As She Walked

As She Walked

A Poem by bluessadmood

this a review to my friend Sheila Kline..she liked it and asked me to post it..and here it is


i see those with weakness will look and sigh
men who are strong they think ..will go weak and fly
after those eyes those ruby lips..that will take off their mind
she is a woman of passion set out to kill all weak hearts
never ready for such a sight ..she took them by surprise
that kind of walk..calculated in every move
each has a to follow the other
each move has a purpose..the eyes will follow
the invitation so clear.. come watch me from near
the body will sway with taste..the mind will go astray
she knows how to show every curve to the very best
and even more..the curves looking more curvy..the walk
like this ground has never been walked on before ..taking breaths with each pace she takes
all eyes fixed could never turn away ..such a sight will never repeat itself every day
her fragrance filling the air..the whole block
sending men wild and mad..they have seen the face ..the ruby lips ..the wild eyes
body swaying in a move like no one ever moved like the earth shook underneath
the air vibrated so strong just could not handle that walk

© 2009 bluessadmood

Author's Note

a review turned to a writing ha ha ..i am not really a friend Sheila Kline asked me to post it as it was a review to one of her great writings ..actually her writing was the thing that inspired me to write this

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Hello again Moayad (I hope you don't mind my use of your name)
This is a wonderful poem. It offers many different interpretations. The first that springs to mind is the seeking of men under stress and duress for release in the arms of a seductive and available woman. But that is the simple reading. 'Getting' the woman could represent the obsessive aspiration of men to have power and the woman the seductive appeal which leads men on to follow and seek to win her whereupon she becomes the ultimate power and leads them into death - a siren, - die Lorelei to escape whom, yet still participate, the strong men tie themselves to the mast but still hear the singing without submitting to fate. All very profound - perhaps not what you meant at all. That is one of the beauties of poetry. It means what we see in it. This is unusual for me! I normally see the happy side in verse. In this I have had a balanced view and have seemingly gone deeper. I would like to read some of the work of Shiela Kline. Where do I find her?
I hope GOOD THINGS happen to you in the New Year Moayad,
God Bless you,

Posted 9 Years Ago

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wow love the way you play with words to describe that lady walking

Posted 8 Months Ago

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8 Months Ago

Thank you ,really happy that you liked this.
Wow, this is truly wonderful.. I love how vivid the image of the woman is. I am so glad you were talked into posting this piece. Simply amazing

Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

ha ha,thank you so much..dear sheila kline wrote a lovely poem that was my review..ha ha
A beautifully written piece that allows one to well is she described...I think we have all known at least one such woman who always holds attention...fascinates..this is a poem that many can relate to...alluring and thus must be pursued...perfectly conscious of her beauty else she would not walk as she walks...I am glad You were persuaded to post this

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I'm glad Shelia got you to post it. If this was a review wow! I want you to read my manual script to my poetry book. I enjoyed your review that is now a poem. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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You can actually picture the woman in this piece and how she has all the men under her spell captivating them. its amazing it really is.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Hello! How are you? Long time no see!

I see why she thought you ought to post it, it's lovely! It's like a little journey and is very sweet and tender.

Thank you for your kind review, so glad you enjoyed!

Posted 8 Years Ago

You say you're not a poet, but this was a simple devine poem.
I loved every word and it worked well.
I liked the way you captured me, as a reader while in your poem, the woman captured the men.
It fit's hand in hand, and it's almost as if the reader is watching this woman walk by.
Great imagery.

Fabulous write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Made me think of Marilyn Monroe. I enjoyed this .Even though you say you are not a poet, I love the way you describe this woman, her motivation, the reactions. Good use of repitition 'ruby red lips' like we are all captivated by this woman (whether we want to be or not) I would like to see more of your poems.


Posted 8 Years Ago

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I'm captivated. Who couldn't notice such a beautiful woman brought to one's attention so well. I'm a woman, but still caught by her spell. I like the other gentleman am quite interested in reading the work which inspired such a moving poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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