Poem from Poetry Class Spring 2015         ”Aut Vincere Aut Mori”

Poem from Poetry Class Spring 2015 ”Aut Vincere Aut Mori”

A Poem by Katethepoet

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”Aut Vincere Aut Mori”


Drew is the Stockholm Archipelago ,his

 inwards full of beaches lined powder white ,

And oceans clear and pristine enough to be a mirror.

This is the mecca she’s been looking for.

The oceans are opaque with corroboration.


Her feet are smothered by the warmth beneath them,

 Ears awakened with silence,

He holds so much stillness.

Eyes behold his beauty.

She is destined to walk upon water.


For a moment,

She forgets her toes stroke the dust of skeletons,

 Stillness she peers into is an accomplice,

That carries away bodies.

Buries them so deep,

In make shift graves in his ocean, she

 dives in head first.


Kate knows.

If she stops paddling against the current,

She is sure to stay afloat.

Her skin tastes the saltiness of his hurricane,

Listens to the wind caress her body black and blue.

Her heart twerks at the sight of his current.

Those near drowning can scream louder than those above water.

The remains here are not hidden.


He is a steadfast tsunami, repairing

everything he destroys in his path.

A tragic hero of sorts, beguiled

by the captain that governs him.

His captor.


When the sun sets,

She becomes the Northern Star.

They will sail away ,in

the current of what he is.

He will never stop loving the captain

And the steering wheel that controls him.

She will never stop trying to escape.


 As the sun is hung by the executioner,

And the sky is plastered with darkness

And remnants of brightness.

The moon appears , slivers

of light dance across the bodies

 The current pushed towards the shore.

She is still the Northern Star

Completely luminescent, she

 walks upon water.

Aut vincere aut mori .

(Either to conquer or to die)



© 2015 Katethepoet

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Added on August 25, 2015
Last Updated on August 25, 2015



I'm in college, pretty new to writing. I'm taking a poetry class and I really want to improve. I really love spoken word poetry but I don't really want to write. I'm 20 years old. more..

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