A Poem by Juliespenhere

Age does tire us and fat takes over some

Oh Romeo oh Romeo
Let me be thy Juliet
Even though some years doth passed
I'll make a sweet comeback yet
Come cross thy path

I know I'm not my hourglass figure
That used to turn heads and make
You quiver
I see your sturdy chest and girth
You've eaten cakes as well like me
And cheese and ham and potatoes
Cooked with glee

Please try to see beyond my lard
I'm like a little fawn that fled
Into wild bushes eating nectar hence
Oh Romeo please try to see beyond these
Many chins
I'm but a girl who loves to twirl

Come see me dance
Among the trees
With tulips fair and rose
So sweet
Adorning me
Come dance oh Romeo
Come dance with me

© 2017 Juliespenhere

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Thanks to all reviews lol

Posted 9 Months Ago

'Please try to see beyond my lard
I'm like a little fawn that fled
Into.. '

As long as you or anyone like, has such wonderful imagination, sense of humour - plus, kindness to Self, is what's important. Surely who you are inside is what matters. And dear goodness, it really does matter. Wonderfully put, love it, love it!.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Thanks to all that reviewed

Posted 9 Months Ago

Love this poem! Ahhh the Golden Years (?)- the indignities of age! This is so sweet and lovely and funny and humble. I empathize completely. We can still "twirl" my girl!! Xo

Posted 9 Months Ago

A wonderful and positive write. To see someone with real eyes and love them. This is a Romeo and Juliet story. Thank you Julie for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 9 Months Ago

"years doth pass" "beyond my lard" "many chins" lol I can relate to this more than I'd care to mention. Becoming old brings many changes, and being unattractive is not one of its finest gifts. This is why it is good to have a Romeo/Juliet from younger days who can see past the physical state that others cant because they have seen the intellect and lovingness.
Very well penned, a tough read. Bravo

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

Lol thanks

9 Months Ago

Tough to read
To get through the lard and chins
It's my yearning for my past my youth I suppose my slim

Posted 9 Months Ago

Not sure why I wrote this I think I'm missing my youthful figure single chin and romance past ha ha

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Sydney , Australia

Amateur old poet well not that old but not a young 20 anymore I still work full time and live to write I write at least five poems ditties every weekend I write quickly it just flows and bubbles qui.. more..

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A Poem by Juliespenhere