Open your eyes.... But... If I open my eyes....

Open your eyes.... But... If I open my eyes....

A Poem by Passionate writer

Thank you for motivating me to write when all i wanted to do was wither in solitude. Collaboration with KCthelastscout.


Open your Eyes.........
By: KCthelastboyscout

Open your eyes. Can you look at me?
What are you thinking? Are you dreaming? Are you praying? Maybe I'm not what you are thinking about right now. I'm not the Man you dreamed of all your life. I may not be the answer to your prayers. But I am here... Share your pain with me. The two of us can resolve through anything. You and I have taken separate journeys to be with each other.
Let's find a new destination. An unknown journey we can take together. Take my hand. Let me be brave for you. Brave for both of us. We will find new faith in each other. Let me help you breath. Find peace. Calm the raging waters inside of you. You are not alone. There are two heartbeats now. I will be by your side always.
Open your eyes........


If I open my eyes..........
By: Broken Soul

You asked me to open my eyes to all that you could be and do for me. But I couldn't hide behind a lie.
If I open my eyes I might be at the right place with the right person, at the wrong time. Because your soothing words may overwhelm this heart that beats for another. Your comforting whisper might bring peace to my mind but I'd be using you. How can I look into your eyes knowing it's not right?
If I open my eyes I might take refuge in your arms looking for a way out of this turmoil that's taken over my heart.
Unfair it would be knowing your embrace offers a forever, where I will only offer moments but not a lifetime.
If I open my eyes I can't be the woman you deserve. One that offers understanding, and passion filled nights. For those I have reserved for another. My lips might kiss you back but no feelings will be shared.
If I open my eyes you will see the monster I've become. A scary thought. So I will take solace in this darkness that consumes me.
Letting my tears smolder my being.
For I will own up to the burden I must endure for loving another.
So knowing the truth are you willing to share your dreams, your days, your love with me?... If I open my eyes?..

© 2017 Passionate writer

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A beautiful and sad story. Maybe in the end there's hope. You two make a good team you should write together more often :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Passionate writer

1 Year Ago

Thank you for the opportunity to write with you and for the motivation. I will be honored to write w.. read more

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1 Review
Added on November 16, 2017
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Passionate writer
Passionate writer


A hopeless romantic. A dreamer of impossibilities. My writing may not make sense.. But I don't make sense. And when my heart takes over my brain shuts down. I live the moment, cherish the memories and.. more..