purest of reasons

purest of reasons

A Poem by Kent Rawski

self inward process I guess it shows to write a poem in minutes doesn't do justice

here's something I've thought of a bit,where exactly do thoughts become feelings and where do they fit, or am I off course that one or the other is ever meant, to become emotions that are sentient, and where does spontaneity jump in this hunt,with all its circumstance it can be quite blunt,so left to wonder how this can become that,i never quite know just where im at,perhaps just a juxtapose I suppose, so one day all may become clear when all is torn away , the hubris the debris that clouds my way, and the path that was uncertain will not let me stray,yet lifes little vagaries will always stay 

© 2019 Kent Rawski

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This poem really doesn't make a lot of sense. I can't really tell exactly what it's about, but I gather that it has something to do with conflict between your logical, rational mind, and your emotional heart. Perhaps you could explain it in greater detail?

Posted 21 Hours Ago

That synopsis of yours is what makes poetry so great.
Our conception of a poem is scribbled down capturing an element of ourselve on paper.

Then we give way to the viewer to reflect.

The readers past, present state of mind, and emotional state gives the poet's canvas endless possibilities.
Possibilities we never dreamed of. The great thing about being here in the cafe is we get to hear some of those impressions.

Whether it's better to weigh and measure a piece, or whip it up from scratch? I guess that depends on which way the wind blows. :)

Posted 4 Days Ago

Kent Rawski

4 Days Ago

thanks for being there to share very good input
There are lots of interesting thoughts in this Kent. I think it is hard to analyse our own thoughts and feelings. Where do they come from (very important today when we are manipulated by the media) and how do they develop. Finding answers are difficult but realising that we are not the logical thinkers we might think is important.
Very thought provoking!

Posted 4 Days Ago

Kent Rawski

4 Days Ago

really good point on our logical thinking process feelings can be the most illogical human response .. read more
I sort of like the bouncy jaunty way this rides along like I was in a jalopy getting thrown around

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

I sort of like the bouncy jaunty way this rides along like I was in a jalopy getting thrown around lol

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Chuckling here... you started well but then went to rhyme. Stream of conscious writing takes malice of forethought to new levels of intent.

I liked the thoughts within what you voiced.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Kent Rawski

4 Days Ago

a chuckle for you from a knuckle head me chuckle on :)

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Added on January 11, 2019
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Kent Rawski
Kent Rawski

Baldwin, FL

I am me and plan to be for sometime more..