The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

A Poem by ellemorell

It felt like the web of my life had become a tangled mess. Matted together and broken in places. Entwined with the debris of fractured dreams. Love merely the substance holding the mire fast.


It felt like arriving at a fork in the road with a cliff at the end of one path and a mountain at the end of the other. Climb, jump or stagnate in your twisted nest.


It felt like the bitterness was poisoning me. My hair, strands of confusion growing then breaking away. Skin dull. Eyes hollow and dry but for their tears, which seemed always on the brink.


It felt like being engulfed by exhaustion. Dragging my body through each day. Every ill-fated encounter adding to the fatigue. Every hurtful exchange taking more of me away, further into myself.


It felt like there was no future, but no way out. This life built together and now bound by so many things that we, the two of us created; Lives, memories and the material. An unfathomable number of connections to prise apart in order to escape.


It felt like we were my demise. But this is not a tragedy. This is a story about turning anguish into strength and finding a way out of the labyrinth. This is a story about using the height of confusion as a platform to fly from. This is a story about crafting happiness from honesty even in the face of fear.


It felt like an ending, but it in truth it is a beginning.



© 2018 ellemorell

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Added on October 11, 2017
Last Updated on May 18, 2018



Melbourne, Australia

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