Counting Debt

Counting Debt

A Poem by Attentive_Ambience

For all those student loans


Give me liberty and justice

Freedom: speech, press, religion, assembly
The freedom to accumulate debt

A first world problem starring tuition

Debit cards given a direct link to our lifelines

Social Security numbers holding our slots in

a system designed to increase an arbitrary number

like an invisible credit card with a limit that reaches infinity

Have you reached your limit?



The freedom to denounce debt

A straining burden lifted from bank accounts

an account that takes its last hopeful breathe

as the remaining balance is drained and all that remains are

Zeros that stare out at me from a computer screen telling me I’m broke.


At the end of four years my ransom will be worth thousands

Debt is a criminal that takes every earned dollar but is never satisfied

Bank account: Zero

College account: Thousands and growing

Would you like to set up a recurring payment?

My limit has been reached.


© 2018 Attentive_Ambience

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Added on February 7, 2018
Last Updated on February 7, 2018
Tags: debt, poem, student loans, freedom, money