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Solemnly Swear
An action-packed suspense thriller that explores the fragile balance between justice and self-preservation.
old farmhouses

old farmhouses

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

old farmhouses



shutters like stanchions 

heads peek through windows

glass brains

peerless Windex thoughts 

shallow graves for poetic genius


and we all look from pastures of 

dreaming grass,and black eyed susans

bequeathing iambic petals

the scent of hay, bales of industrious themes


poems should mean something,

not just the bell for farmhands to lunch

on meager syllables


we milk the lines for all they're worth

and like cows

they find their stalls and pattern

their lives to the daily trough


enough said,

they graze upon heaven

as the eyes behind the shutters


close one last time.





© 2017 jacob erin-cilberto

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I happen to like Black eyed susans lol..
Iambic petals, all regular and rhythmic is a wonderful image; but i get your drift Jacob imaginations have to be stretched and new images painted on fresh canvasses, fresh colours and different fragrances to be experienced... oh where shall i start ?

Posted 10 Months Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

10 Months Ago

thank you for your kind words, Stella....
I find this frightening: "...and like cows/ they find their stalls and pattern/ their lives to the daily trough."
"Old farmhouses" is starkly pure poetry.

Posted 10 Months Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

10 Months Ago

thank you for your kind words, Jimmy,
What an excellent read. I believe every poem is a prayer and every prayer a poem for there must be an enlightened desire and a striving for something loftier than mere words in between the rhyme and reason. Even the darkness has something to teach like Poe's raven screeching "nevermore". It should give every poet and pious worshiper pause standing at the alter of dedication. The farmhouse is a fine place to stay warm and dry. But looking out the glass won't get the work done out there in the fields. Parishioners need do more than pray and warm the pews on Sunday and the poets need to carry more than just a grand ideal in a wheelbarrow for justice.

Posted 10 Months Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

10 Months Ago

your comment on the wheelbarrow reminded me of William Carlos Williams...i teach his poem "red wheel.. read more
Fabian G. Franklin

10 Months Ago

Always my pleasure to read your work. F.
Wow! this reads like a frustrated disavowment of the general writings of poets in todays easy world of the internet. We trot out more manure for the walkers to inhale as they take a superficial stroll in the countryside. Thought provoking stuff Jacob.

Posted 10 Months Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

10 Months Ago

thank you, John, appreciate your words...
Miss Sharon

10 Months Ago

Fantastic write my friend. ~Sharon
jacob erin-cilberto

10 Months Ago

thank you, Sharon.....appreciate your kind words.


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4 Reviews
Added on September 8, 2017
Last Updated on September 8, 2017


jacob erin-cilberto
jacob erin-cilberto

Carbondale, IL

Originally from Bronx, NY, I live in Carbondale, Illinois...teach English at two community colleges and have been writing and publishing poetry since 1970. Friending works two ways. If we have had .. more..


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