Ch - V The Silent Truth

Ch - V The Silent Truth

A Chapter by Adrams Demons

Main room holding her secret...

CHAPTER FIVE [The Silent Truth]

Adrams hated the creepy moans of infected. It might drive him crazy to lose his mind.

One of the infected still scratching and moaning around outside, breaking the potted plants and strucking with wind chimes. Adrams watched Macy near the candle light, as it was already night, but she didn’t move with the sound of the zombie outside, thank God. The pretty girl needed to sleep.

She curled up like a tight ball but after weeks of sleeping up in an attic, he didn’t much blame her. He hadn’t been able to sleep himself. Every time he lay down, his nightmares started.

Besides, her beautiful presence excited the pervy devil out of him.

To have company like a princess as her was great, amazing.

So instead of sleeping, he enjoyed the view, sitting at the end of the cranky wooden double bed. She was lying on her back with nothing more than white panties and a tank top covering her body only because of the humidity of the house.

Adrams couldn’t help but appreciate the nice thin cotton panties giving him the perfect curvy views of her a*s. [hehehe *drooling* 😈]

It was good for summer but perfect for spying what was under it, like the tank top showing the valley like space between her br**sts and the shadow between her thighs. That he could slightly make the side lines of her pu**y which was probably in his pure imagination.

Dark messy sexy hair was spread out across the pillow, her pretty face turned away on other side. The slow, rise and fall of her br**sts with her breathing mesmerized him. Hypnotized. Stunned. Lost.

He could watch her sleep for hours and hours.

He likely would love to.

He had considered in his mind taking his c*ck in hand, getting some relief, but noooo. For some dumb reason it felt like cheating. As if it would take her away, and he will ruin everything to win her.

His commitment was total towards her.

Apart from the creepy moans, things were good body washed, belly full , and princess laid out for his viewing pleasure. Tortured, but good.

The window was boarded and a set of drawers were in front of the door blocking the room in their extra defence, Macy's shotgun in pride resting near her. She had actually gone to sleep with it beside her.

The hundreds of locks and barricades with metal rods had barely convinced her to sleep in the house instead of up in the attic.

He moved the drawers aside from the door carefully, quietly, and stepped out into the dark hallway.

Adrams had refused to use the main bedroom of the house, she wouldn't even wanted to go near the closed door of the main room.

"Why?" He thought in his mind in curiousty.

It was as if she was trying to hide or ignore something.

People had done some horrible things to survive. He knew he had done, the worst of it keeping him awake at nights, terror him in his sleeps, scare him of what might come out of the dark. The virus had made monsters of everyone.

Deep down, he knew what he may find in that room.

He didn’t go in the main room, just stood still in the hallway and opened the door slowly. The door creaked ominously with creepy sound as it swung open.

There was no warning, the smell was sufficient enough to tell him. The small flashlight he has gave him some shine.

There was a lot of blood on the floor. The human body has liters of bloody liquid. It had seeped into the carpet and dried, making stains of darkness. An old-fashioned lamp was dropped close by, its metal base was covered in more blood.

So this was Macy's secret then. She had crushed her first infected, which was probably the elderly neighbor’s skull in with a lamp base.

His frowned and felt sorry for her.

"S**t, my poor little princess." He whispered silently to himself.

A gun was much simple and clean way to kill the infected in comparison with the lamps. But he knew she hadn't shoot a gun before until he met her.

He pulled the door closed and continued searching the house, he reached up the ladder where the hole was, in which she was desperate to hide from the start. He doubted she could have done more than move around the tiny attic on her knees. As he looked in, it was hot as an oven and thick full of dust, way disastrous than he imagined.

"Never the f**k, damn, sh*t, she is again coming up here ever, fuuuu*k." He made promise to himself, while getting crazy with the stupid oven like attic in seconds but he keep his voice in his head.

Adrams climb down the ladder and got back to the guest room where his angel was resting, rearranged the drawers against the door and pull off his t-shirt.

Night had failed to cool off the house at all. It remained sweaty hot with the windows closed and no electricity to turn on the fans.

She had moved a little in his absence, rolled over onto other side. She had even rested her hand beneath her cheek.

He might have slept on the floor as part of the negotiation to give her more space and time, but he couldn’t do it.

The mattress springs made creaky voice as he climbed on the bed next to her, taking his arm over her waist and cuddling with her warm body. They fit together perfectly in that bed.

She whisper something in her sleep but didn’t wake.

The disgusting memories of the scene next door, the main bedroom kept his c**k under control, which was good for him and her. He felt sorry for her and wanted to comfort and protect her in his arms.

She needed that right now. Or it was his thoughts. [pervert]

Being this close to her, his skin got wet with sweat in no time. He felt like he had a fever. But no way he was moving from that attached position.

Because, despite being this close to her, the in and out of her breathing calmed him.

He lie there and rub her arm gently, breathing in the scent of the shampoo she had used up a bottle of. It was all good.

For the first time in weeks, he had hope.

To Be Continued ~ Chapter - VI

© 2017 Adrams Demons

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