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United in Peace Collaboration

United in Peace Collaboration

A Poem by An owl on the moon

Our 9th Annual Christmas Collaboration


United in Peace - Our 9th Annual Christmas Collaboration!


73 voices from 17 different countries around the world unite in peace. All poets are in alphabetical order by first name. Please feel free to copy and share all these verses on your page. Thank you everyone! 




As the Christmas lights shine brightly again
I hear some laughter now and then
I can't help but wonder how comforting it must be
That despite all my blunders, to have such a loving family
5hade5layer - USA


This picture makes me think of my sister.
She lives on the other side of the country from me.
It remind's me of the happy times we had together at these time.
Luckily she's coming next year with my nephew and nieces.
Andrew Jacobs - USA


The bough of an oak tree. Each sunrise, a Christmas season regarding nonreligious affairs of love. Every culture a string of light, learning the civilizing tradition. Its circumference is revealed by a day of joy. And that sun in the sky-will umbra and preserve all Christmas season... And love will bath our world forever.
Arthur Henn - USA


The lights cascade down
Spilling light like joy 
Shedding light on to happy faces
Of family spending time together
Ashley.J.Parker - New Zealand


Bells jingle at every door as boughs play lyre and the merry breeze sings Carol.
Cladded as friends,we cross the fences gathering on the warm lap of mother green for this holy feast.
Singing with glee, praying for peace, we share smiles, love and cake. 
The lights dance against the night while Heavens peeked through the curtain and smiled.
Atiba Sheikh - India


Let light be shed in our lives this day
Make us realise that come what may
We're united by LOVE which remains in our heart
Even though we be ten thousand miles apart
Babsie Bell - Scotland


It's the light in the dark
That stops the family falllng apart
The light keeps raining down
Keeping them safe and sound
B. Coelho - UK


In this time of change, we should not change,
for no matter what may fall, 
our love for all who walk this earth
is the love that conquers all.
Beccy - UK


It's the light in the dark
That stops the family falllng apart
The light keeps raining down
Keeping them safe and sound
Bobbie - UK


man defines the divine in his own limited terms
with electric lights replacing inspiration
and our own illumination replacing the holy
this season, let us embrace those things which we do not know
bob strating - USA


Meeting in accord
The ultimate love story ever told
Let love continually shine in you
Cassie - Kenya


Give thanks and enjoy these holidays,
For we never know when it'll fade away.
May you experience joy, laughter, peace, and hugs,
And spread kindness to all who need love.
Chantal - USA


Asking answers in a dark;
Stairing questions in a sun.
Paint a world black to blind;
Our breath feed truth a fund.
Cory Barrett - USA


Lights shine their path upon the bark.
Laughs sing a songs all like a lark.
Hands and arms spread warm and love.
Heaven looks down from high above.
crystal - Sweden


All the loves of this earth, ever loved shall
be revealed again thru the sparkling, camouflagic
hope, unfolded onto delicate surfaces gently placed
from the heavenly flame.....peace on earth..

dana - USA


The night looks almost eerie,
if it didn't look so warm,
the lights, the joy, the friendships,
keep us up until the dawn.
Daniel Marchetti - Australia


"The warmth, respect and true affection
Can bind us all without hesitation
Together we'll face this moonless night
With love in our hearts, our Christmas light."

Dhaye - Philippines


"Stars speaks of the story of miracle 
As the sky brightens up in delight
With the news of the birth of Christ 
Every broken soul finds a hopeful light"
Dhiman - India


Surround your hearts around the festive table
Wrapped together, Christmas presents, in prayer
Joy below the tree of life, one holy family
Happy Birthday baby Jesus light of lights
Earl Schumacker - USA


delighted faces all aglow 
round table with food to spare
star lit nooses hanging some
the feast goes on with flare.
Einstein Noodle - USA


Light flickers, framed by the love of many tongues.
Life - grown from roots deep draped in radiance. 
Empathy clasps trembling hands, whispering hope 
'Pon horizons for prayers be Heaven heard.
emmajoy - UK 


From the darkened whispered world we rise

And come now together in radiant light

So with echoed songs of unity’s voice

This blessing flows into the heavenly night

C Froman - USA


Bring evergreen to deciduous night
by baubles and stars let there be light
'neath angels drink and eat our fill 
we trust in the spring of our earthly will.
Gandre - USA


Mesmerized by darkness, shadows dance in eternity
growth to infinity - that's their nature is
so easy that it takes effort to say 'no'..
but saviors are the droplets
emancipated and attached to light of God
the end of dark
brings then the birth of us
Gaurav �" India


Beneath life's boughs all mankind waits
on what is offered by the fates,
praying for, both love and peace,
and that all worldwide strife will cease.
Gee - England


Count your day with a smile and never with tears.
Count your night by the day and shadows will fall behind you.
Count your life by happiness and not with pains.
Everytime we love,everytime we give,it's Christmas.

Ifeoma Isabella okeke - Nigeria


Christmas Time; a gift, the holy & sacred birth of Jesus 
A time when mankind unites in warmth, tolerance, respect and true affection 
Jesus; the tree of life, his light & power shine from God's deep, foundational roots 
Allowing his gleaming love to cascade down over us, like oil, overflowing & filling us
Im His Daughter - Canada 


Gathered tenderly under the glow
Remembering gifts from long ago
Not the toys and season’s decor
But a gift from the Father we love and adore .
James Andersen - USA


Waited year for such a twilight,
Where we all pray under the bright light,
Fight all the evils on the Christmas night,
Let's make it a beautiful sight.
Jasbir Kaur - India


The faithful gather glowing warm
To celebrate the precious Son..
May all the Earth come together in Love
And Sing in Praise to Heaven Above.


I pray the hope of peace can expand to every nation.
I pray every child and family is safe and have shelter.
The sound of war is silence."
I hope you like dear friend.

John Castellenas/Coyote - USA

Love is the answer no matter the question,
Give it and I will return three fold.
Learned through practice and not suggestion,
More than a rule than is made of gold.
J Todd Underhill - USA


Under world's tree with angel's our spirits join kneeling.

Light of life between our heart's fire and heaven's stars shining.

What joy, what pain, what tears humanity is calling.

Christmas made real by all praying, sharing, giving.

Kathy Van Kurin - USA


Here we are to eat the feast of peace,
Just enough to celebrate the scene,
When the stars all begins to sing,
That here comes the true prince of peace.
Kay Salisu Titilola - Nigeria


There is a tree, and light. 
There are people we know because we know people.
We love each other, we may not know it yet.
Stand up and hug.
Keith Martell - USA


A light rises, guiding warm stars
And spirits finding solace
In all the worlds that feeling
Comes with the welcome of a timeless meeting
Ken Simm - UK


when all of nature reflects

darkness fades from within

spirits shine and joy unveils   

and love flows into everything

Ladysue - USA


Winter night, and sparkling bright, amber pearls abound.
Friends so dear and family near, gather all around.
Twilight song to night so long, can you hear the sound?
Laughter rings and carol sings, joy for blessings found.
Lawrence Raybon - USA


Sitting around the table under the tree,
No empty, cold, lonely spaces,
Only the chatter, smiles, of friendly faces,
To happiness, joy and love is key.
Lydia B. - USA


Strands join us with love growing luminous
weaving harmony with our best humanness
dissuading words and actions ever ruinous
playfully sharing our quirks so humorous!
Margie - USA


Our hearts must be open for the sacred to fall in-
Light the path to their reception, let sternums break in love. 
This season, recall the forgotten; give voice
to the unloved: invite someone to come in from the cold, with you. 
(Nuestros corazones necesitan abrirse para que la sagrada entre-
Ilumina el camino para su recepcion, permiten los pechos
romperse en amor. Esta estacion, recuerda los olvidados, da voz
a los no amados. Invita que alguien retirarse del frio, contigo.) 
Marie Anzalone/ Raquelita - Guatemala


Gather your Family,
of bonds not blood,
whose light has shined
upon your life.
Matthew W. - Australia


gathered lights for the young and old
shine upon hearts left in such cold
bring the scent of warming prayers
answered by our Lord, The One that cares
M. Cotterman - USA


Oh Holy night, the Lord Savior has come.
Bright glowing faces, lighting up a new night,
Peace, love, joy, and happiness toward all.
May your days truly be merry and bright.
ME Lyle - USA


Under the spring sky
celebrating, why?
It's not Christmas in this picture
Just a falsehood, a conjecture
Mikael - Finland


It is that season ... once again
Of hearths aglow and hearts within
That season when I stand apart
Longing to feel a ... joyous heart.
Misery - USA


Beneath the Tree of Life we dance and dance
Held together by common bonds of caring 
We celebrate together year after year
It's all about the strength of love and sharing

Miss Owl - USA


The family gathers 'round the tree
No fancy frills for all to see.
Just love and laughter for to share
And mem'ries made in Christmas air.
Miss Sharon - USA  


Let me sit beneath the bough before the break of dawn
Let me honour those I love the living and the ones I mourn
Let me know that hope is a psalm that makes us strong
Let the light of family be the foundation of our eternal song



When the world has become faithless and miserable,
When souls cry across all lands.
We shall create this selfless miracle
With the light that illuminate our hands.
Nwang - India


Harp strings are the orchestration of love
and civilization in our world of survival...
Each precious life is a gift from heaven
as we gather together in love and devotion...
Patricia E. Wedel - USA  


The tree gives hope.
Shelter and peace.
They break bread
The world unites..
Paul Bell - UK


Sparkling lights reaches the soul
Illumination of the lonely hearts
Gathering of the kin, warms hugs
Blessings - comforting love.
Pax - Philippines 


in between the warmest of hellos and goodbyes I spend my time 
suspended in love and light with my dearest ones; dusk settles damply,
dreamily, but every gaze shines wetly with merriment
and keeps me lovely cozy inside. 
peacemilk - Canada


Rows of lights are falling
Like diamonds to the ground
And friends, my hopes, are calling
Where loving might be found...
Peter Rogerson - UK


As we come together, all holding hands,
Around this table of hope, and love,
We create this family, from many lands,
To honor what the season's, truly made of.
P.L. Reed - USA


We are all but lights
illuminated by one another
seasons come and go
but our bonds remain
PoppySilver - UK


The connection may not be real.
Our hearts may not be working.
But our souls are flying,
free from everything,
hugging and dancing with each other.
Priscila Sousa - Portugal


I looked infront, she was not happy
I invite comparison with her.
we saved us from ego.
we cherrished happiness each other

rajashree r - India


Together forever
The thing that you see
happiness in your eyes 
can you see
Rebecca G. - USA 


May darkness be swept away by the magical light,
Let us find peace and comfort in each other's company.
Of earth we are made of - into earth we return,
let's celebrate our love for nature this holidays!
Ria - UAE


From heavens high soft starlight cascades down
to light
this sharing, with all gathered 'round.
Love's set aglow their heart's
�'� with God's renown,
for peace
🌿 they pray together, without sound�"*

Richard W. Jenkins - USA


When you string the Christmas light around the house
Make sure one is strung around your heart,
For the ribbons, bows and tinsel pale in comparison
To the gift that comes from the heart.

The Rock and Roll Cowboy - USA


'I'm glad you made it,' says she to the he to her left.
'I said I would, now here I am,' replies said he to she.
'It wouldn't be Christmas without you,' says she.
As he smiles at the lights a-glinting in her eyes. 
Ron Askew - UK


Eyes filled with relief, words filled with sweetness, laughter, not on people but on jokes.
Everyone is surrounded with the drugs of love and happiness
People don't care about where they belong or what is their faith. The only thing they care about is this great day.
That's the beauty of Christmas and a collaboration...
Shasha - India


" I rose in love to heaven's height,
The moon was full, the stars were bright.
The darkness slowly moved away,
My life and heart shine with YOUR Light."


five strings of fairy lights fall from the branch of the tree at twilight,
touching the hearts of the humans below, souls intertwined, laughter and faces aglow.
you can hear the crickets come alive in the night, and oh, how wonderful it is to witness such a sight.
on the very bench that you sit; finally, you say the words "i'm all right", and mean it.
shiloh marie - USA


This tree has watched my son grow 
From little boy to a strong young man.
Here it stands in graceful beauty
A small piece of the Master's plan
Tate Morgan - USA


Join us beneath our lighted maple,
Please come enjoy our yuletide table,
And when you hear jingle bells ring,
Smile and laugh and loudly sing.
Ted Kniffen - Canada


It takes a whole village to raise a child

we now live in the biggest village in history.
Let us cherish one another.
Tony Jordan - UK


Another Christmas approaching fast,
Stuff the turkey, just hope it lasts.
A joyous dinner with family and friends;
Wishing the day would never end.
Valentine - USA


it reminds me of peace and tranquility
a family together celebrating the season
the great tree reminds me of a great strength
and the light is the light of God watching over us all...

wordman - USA


Spreading love and giving comfort

Is all that matters in the real world

Gather around, ye all

For christmas bells are being being heard

YumnaKay - Pakistan

© 2016 An owl on the moon

Author's Note

An owl on the moon
Thank you all so much for participating and extending a song of peace into a world that so desperately needs it.

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well idk how but i find utter perfectness in this... peace is always what ive dreamed for and seeing it come to life ..feel so heavenly ..god bless :0 o:)

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

My friend, may you find such peace in this new year. Thank you for your kind words! Blessings! :)
This was just so beautiful. Delighted to see so many people come together from various countries on the same platform. Such positive responses. Felt great to read. :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

Thank you for your wonderful kindness in reading through our song! May your new year bring you endle.. read more
Wow! Beautiful and lovely. It feels so amazing to be a part of this where poets from around the world has united for a same motive. Thank you so much for bringing this great idea.

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

It was a deep honor to have you join us! Thank YOU!!!
amazing !!! :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

I so appreciate your kindness! :)
I really like the collaberation and I wish I had the time to join in but I was just really busy. Great job and a Merry Christmas to you, to everyone who participated and to everyone on Writer's Cafe :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

Please join us in our tenth next year! Just a blessing to have your words here. Thank you! :)
Asir Y.R

1 Year Ago

You're very welcome and thank you for posting :)
It's so very heart warming to read everyone's wishes for the holidays and beautiful to see poets come together like this, united in their desire for peace on earth, and in our communities. Best wishes to all for a safe and happy holiday.

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

I so deeply appreciate your words and wishes, dear poet. May 2017 bring endless waves of peace for t.. read more
This is amazing. Need to be put into a book my friend.
Peace my friend. Need to be lessons taught to children and concern/forgiveness to us adults. When war and violence is alive. Peace is forgotten. When soldiers won't fight and we lead with concern/kindness and love. Peace can be found. I pray one day. Thank you for sharing the powerful piece.

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much my good friend. I pray this too, one day that peace will come to lift us all.
Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

I hope. I hope ASAP. A powerful write my friend.
An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

May there always be poets who fill this world with peace.
The fire of fear fueled by hate
In time as before they shall abate
Let's hope that day quick comes here
Times of trouble are not as bad as they appear...

I don't know am I too late, but that's my tuppence worth!

All the best for 2017!

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

My friend! So good to have you here and to have your words and voice join in the chorus! Wishing thi.. read more
It feels good to be part of this with all the others from all around the world.. :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

Precious poet, it was pure joy to have your voice join this chorus of peace. I thank you with all my.. read more
Dr. YumnaKay

1 Year Ago

Ahh well I thank you for letting me join.. ☺
Such in awe, reading this compilation of so many poets brought together by a common thread! I had every intention of submitting something, but have been suffering through clusters of migraines every couple of days. My hats off to all who participated...and to Craig and Emma for making it happen! Merry Christmas to all! xo

Posted 1 Year Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Year Ago

Dear Kelly, thank you so much for your sweet words! Wishing you only peace and strength for your Chr.. read more
Kelly Scheppers

1 Year Ago

...thank you, Craig! ...and the same to you!

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An owl on the moon
An owl on the moon

Welcome to my page of poetry... May you find peace and inspiration... Craig Que filtro embriagante Me deste tu a beber? Até me esqueço de mim E não te posso esquecer..... more..