Behind The Photo Shoot With Art Director Ludovic Nortier

Behind The Photo Shoot With Art Director Ludovic Nortier

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The Eye Catching Work of World Renowned Art Director Ludovic Nortier


Looking at photographs of Ludovic Nortier’s face one can read a great deal about him from it. That relaxed and gentle smile of his reveals a sense of confidence that only comes through years of perfecting his art and craft. Ludovic Nortier could be an athlete, a model, a physicist, a doctor or any number of things by the look of his very relaxed face in his photographs. He could be all of those things but if you guessed athlete and model you would be right, but not completely correct. Ludovic is also a top photographer, graphic designer and videographer with years of professional experience.


He has worked in advertising with some of the biggest agencies in the world creating beautiful images for some of the best know international companies in the universe such as: Disney, Ralph Lauren, Zodiac, Michele, Cover FX, Coca Cola, Heineken, Diesel and L’Oreal, to name but a few.

 Art direction and graphic design by: Ludovic Nortier

His massive body of work is an incredible conglomerate of beauty and superb composition that would make the old Masters smile with envy. Ludovic has been interested in capturing luscious imagery since he was a young boy. His first camera opened up a whole new world to him when he was growing up in Paris, which is certainly an inspiration for anyone but especially those with an artistic bent. That. Of course, is understating Ludovic’s immense talents.


To say he has an artistic bent or is artistically inclined just doesn’t seem to say it strongly enough. All you have to do, however, is to take one glance at his finely crafted and truly inspired pictures to realize that you are in the presence of a real artist. Even the simplest of everyday objects such as a watch from Diesel, becomes transformed somehow into something entirely different. It goes from commonplace to a higher realm of existence altogether.


His models are beautiful, no doubt, but in the lens of Mr. Nortier they too are naturally reconstructed magically into beings that have a fourth, fifth an even sixth dimension that we can see but can’t define or explain. How does he do it? Who knows and ultimately, who cares. The only real test of artistry is what does the viewer think and feel about what he or she is looking at. As far as we are concerned, we see pure, unadulterated beauty in all things Nortier.






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Added on February 25, 2018
Last Updated on February 28, 2018
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