the goo. “Now think about ice.” Soo-young’s hand instantly went cold. She shivered. The goo turned a slightly blue color. “Ok stop.” Violet said. Soo-young opened her  eye’s and gasped. The goo was on fire. But the flames were frozen.

The goo melted away and Kyong-wook got off the ground.  “How did you do that?” He asked. “I don’t know.” She said. She turned to violet. “How did you know I could do that?” She asked. “I told you, I can sense your powers. You just had to bring them to life.” She said. “You control fire. You decide what form it’s in, how it works, and what temperature it is.” Violet explained. She looked at the sky. “I think we should get going. No more time to waste.” She said.  The two nodded and the trio started walking again. 

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Added on November 15, 2015
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