Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Azure Montessa (Blue)

A knock woke him up from his sleep. He grumbled and buried himself more under his covers. For some reasons, he felt terribly exhausted and sleepy.
There was another knock just when sleep almost claimed him again. It must be his mother, reminding him he's already late for school. But how late? He didn't have the strength to open his eyelids just to check the time on his bedside table.
Another knock. Louder. Why couldn't she just simply leave him alone?
It wasn't her mother's voice. It was Selene's.
Then realization hit him like a bucket of cold water, sending him to a state of immediate consciousness.
He sat bolt upright and tried to recall everything. But his head was spinning and the room seemed strange. Way too strange. Caramel-painted walls. Mahogany table propped against the wall. Cheap painting of a farm hanging just beside the window. The room was immaculately and impossibly neat. He was not home.
Yes, that's it. He was not home. In fact, he's in the Philippines since last night. Why was he here again?
"Reid? Reid?" The answer to his question was just outside the door.
"Wait a sec," he yelled as he jumped out of bed like a schoolboy. Suddenly, he wasn't so tired anymore.
He swung the door open and there stood in front of his eyes the sweet eighteen-year-old Selene. His Selene.
There was  nothing really spectacular about her profile. 5 feet and 3 inches tall. Brown complexion. Dark brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Pale pink lips. She's average-looking.
But he was in love with her that everything about her was beautiful. Especially her eyes. Deep, intelligent, mysterious eyes. The kind of eyes that you'd want to see first thing in the morning. The kind of eyes that housed the entire universe. The kind of eyes anybody would trade his soul for.
Selene smiled. Crazy as it might sound, his heart almost leaped out of his chest when she did. But her smile immediately faded and blood ran up to color her cheeks. She turned her back on him, leaving him baffled.
"Reid! Show some decency."
"Oops." He realized a little too late that he was almost naked. At least, he still had his boxers on.
He smirked and pulled her into his arms. Then he started kissing her everywhere. From the top of her head, to her nape, down to her bare shoulders. She smelled like soap in a delirious, sensual way.
She was giggling and squirming the whole time. "Reid! Stop it." But he didn't. And she still giggled. After a few moments of playful struggle, she pulled herself out of his embrace. Breathless and  blushing furiously, she said, "What a way to say hello."
"Should I say hello again?" He leaned toward her but she stepped back, laughing.
"Is this how you say hello to everybody?"
"Only to the girl I like." He winked.
"You'd better dress up. We have a great day ahead of us," she said, almost business-like.
Reid noticed the abrupt change of topic and of the tone of her voice. And he knew. Selene always dodged away from topics that she find irresistibly romantic. He smiled. It took him two years to know things like that.
He smiled even broader. "Dress up? We'd have more fun naked."
She froze, mouth slightly hanging open.
"Uhm...I'm sorry. Did I offend you?"
"I-It's okay. I was just thinking maybe we could spend the day exploring Iloilo. I'll tour you around."
"Great idea."
She poked him gently under his rib cage. "Time to doll up, gorgeous!"
"Sounds wrong to me."
"Doll up."
She chuckled. She was usually the one more concerned with the appropriateness of word choice. "Yeah, yeah."
"Are we in a hurry? Can I at least eat something first?"
She pulled something out of her sling bag and handed it to him.
"Sandwich." He said, surprised and impressed.
"Your usual snack in Belgium."
"And the only edible food you can prepare."
She held her chin up. "I'm offended." But the devious grin etched on her face revealed sarcasm. He laughed. "Show me some hospitality and let me in."
He realized they had been standing in the doorway for quite a long time. "Sorry."
He quickly kissed her forehead before he closed the door behind them.

© 2013 Azure Montessa (Blue)

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I liked the start to this book. Not a whole lot of information but enough to hook the reader in! I truly hope you add to this book, I would really enjoy reading whatever awaits in Reid's and Selene's story!

Posted 4 Years Ago

A very nice start to your novel, you introduce the characters well and keep the conversation easy and light. You gave just enough of the 'back story' which is often an area where new writers tend to overdo it. It would seem like you have the knack for book writing as well. The chapter is of a nice length and well organized. I'm very curious how Reid got from Belgium to the Philippines.

Very impressive for a first stab at a book. One think I've been told that you might think about is giving each chapter a title. Sometimes this can be a challenge, but for some crazy reason, many readers really like it. I knew you could do it, Blue, I'm looking forward to more.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Bluest Blue

4 Years Ago

I almost forgot about this one. Haha. Thank you for encouraging me, Eddie. I might want to continue .. read more

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Added on December 26, 2013
Last Updated on December 27, 2013

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